Under His Control

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chapter eight

Monday, March 15th

1:39 p.m.

-Yes, I would like to be on the semiannual plan please.

Now that my income was steady, and I had a good handle on all my finances, I am finally able to pay everything on time. Details.

-Yes, Katherine, with a K, and Prescott, with two t's

Swiping my I.D. to enter the building, I stepped to the side to finish my phone call with Cove's school.

-Thank you, so much.

My thumb pressed the red button on the screen, ending the call as I walked towards the front desk.

"Good afternoon, Eileen is Sue out sick?" I greeted Sue's fill in Eileen Morgan, the sweetest elder woman, who reminded me so much of my Gran.

"Afternoon, Katie, and no, she's soaking up the sun with her husband in the Bahamas for his birthday."

"Oh! I completely forgot. Good for her." I smiled at Eileen, preparing to walk towards the elevator.

"Oh, Katie, congrats. You and Mr. Harrington must be thrilled." I knew people would find out sooner or later.

"Thank you." I gave Eileen a small smile, walking down the long hallway towards the elevator. After, last week's events, I was ready to put it all behind me, and keep my head held high no matter what. I took Veronica's word that not many people have seen the video, and that most of the office just heard about it, dismissing it as a nasty rumor. Thank God.

The elevator stopped on the fifth floor, opening to let a few people in. I gave them a friendly smile, which the three women ignored, and the older man returned before shyly looking away. I guess no one forgot.

"She doesn't look pregnant."

"Shut up! She might tell Mr. Harrington and I need this job." Once we got to the eight floor, they all stepped out continuing to whisper. This felt like high school all over again. Walking out of the elevator, once it reached the ninth floor, I walked towards my office, setting out a sigh of relief, jiggling the handle that was indeed lock. Turning the large square key into the tumbler, I opened my office door, turning on the lights, once I was inside. Veronica and I spent three hours on Friday, cleaning my office to get it back the way it should be.

Walking over to my standing coat hook, I shrugged my coat off my arms, fixing my knee-length, cream cardigan over my body. I felt slightly bloated from lunch with Veronica, making my bump slightly stick out more.

"Katie, um, hi."

"Oh my God, Gracie!" I jumped slightly, while placing my right hand over my heart, feeling its rapid beats. "You are very quiet." Gracie smiled. "What's up?" I asked, walking back to my desk, sitting down in my new pregnancy friendly chair, giving Gracie my full attention.

"Um, the rest of the interns wanted to call a meeting to go over our assignments, but they wanted to hold it without you, since Mr. Harrington isn't here. Of course, Carlos and I voted against the idea!" I took a deep breath giving Gracie a small smile.

"Thank you for telling me. Are they meeting right now?" I leave for twenty minutes, and they're already, making my job harder.

"Yes, they're in the conference room across the hall from my office." I stood up from my chair, wincing slightly from the sharp pain in my stomach.

"Thank you, Gracie you're dismissed." Gracie stood up from the chair nodding at me. Once, she scurried down the hall to her office, I took a deep breath to keep myself in control. With Liam and Sue both gone, that meant I was in charge of keeping this running and in check. It just seems the interns and their ring leader insist on making my job more stressful than it already is. Replacing my flats with my nude So Kate's, I began walking down the hall to put a stop this "meeting."

Not to my surprise I found Desiree leading the meeting as if she was promoted to CEO. Sliding the glass doors opened, bending down to cut the project off, I cut on the lights, crossing my arms over my chest in annoyance.

"I find it blatantly disrespectful, and quite bold that you know don't have secured jobs here, yet you act as if this is your department." My last statement was pointed towards Desiree who looked unfazed. I hated how unintimidating my voice is. Who would be afraid or take seriously someone as intimidating as a street gang of puppies. My voice wasn't annoying or high-pitched, it was just quiet. Very, very quiet. "Until Mr. Harrington returns, it is my job to make sure everything goes according to his plans. And clearly none of you seem to care."

"Apologies Katherine, but I'm not sure, I like taking order from someone who's sleeping with our boss." Danielle retorted with a hint of disgust in her tone.


