Reincarnated: The Billionaire's Daughter

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Violet, an average woman in her mid 20's, found herself reincarnated as Veronica after a horrible car accident. Can she survive being the daughter of a ruthless billionaire after she finds out on her 21st birthday she is to be married to a man nine years older than her?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Where am I?

“How about Camillia?” I heard a tired woman’s voice nearby, I tried to crane my neck around to look in her direction but was unable to. Overhead fluorescent lights flickered, shining brightly in my face. They hurt my eyes, why are my eyes so sensitive? I tried to rub them but only ended up wacking myself in the face with my hand.

“Camillia?!” Another unfamiliar voice boomed, as if what the female said was outrageous. “We are not naming our daughter after a mistress! Do you have no shame!”

The woman’s voice sounded panicked. “You’re right, you’re right dear. What would you like to name her?”

The male paused for a bit. “What about Elizabeth, I would also consider Veronica. She must have a royal sounding name.” He paused to think. “Or Diana.” He added. Without even giving the woman time to chime in he concluded, “Veronica.”

“Little Veronica it is.” The woman sighed in relief as the ordeal was over.

“I’m going to the cafeteria.” The male voice decided, without even waiting for her to respond. I heard his loud footsteps leave the room and all was quiet.

I continued staring at the overhead fluorescent lights. Why can’t I move? Why does it smell so much like disinfect, like a, well like a hospital.

The woman waited a few minutes until I heard her shuffling around for something. A tv boomed to life, playing trashy daytime television, is it daytime though?

Where am I? I thought to myself again. Think. What’s the last thing you did? I pondered, thinking about how I wound up here.

Another person entered the room. “Oh isn’t she just precious?!” Then started making baby noises. “Oh why aren’t you holding her?”

“She’s fine Mom.” The lady watching tv replied.

Wait. The car accident. I was driving home and a drunk driver came out of nowhere.

“Now Jessica, remember what I told you about being a good mother?” The newer voice nagged, from what I’m gathering she is the mother of the other female.

“Because you were such a great mother.” She replied back sarcastically.

Am I in the hospital? I must be sharing a room with a new mother.

“I was a great mother. You turned out fine didn’t you? More than fine, you married such a rich man!” The mother gushed.

“Yeah.” The daughter grumbled in reply.

My nose itches. I brought a hand up to itch but I hit myself again. What happened to my coordination? I brought my hands within my view to examine them, did something happen to them in the accident? Why are my hands so small?!

“Oh honey look how small her hands are.” I felt the woman touching my hands and moving them, I didn’t have the strength to stop her. Her hands were so big compared to mine.

Okay. I thought to myself. This is getting weird. I kept pondering and thinking what could be happening when the woman picked me up and did a weird cooing sound in my face. I’m a baby.
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