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The Story of Kale: The Tier Games

By Nicky411 All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Drama

The Beginning that had started all others

Kale did not know who his real parents were, he never really did give them much thought either, he was perfectly fine with the life he was leading up to this moment.

His adopted parents had enrolled him at Sai’s Boarding School for the year that they would be away in the other kingdom of Raborough, and Kale did not put up much fuss with the new arrangement, quite frankly he was happy to get away from them for some time and from his old school.

He stood outside the real silver front gates of what was the best institution in the Empire of Gibaltz for boys. Sai’s had become an all boys’ school and soon it had an accompanying sister school Rain’s, which was just as prestigious. Kale couldn’t deny that he was impressed. The only real reason he really let his parents persuade him was the fact that he had topped Sai’s entrance exam and it would be a waste not to go.

“Let’s go in” said Scott. Scott’s parents like Kale’s were also diplomats. The two had been best friends since their parents met at a conference in Tirethez, the capital of Gibaltz about three years ago.

“Wait, I need to get a commemorative picture of this first” said Kale taking out his phone. Scott smiled knowing how hard it was for Kale to do. He huddled next to his best friend and the two snapped a picture behind the backdrop of the breath taking scenery of the Elite Boarding School.

“Will send it to my dad” said Kale flinging the phone back into his hoodie pocket.

“What do think it will be like?” asked Scott his face now a mangled expression of mixed emotions.

“It will be fine” said Kale looking down at the ground and kicking the grass beneath it.

Scott was always worried for Kale. Kale hadn’t had the best school life because of his looks. Scott was hoping that high school would be different especially now that they would be attending the same school.

“Newly Enrolled students, please report to the Auditorium, that is the big red building to your right” said a voice over the loud speaker.

The two boys looked to each other. The other boys around them had neatly clad attendants with them, some had their parents and others just had servants of their houses. They all proceeded to the great red building to the east.

“Look at that boy over there” whispered a group of boys who were obviously pointing to Kale. Scott and Kale were close enough to hear them. Kale turned around to Scott giving him a knowing look, so as to ‘say I told you so’

The large group finally entered the auditorium. The room was just as bright red inside as it was on the outside. Ushers dressed in freshly starched suits who were most likely senior students of the institution led everyone to their seats. The ushers were whispering to each other whilst looking in the general direction of the two boys.

“I knew this was a bad idea Scott, we should have enrolled at Dreyus instead no matter what my mom said” said Kale who was now looking back at the group of ushers. Sai’s which had a reputation for being the best school in the land also had the price tag to match. Kale felt that if things were going to be the same everywhere why pay so much for it.

“It’s just a few people really, it won’t be so bad” said Scott reassuringly, he had wanted this day to be uneventful but it seemed that the Gods of Odds wouldn’t have that option.

One of the ushers walked up to them through the crowd of people waiting to be shown their seats.

“Come with me” beckoned the tall blond usher. The older boy had a small smile plastered on his face.

“Me?” asked Kale unsure of whom the boy directed his speech to.

“Yes, we have a seat for you near the front, just come along with me” said the boy

“What about him?” asked Kale who looked at Scott and then back at the blond boy?

“The seat is just for you” he said smiling widely. “Someone else will take your friend to his seat” said the boy ushering Kale away from Scott

(No pun intended really I didn’t mean it lol…I lie this was my master plan for this whole paragraph….nope still lying)

Kale looked at the boy besides him; he was tall yes and had a tan that one could only get from pure athleticism. Kale wondered what sports the boy played.

“This seat is special, the Head of the Economics Department at Sai’s called for you especially, it is quite an honour” said the boy

“How does he know me?” asked Kale

The blond boy just shrugged.

“Sit here” said a man who was greying and going bald from what was old age, his frame was stocky and Kale thought he looked like a rich old man who didn’t get enough exercise.

“This is our economics consultant here at Sai’s he also runs the ministry in the Gibaltz diet, Mr Westminster” said the boy

“Thank you Hayden” said the man giving the boy a smile which flashed his gold tooth.

Kale took his seat in front with Mr Westminster, he was uneasy as he couldn’t find Scott in the crowd.

“I hope you enjoy this morning’s ceremony” said the Dean taking out his handkerchief to dab at the beads of sweat which collected on his forehead, which puzzled Kale as the air conditioning was mighty cold.

