The Games of Men

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The Greatness in Our Enemies

Are they so great that they can ruin your life? -This Corner of Forever

11 years from the park| May 4, 2042| Avci-Aksoy Residence.

Liliaceae Laskarina (24 yrs)

“They made me this way, they did this to me. Stop asking because I can’t do anything about it!” He almost seemed ashamed when he said that.

I didn’t say anything for a minute then I said in a low voice looking at the ground.

“I kept quite all this time. Ever since you came back I never said anything, mostly because I kept thinking how awful it must have been. But I realized something. I used to think maybe they were too many of them, maybe they were too strong to deal with....I’m sorry, I really am.”

I stopped for a second then looked up to him and said in a stronger, louder voice.

“I’m sorry for what happened to you, I’m sorry that you got captured and locked up, I’m sorry for what they did...But mostly, I’m truly sorry that you are so little that they could ruin your life so much without your consent. You keep saying that you can’t move your arm because they broke it, that they took something away from you, but it seems to me that you didn’t put up much of a fight. They did their part all right, but what you did? Your actions ruined your life much more then theirs’ did. They didn’t give a damn about you, why are you so adamant about having them control your life?” I felt like months of frustration and anger finally let loose. Whom I’m angry with I’m not really sure, maybe it was the whole situation in itself.

“Maybe it wasn’t them that were too great, maybe you were just too small” I finished.

He looked at me like he has never seen me before, hurt for sure, but it was a deep kind of hurt, the type that breaks your heart.

I didn’t want see that look anymore, so I turned my back at him and left the room.

About an hour later Catania came to see me. I hadn’t even realized she came into the room; she’d make a good thief I couldn’t help but think. I mentioned it once to her; she didn’t seem to take it as a compliment. To be honest I was surprised she waited so long to follow me. Everyone knows that Catania doesn’t take any word against her family lightly. I braced myself for her quite anger. Even now, when I fully realized what I had said, I am convinced that it was necessary and I was not going to apologize for trying to help my husband see sense. I missed him.

Catania didn’t was quite for several minutes, then; “Thank you.” Was all she said.

I looked at her ridiculously and showed my surprise. “Thank you? For what, breaking his heart?” I scoffed.

She went quite again the said “It was necessary” The words seemed to be forced from her mouth.

“Besides, I don’t think you broke his heart, maybe just shook it loose a bit. We all need a shake once in a while to keep us going, otherwise we’d rust.” She looked down at her lap and rubbed her knee, I knew she did that whenever she was anxious or worried.

“I just couldn’t keep seeing at him disappear like that.” I took a deep breath and said what has been gnawing in my brain me the past few weeks. ” You can only push someone so far.....I keep thinking one day I’ll come home and he even be there”. She understood what I implied.

“He’d never kill himself Liliaceae” She said it with a clenched jaw , as if saying it out loud would make it true.

“Everyone says that, until one day they don’t” I whispered.

“Well I guess my brother is just stronger then everyone else.” She said almost angrily. I’m not sure she too even knew who she was angry at. She took a deep breath then said in a softer tone;

“I would never have done it, but it was necessary, so that’s why I’m thanking you”. She had looked up at me when she said that.

Somehow I couldn’t keep looking at her as she said that. I turned my head toward the bedroom door. Looking at anything but her.

“I know you couldn’t, you love him too much” I said softly.

“You love him too” She said easily, I didn’t bother denying it. I never said it out loud, to her or anyone else, but like I knew biology, Catania knew people and it was naive of me to think that she wouldn’t see right through me. Maybe she had known it before I did too.

“Love had nothing to do with it” she continued. “I was just scared that I’d lose more of him. See that’s the difference between you and I; I try to preserve what I have, you always try to make things even better.”

I knew it took a lot of her to admit that, and I knew how much she must of felt to realize she was scared. Say what you want about Catania Avci, but she loved her family. I guess when you fight tooth and nail to create something that was yours, even after everyone else tried to take everything from you, you do anything you can to protect it.

I turned to look her in the eye and smiled a little “Maybe that’s why he needs us both.”

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