"Like you busting it open in the conference we've all sat in. I think we all felt a little uncomfortable knowing how indecent you were in our place of work." Desiree stood up, her hazel eyes staring at me with a hint of superiority. "So, Katie, if there's anyone who thinks this is their department, I think it would be you." I looked at everyone sitting at the conference who had boldness just a few minutes ago, now avoiding eye contact with me.

"I think you all should return to your offices, unless you want to continue to disrespect your superior, I will take it up with HR and this will be your last day here." Joshua, Stacey, and Raul all got up, whispering an apology to me before walking back to their offices. Danielle was hesitating to get up, as Desiree stayed in her position. I'll give it to her, this bitch has balls. "Ms. Jackson, I would really reconsidered who you decide to follow.

"Are you threatening her Katherine.?" I rolled my eyes at Desiree.

"No, I'm telling her as a colleague, that running with a lamb in a field of wolves will only end bad for you." Danielle looked up at Desiree, before sighing and turning towards me.

"I apologize, Katherine."

"Accepted." Danielle got up from her chair, walking out of the conference leaving me alone with Desiree. "I don't know who you think you are, but I would be very careful if I were you." Desiree chuckled, gathering her binder's contents, walking over to me.

"No, Katherine, it's you who should be careful." She was about three inches taller than me, which she used to her advantage to intimidate me. "If you really think you're special to him, you're delusional." Desiree pushed past my shoulder, walking out of the conference room with the utmost confidence. I took a deep breath, as I felt one of the twins kick my stomach. Stress is the last thing I need. I took slow steps to the elevator, to use the restroom on the fourth floor, which would give me time to cool down.

Once, the elevators doors opened to my destination, I walked down the hall to the restroom. Using my shoulder to open the slightly heavy door, I let out a sigh of relief that I was the only one in there. Using the larger stall on the left, I closed the door behind me, locking it, pulling my hair up in a bun, as my stomach contracted, throwing up my now not so delicious lunch. This pregnancy was beginning to be just as hard as Cove's, which worried me.

After, my stomach had nothing more than saliva to toss up, I wiped my mouth with a some tissue before flushing the toilet. I stood up carefully being cautious not to get vertigo, like I did on Friday.

"There hasn't been a scandal like this in years!"

The restroom door opened, with the sound of two female voices walking towards the sinks.

"I know someone in accounting who saw the video, and they said she has the most amazing breast."

"Are they real?"

"Who knows, but she is so shameful. I even heard she went to some lowly ranked community college in Michigan, she's not even qualified for this job."

"A corporate climbing slut, who thinks getting knocked up will trap thee Liam Harrington into staying with her."

How do they know I'm pregnant?

"I even hear he's engaged again?"


"Its good to know that Mr. Harrington is at least opened to sleeping with employees. I mean he settled for Katherine, who's to say one of us can't be next."

The women laughed, as they walk towards the door again leaving me alone in the restroom. I turned the circular lock on the door, walking out of the stall over to the sink. I didn't bother looking into the mirror, because I felt the tears cascading down my cheeks. And he wonders why I didn't want to tell anyone about us.

I miss the days I was just the invisible assistant to Mr. Harrington who everyone ignored, until it was time to work with one another. In the span of four days, the whole office knew the contents of Liam, and I's personal life, and I had no idea how, which scared me. Someone has either been spying on me, or stalking me to the point they know the contexts of my private life. I never told anyone where I even went to college.

I gargled some water in my mouth, after washing and drying my hands. I felt completely defeated as I made my back to the elevator and up to the ninth floor. Even if I wanted to prolong telling Liam I was pregnant, that option was completely out the window now. He would be coming home later today, and I needed to woman up and tell him everything that has been going on. Because I needed him right now.

Instead of heading towards my office, I made a detour down the hall to Gracie's.

"Knock, knock." Gracie looked up from her large monitor, as she was ferociously typing.

"Hi, Katie." Gracie looked at me up and down her warming smile fading. "Are you alright?"

"Of course!" I tried my best to mask the hurt and humiliation I was feeling. "Um, I'm going to work from home for the of today, you can follow the B routine."

"Of course."

"Call me if you need anything." Gracie nodded, as I made my way to my office, to pack up everything I needed. I was just thankful Liam wouldn't be returning to work until tomorrow.

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