The speeches were long as any welcoming ceremony would be, different teachers and dignitaries went on about commitment to one’s education and individual responsibility not to mention the occasional motivational speech by an enthusiastic faculty member who saw the potential of each student; but the ceremony wouldn’t have been complete without someone ruining the mood by talking about upcoming exams and studying and previous statistics from former years.

By the time it was all done it was time for lunch, which was specially catered for all the many guests including parents and attendants for the boys. The opening ceremony is a very grand event for Sai’s and they tackle it with the utmost grace and decorum.

Lunch was halfway done and Scott was still looking everywhere for Kale who had separated from him in the morning at that usher’s command. Scott had eaten, but really quickly so as to continue with his search. He didn’t want to give up but in this crowd it was futile.

Eventually after lunch was done the parents and attendants all said their goodbyes the boys were heading up to their dorms. Scott’s mother couldn’t ensure that the two boys shared a bedroom but she at least tried to get them on the same block which was good enough.

Scott walked into his room; his luggage was as he left it a week ago when he first came to Sai’s for orientation and then the tour, the time he had lost his cell phone. His roommate was lying on his bed with headphones and what looked like a popular novel Scott normally saw at the book shop but gave it little thought.

He read books, but he preferred non-fiction and couldn’t understand the appeal of artifice. Kale on the other hand would read anything as long as he could understand the language which Scott found admirable.

Scott nodded to his silent roommate who reciprocated. He went to the suitcases and began unpacking meticulously as there was no better way to do anything but to do it well. The opening speeches did inspire him to turn a new page in his life and so his resolve started with keeping his room clean- the whole term. How probable that was only time could really tell.

His irresponsibility was also a reason why he couldn’t find Kale. He had lost his phone and one was coming by freight tomorrow. Kale was being accommodating today by taking a picture with Scott even if Kale had hated anything to do with cameras or pictures. Scott on the other hand was a photographer at heart his equipment costing thousands. His irresponsibility had also cost him the loss of a spot in the advanced class. Kale on the other hand had gotten in, with flying colours too.

A small knock was heard on the door. Scott was on his bed after sorting out all his things, he looked to his roommate who had fallen asleep and got up from the bed to answer the door as no one else would do it.

Kale stood outside his door, his hands shaking.

“Are you okay?” asked Scott.

“Just cold, can I come in?” he asked with his arms tucked inside the huge pockets of his black hoodie.

“Yea sure, I just finished packing, what’s up?” said Scott clearing his bed so that Kale could sit down.

“Nothing just came to check up on you” said Kale softly with a small smile.

“Where were you today?” asked Scott with concern showing on his face.

“Just around” said Kale looking down “Oh by the way do you have a scissors I can borrow, one of my boxes were taped up too well” said Kale now looking back up at Scott

“Sure…here” said Scott handing Kale a pair of green scissors he got from his dresser.

“Excited for tomorrow?” asked Scott grinning

“Yea, I guess…” said Kale giving a half smile.

“Going to go shower now, thanks” said Kale waving the scissors as he left through the door.

Scott had wished that Kale would have been happier about the opportunity afforded to him, he wished he would just be positive about the whole thing, it was Sai’s for crying out loud and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.


The following morning Kale woke up, his roommate was still sleeping and the blue room was bright with light from the early morning Caludian suns. He got off the bed with much trepidation, he really didn’t want to be up- not right now

The uniform looked good- not on him but it was a good uniform, maybe that was what he liked most about Sai’s, the cool uniforms. In all of Gibaltz major and minor, Sai’s had the best uniform, well to Kale at least.

He looked at his shoulder length gold hair and all the flecks of blond and brown in it. His green eyes shone back at him through the mirror. His felt his features didn’t go with the uniform at all.

The well designed black and red ensemble with a tailcoat blazer and silver accessories was maybe worth the extra money they were paying just to attend.

Kale had been a miser most of his life, it was not that his parents couldn’t afford it, but he always felt guilty somewhere and maybe it was the fact that he was adopted. He always felt like a burden to them, even if they never really made him feel like one. In fact they had a tendency to spoil him and according to Kale ‘waste money’ on him just to make him happy.

He adjusted the clothes a bit more, making sure that he was perfect for the first day of school. He was expecting the knock, but when he heard it his spirits rose.

He opened the door and his spirits fell. A boy he didn’t know stood outside in his pyjamas.

