Under His Control

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chapter seven

Saturday, March 13th

11:58 a.m.

Liam Harrington

“Would you like me to accompany you sir?” Fixing the dark frames of my sunglasses, and adjusting my coat over my shoulders, I stepped out of the truck as Johan held the door.

“She’s going to make you leave anyway, if I’m not out in fifteen minutes you know what to do.” Terrance nodded.

“Yes, sir.” After, today I will never think twice about giving mercy to my enemies. The censored glass doors open, once my feet touched the paneling, allowing me to walk inside to the lobby. Krystal was at the hostess booth with a huge smile on her face.

“Liam!” I placed a small pat on Krystal’s lower back as she engulfed me in a tight hug. “Wow, you smell good.” Thanks, to Katherine.

“As much as I would love to catch up Kris, I have a leach I want to get rid of quickly.”

“Of course, follow me.” Krystal and her wife June are old friend’s of mine and the proud owner’s of one of New York’s most popular tourists attractions. It was at least a three-month wait to get a table, and all the private rooms were charged by the hour for high roller guests. Knowing the owner does have its perks.

As we walked up the staircase to the rooftop private room, I had a weird feeling running throughout my veins and nagging me in the back of my head. It wasn’t nerves, I had those when I was proposing to Katherine, it wasn’t anxiousness either I know how that feels every day. Not that I would ever admit it to anyone, but I am a very anxious person. When you create a persona that is the epitome of perfection, that’s what everyone expects from you, all the damn time. I never know when someone isn’t watching, when I’m being recorded or if someone is listening to every word I say, so strategically, I plan out every day a routine and not stray from it. I guess not being in control for once was not settling well with my brain’s algorithm.

“Make sure no comes up here.”

“Um, alright.” Twisting the silver knob, I walked into the room, finding Tara drinking water from a tall glass, staring at the view of Time Square from the large window.

“I thought you wouldn’t show yourself.” I rolled my eyes, sitting in the chair across from her, keeping my eyes straight a head. “Wow, you really have changed, I wore this top in hopes I would have to seduce you with your favorite body part.” My eyes kept her revolting gaze, as she dragged her fingers down her chest.

“You have fifteen minutes, not a second more. Start talking.”

“Did you forget you’re not calling the shots today? So, if I want to stay here until closing we will, if I want you to strip down to those expensive boxers I know you’re wearing you will, and if I want to have hot, animalistic sex on this table, which sounds very pleasurable right about now, then we will. Got it.” I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms over my chest. As if I would have sex with another woman that wasn’t Katherine again.


“Great, put your phone on the table.”

“Why is that necessary?”

“To make sure your not recording me, now put it on the table.” Grabbing my phone from my slacks, I slammed it on the table causing the cutlery and glasses to shake. “Shall we order? I hear the smothered chicken is to die for.” I should have put her in jail when I had the chance.

“I am not here to wine and dine with you, your presence is revolting me, so get on with whatever you have to say, or I’m leaving. You keep threatening me, but forget I can ruin your life and send your daddy to prison with one phone call, do not fucking test me Shatara, now speak.” She rolled her eyes at me, snapping her fingers, signalling one of her goons to bring over a folder to the table. She slid the folder over to me, allowing me to pick it up from the table.

“I want eighty million dollars transferred into my account, all the evidence from my case destroyed, and you’ll never see me again.” I laughed.

“I am not giving you eighty million dollars.” Shatara smirked.

“I figured you were going to say that.” With a condescending chuckle, she unlocked the tablet sitting beside her on the table, playing the video in question.

“What are you going to do Luke huh. The great Lucas Harrington goes around sleeping with his elder brother’s flings just to feel like a man. News flash! No matter how many women you fuck, that will never change who you really are. The disappointment of your family and a closeted gay who can’t even get a man hard!”

“Shut up!”

I knew this situation well enough to know this was from two years ago, when Luke stopped taking his medication. Our mother’s death changed everyone.

“Or what Lukey, you gonna hit me, come on, hit me. Hit me!”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up, you bitch!”

Luke grabbed the woman by her throat, with both of his hands, pushing her against the wall of his Paris flat. The woman’s demeanor went from confident to petrified in a split second, as her acrylic nails began to poke into Luke’s forearms.

“L-Luke, what are you doing? S-Stop!”

“You’re just like all the rest of them! You used me!”


The woman was tapping Luke’s wrist, in hopes to bring him back from his episode.

“T-This is what you wanted! S-Stop!”

Shatara closed the tablet, with a proud smirk on her face. Why the hell didn’t my father mention he had another episode?

“I heard the poor thing spent six months in rehab after the trauma your darling little brother put her through.”

“You are a sick individual.” Shatara leaned over the table, tracing figure eights on my phone screen with the tip of her nail.

“No, darling, I just know how to play the game of the rich and wealthy. Call me Robin Hood if you will.” I had no other option but to give her what she wanted, this wasn’t just about me, this video could ruin everything my family has built. The media would eat this up for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and this would be the perfect opportunity for Crawford to boot my father from the board.

“This video, and any other copy will be deleted or there’s no deal.”

“Sign the papers first.” In a defeated huff, I opened the folder placing my signature on all the necessary lines, before writing a check for eighty million dollars. Standing up from the chair, I threw the folder in front of Shatara, walking towards the door.

“If you go back on your word there will be hell to pay.” Pushing the door open, I let it close with a loud slam, walking back down the steps.

“Hey, you’re leaving already? June wanted to say hi before you left.” Krystal’s tall heels clicked behind me, halting my steps towards the front door.

“I’ll have to take a rain check Kris, I have work I need to finish quickly here, this isn’t a vacation.” Krystal pouted, before nodding her head in understatement.

“Well, I wish your visit was for enjoyment instead of work.”