“I’m here to see Tom” said the boy who invited himself in. Kale was about to say that ‘Tom’ wasn’t here but then realized that he didn’t even know the name of the boy who slept opposite him. The two roommates had never spoken a word to each other. The boy sat down on ’Tom’s” bed.

Kale decided to leave, he was ready anyway and the whole thing felt awkward. Stopping short as soon as he came outside he saw Scott, whose uniform fit him immaculately.

“Wow, it suits you really well” said Kale smiling slowly

“Yours too” said Scott with a grin

“Don’t lie, and breakfast?” asked Kale

“Yup, breakfast” said Scott pulling out his new phone which came about 3:00 this morning which he had to collect from the school office. Scott did look great in his uniform, his broad shoulders and tall frame looked like the Sai’s uniform was tailored to suit him.

“Best way to get a new one is to lose one” said Kale shaking his head

“You know it wasn’t on purpose, plus I was getting behind on all the tech” said Scott flipping through his news feeds on his new phone, his new Tosh phone.

Kale sighed.

Sai’s was a large place indeed. Tours throughout the week scheduled at different times for all the boys had to take place in order for them to get familiarized with the campus. Sai’s also had two Kellon sized swimming pools, one of them holding the record for largest manmade water hole with 400 million litres of water give or take.

(Kellon was the Caludian equivalent to the Olympics)

It wasn’t uncommon for places owned by the royal house of Gibaltz to have lavish holdings, especially after the marriage between the Princess of Gibaltz and the now owner of Sai’s and Rain’s.

This made Sai’s a school of much notoriety and in the last five years it won awards for best academic performance, best athletic performance as well as a range of other awards for global competitions. Sai’s had become a household name of excellence and it was many a dream of children in Gibaltz to attend Sai’s or Rain’s or to even step foot in it.

The royal house had shown even more backing of the institution by allowing the heir to the royal house of Gibaltz Prince January to attend some three years ago.

Kale and Scott marveled over the huge water fountains and fancy stained window glass which were refurbished for the library, which also just happened to be the most comprehensive library in the world, with books in over 50 languages and internet source databases that covered huge areas of academia as well as suitable pop culture. Scott enjoyed the scenery from the huge cherry blossom and oak trees to the well landscaped lawns.

Of course for these reasons Sai’s had also been criticized by many who thought it was over the top for a school and that not even the fanciest resorts in the world could come near the boarding school. In Sai’s defence the money parents were paying covered everything and more and if they wanted to spend their money that way then why not let them, after all this is the free market. (Btw the author is a Marxist and the above sentence upsets her)

The dining hall was lavish, as was everywhere else at Sai’s and the walls had art, graffiti art- all about food. The designers did have a sense of humour creating their own comic relief into messages. However, the dining hall still made it known that it did belong to an academic institution with inscriptions in Soretez in the most obscure places.

Scott took up a tray and so did Kale. Selections of dishes were displayed and people in hairnets served all the boys coming in. Kale and Scott sat at one of the many empty tables; after all it was only 7:30 in the morning.

Scott had noticed that people were staring at them again, Kale had noticed too and both of them just ignored it and continued eating. Scott was happy that Kale wasn’t complaining, after all he didn’t want to feel guilty; it was he who planted the idea of Sai’s into both their parents’ heads initially.

Scott actually couldn’t believe he was at Sai’s, it was a dream come true, even eating in the hall seemed unreal however Kale was looking nonchalant as ever and it made Scott uneasy.

“Even the cafeteria is grand” said Scott looking up at the ceilings made of treated greenheart wood, giving the room a tropical vibe.

“I guess” said Kale picking at the one slice of apple on his plate. Scott looked at Kale’s nearly empty plate and sighed internally.

“Can I sit here?” asked a boy. His hair was light brown like Scott’s but short compared to Scott’s average strands.

“Sure” said Scott smiling. Scott and Kale’s table was in the centre of other empty ones and the boy looked like he obviously didn’t want to sit alone.

“I’m Peter, Peter Remilius” said the boy sitting down, his plate full of pancakes.

“I’m Scott, Scott Clarke and this is Kale Taylor”

“Remilius, like the house of Remilius, Remilius?” asked Kale

“Yes, that Remilius” he said blushing slightly. He was a bit round. His short messy brown hair didn’t suit his frame.

“Oh” said Scott smiling. The Remilius family was an old Noble Family of Gibaltz

“Wait, are you the same Remilius who has that page called rich kids of Gibaltz on Immer?” asked Scott

“Oh no, that’s my older cousin Thornton, he is a true hedonist at heart” said Peter laughing to himself, he paused and went on.

“I saw you with the minister of Economics, Mr Westminster, he is a Dean at Sai’s” said Peter to Kale

“You saw me with him?” said Kale his heart beat increasing, his breathing quickening

“Yea at the ceremony” said Peter

“Oh” said Kale relief washing over his face.

“Yea Kale’s head can be in the clouds sometimes” said Scott chuckling. Peter smiled.

“Are you ready for the Tier games this year, I heard it is going to be brutal with 3 untouchables instead of one” said Peter excitedly

“The tier games, yea I heard of it, isn’t that something that the seniors do?” asked Scott

“No it is way more important than that; my brother tells me everything about here, everyone plays the tier games. See that guy over there with that ring, it shows his tier” (Don’t you love how they completely ignored him)

“Oh” said Kale looking over at the boy who looked like a second year. He had meant to ask what were the tier games were but couldn’t find the voice to speak up.

Scott and Peter started talking about the Sai experience and Kale who had a penchant for detachment, slipped away into his own thoughts.

“So what floor are you guys on, maybe I can check you out after class?” asked Peter. Kale looked up as he realized that he was also addressed.

“3rd floor” said Scott smiling.

“Cool, I am on 4th so you guys can come over anytime, my friends just got here so….” He said getting up from the table

Kale looked over to see who Peter’s friends were.

“I think he is a cool guy, I thought people from old noble families would be snobs but he seems alright”

“Ah yea he does…I guess” said Kale still looking at the group of boys that Peter was sitting with, something about Peter just didn’t sit well with him, but he gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Scott followed his line of vision. “What are you looking at?” asked Scott

“Oh…. it’s just that that is the same usher guy that gave me my seat, nothing really” said Kale looking back at his plate of food.

“Yea I remember him from yesterday” said Scott turning back and eating the rest of his waffles

Kale looked back up at the table and the usher met his eyes. The elder boy spoke to the group around him and got up from his seat. The blond boy crossed the floor and walked towards their table.

“Hello again newcomers” said Hayden swiftly sitting down at the table.

“Hi Hayden” said Kale who tried not to look at the older boy.

“Can we talk in private for a moment, maybe outside?” he said flashing his pearly whites

Kale looked to Scott, Scott nodded nonchalantly. Kale followed Hayden outside.

Hayden’s uniform was slightly different from theirs with gold accessories instead of silver; it did indeed fit him well.

Hayden looked at Kale intently.

“What were you thinking, that is our Dean of Economics, he used to be on the diet?!” said Hayden who seemed annoyed

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I brought you to him for a reason”

“You did that on purpose?!”

“Duh, why else would he call you?”

Kale thought he was going to be sick. He went back into the dining hall leaving Hayden outside.

“Are you okay?” asked Scott

“I will be, once we get out of here” said Kale picking up his tray and throwing it into the garbage pile with the others. (It was only a slice of apple I don’t know why he has to be so dramatic about throwing it away)

Hayden walked back into the hall and went up to Kale whispering in his ear. “Don’t mess up next time”

Kale turned around and looked at the boy in disbelief. There was not going to be a next time said Kale to himself.


Lucifer looked for the boxes making sure that all one hundred were there. Demetri was there to help him but Hayden was late as usual. Lucifer always thought that Demetri was the best Duke a king could ask for however Hayden was consumed with the glitterati of it all.

“The bitch is in” said Hayden walking in through the doors. The three had gathered in the auditorium, the big red building where the opening ceremony had taken place.

“Could you not say that” said Demetri recounting the boxes again just in case they missed one, not looking at the Blond boy who had just entered.

“So sour today, and just when I needed comforting” said Hayden slumping into the first row of seats in the hall.

“No one is throwing you a pity party” said Demetri pulling away from the boxes and looking at Hayden now.

“All one hundred are there?” asked Lucifer who was putting on the red robe.

“Yes, we can call them in now, those poor newbies” said Hayden chuckling by himself.

Lucifer smiled.

“I love the tier games” said Lucifer fixing his black and blood red hair

Demetri sighed. The two of them left the room. Hayden got up and went to the big brown box full of other little boxes and picked up one and chuckled to himself again.