“I’ll visit soon, I promise.” Krystal smirked, leaning in closer to me.

“With your fiancé?” I rolled my eyes, sticking my hands into the pockets of my slacks.

“Goodbye, Kris.”

“June’s going to kill you for not telling her Liam!” A small smile was on my face as I approached the car, imagining the fiery, five foot woman trying to pick a bone with me.

“Sir.” Johan opened the back door to the Cullinan, before taking his place back in the driver’s seat. “Back to your hotel, sir?” Johan asked, while his eyes gazed at me through the rearview mirror.

“Take me to IP first, I have boxes to pick up.” (Imperial Penthouse=Liam’s New York Home)

“Of course, sir.” Relaxing my head against the RR embossed head rest, I stared at the cars we zoomed passed to beat the traffic. I was finding it hard to stay awake, barely sleeping since I arrived here. Sharing a bed with Katherine, holding her in my arms, breathing in the rose and coconut scent of her shampoo, and the wild vanilla and jasmine scent from her body conditioners, was the serotonin I needed to sleep. The five days I tousle in bed and wake up at four thirty in the morning, were well worth the two days I got to have her in my arms. After, seeing my parents so sickeningly in love for thirty-four years always made me think that love was overrated. I refused to believe there was such feeling, that would make someone want to spend the rest of their natural-born life with the same person. But now, I get it. I get why, even after a long day at the office, all the stress and trials of outside life, why people find such contentment coming home to one person.

Johan pulled into the parking garage of IP, stepping out of the driver seat to open my door.

“Terrance, come up and lend me those muscle you love showing off.” Terrance laughed, following behind me to the elevator leading to my New York home. Once, we were inside I pressed the button leading to the top floor.

“I haven’t gotten the chance to congratulate you on the engagement.”

“Thank you.” I stayed facing towards the steel doors that would be opening shortly.

“I have to speak out of term for a minute, sir.” Terrance cleared his throat speaking in a slightly playful tone. “If you didn’t scoop Katherine up, I was going to ask her out on a date soon.” I deemed that worthy enough to turn around to find Terrance smirking at me.

“I’m sorry, you find my wife attractive?” I ignored the sound of the elevator dinging, as I waited for Terrance to answer.

“I would be lying if I said no.”

“Great, remind me to never leave you alone with her.” I walked out of the elevator, ignoring the chuckles coming from Terrance behind me.

“I wouldn’t try anything, sir. I respect you and my job.”

“Good.” I swiped my key into the door, walking inside my living room. I was confused why a long army green trench coat was resting on my black leather coach. I haven’t been here since, October. “You didn’t tell me Hilary came here.” Terrance raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“She didn’t.” Am I in the fucking twilight zone? “I’ll call Daniel to check the security cameras-” Terrance and I’ eyes watched Delilah strut out of my kitchen, with a glass of scotch in her hands smiling at us.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Delilah rolled her eyes sitting on the couch.

“Archie is here packing up the last of our boxes, so I came to pay you a visit, I heard the gallery exhibition was a success.” I huffed turning to Terrance, feeling a migraine coming after today’s events.

“My bedroom and the studio upstairs.”

“Yes, sir.” Terrance proceeded to the staircase, stopping to greet Delilah drinking my expensive fucking Scotch. “Mrs. Kingston, congratulations.”

“Thank you, Terrance.” Once, Terrance dissappeared on the second floor, I walked over to Delilah, snatching my glass out of her hand. “I’m drinking that.”

“This breaking in and entering, which if you didn’t know is a fucking felony.” Delilah scuffed, crossing her left leg over her right, leaning against the velevet pillows on my couch.

“Not when you have a key, genius.”

“Don’t get smart with me.” I began walking towards the kitchen to clean the glass and put it and my Scotch back where they belong.

“Why are you in such a mood anyway? I mean besides your already asshole attitude, this is worse.”

“Nothing that concerns you.” Delilah grabbed the glass from my hands causing our palms to briefly touch. I looked up to see her bright green eyes staring at me with a look I was all too familar with. “You need to leave, now.”

“I need to talk to you.” Delilah stepped in front of me preventing me from going anywhere. “You’ve been avoiding me like the plague, did Katherine tell you to stay away from me?”

“Delilah, I’ve been staying away from you, since you decided to marry my best friend knowing you don’t fucking love him.” I spat, pushing her out of the way.

“Don’t you dare play the caring best friend card now Liam!” Delilah’s heels were clicking against my hard wood, stopping once we were in my livingroom. “Lets not forget you continued to sleep with me, even after Archie told you he was falling for me.”

“Yeah, I was sleeping with you, and five other women, your point is meaningless Delilah.” I stepped towards her narrwoing my eyes to meet hers. “Did you think that you were going to make me jealous, by saying yes to Archie. I meant every word I fucking said six years ago. You were and always will be just sex to me.”

“What does she have that I don’t, huh! Can you even answer that, or are you just using her too because she’s a convient office fuck!”

“Do not bring Katherine into this! ”

“Don’t even say her fucking name!” Delilah yelled at me, before running her fingers through her long ginger hair, crossing her arms over her chest. “She’s probably just using you as an oportunity to get rich quick.” I rolled my eyes going to the couch handing her, her coat.

“You definetly are your father’s daughter. You’re both pains in my ass.” I shoved her coat into her chest. “Get out.” Delilah clutched her jacket in arms, staring at me silent rage filling her green orbs.

“We’ve known each other what, thirteen years, and you’ve known her for what, seven months. Did you feel remotely anything for me?”

“You need to leave.” Delilah grabbed me by the collar of my shirt, attempting to kiss me when I shoved her away, wiping my lips.

“L-Liam, I-I, I’m so sorry, I don’t know why-”

“Get the hell out.”

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