Michelangelo stood outside his balcony watching down below at the amazing school that Sai’s had crafted over the years. He, like many boys his age had always dreamed of coming to Sai’s but if one had resources, which his family clearly did, it was much less a dream and more like a rite of passage, an inevitable bump in the road.

Michelangelo had his hair pushed back with his signature black cap. His balcony outside his room stood, on the fourth floor, giving him an amazing vantage point.

He pulled out his phone from his pocket which rang incessantly; obviously the person didn’t get the message.

“What” he answered indignantly hoping the conversation would end quickly

“We’ve been looking everywhere for you, why weren’t you down for breakfast?”

“Not hungry” said Michelangelo with un-amusement

“Well, I am at your door, so open up” said the angry voice on the other end.

Michelangelo sighed and opened the sliding doors back into his room and crossed the floor to open his main room door. (My characters sigh a lot don’t they?)

“What?” said Michelangelo again this time with a small smile creeping up on his face.

“Cool place you’ve got here” said Tybalt who waltzed in without care.

“Not really, single rooms are only for the second years and up, so I will be sharing this place with god knows who” said Michelangelo opening his windows.

“Michelangelo you’re wearing your cap in your room” said Tybalt pointing to the black head wear.

“Don’t I always, plus this place is not worthy of seeing my beautiful head in all its glory” he said with fake enthusiasm

“Did you see one of the new students?”

“Why yes, look here’s one right in front of me, hi there what is your name boy on my bed?” said Michelangelo with obvious sarcasm

“No, you know what I meant. He had the gold hair and the green eyes, the really pretty one” said Tybalt trying to describe the boy he merely got a glimpse of

“Oh yea, I saw him. What of it?” said Michelangelo shoving large text books into his desk drawers.

“Do you know his name?” asked Tybalt scratching his fiery dyed orange hair

“Nope, and honestly if you want to know his name, why not just ask him?” asked Michelangelo now turning to look at his friend

“Well…you know…” said Tybalt cracking his knuckles

“Oh…so you like him then?” asked Michelangelo with a smile

“No, I don’t he just looks nice, that’s all”

“Hmmn…well then I shall have a look at him myself then” said Michelangelo smirking.

Tybalt knew it was dumb to ask Michelangelo any questions about people he was interested in, even remotely

“Plus I’m straight anyway so you would be wasting your time” said Tybalt who was now on to cracking his fingers.

“Sure whatever; still going to have a look at him anyway.”

“Where is your brother?” asked Tybalt sifting through his phone.

“Who knows, I haven’t seen him since I got here”

Michelangelo’s brother Leonardo was gone like the wind as soon as they came to Sai’s. They were brothers, yes but more specifically twins, but of the fraternal variety.

They did look alike as most brothers would but they were definitely not identical, especially when it came to mannerisms. Leonardo was an extrovert; he loved attention and his own stage. Consumed by his own wealth he was arrogant as anyone would be if they came from a noble house as old as the one of Ackintosh.

Michelangelo was ambiverted, cocky- yes but for good reason. Tybalt had always thought Michelangelo to be full of himself, but in a good way, all in good jest, but Leonardo however was serious about his narcissistic antics.

“I saw him, just a while ago hanging out with them”

“Really now…” said Michelangelo smiling. He knew what Tybalt meant by ‘them’. They were all boys from their previous school, some who Michelangelo was unfortunate enough to call friends, but acquaintances nonetheless.

“So, why’d you bring him up then, do you like him too?” said Michelangelo with humour

“I have more a more delicate palette, your brother apart from being the wrong gender is just too coarse for my appetite” said Tybalt smiling


“All year one students to the auditorium, all year one students to the auditorium now!” said the announcer on the intercom system.

It was 10 o’clock and Scott had been back in his room, his roommate was gone. After breakfast they had a good bit of time left so they decided why not go back to sleep. Classes were not beginning until 1 o’clock because apparently the seniors had something planned.

Scott put his tail coat blazer back on; he had taken it off so it wouldn’t have gotten ruffled in his sleep. The announcement had clearly woken him up and he was in a mad rush to get downstairs, completely forgetting about the elevator.

On the last step he met a familiar face. “Hey, Scott was it?” asked Peter who came out the elevator with a large group of boys, Kale among them.

“Let’s go!” shouted a boy from the group, the crowd cheered and all began running into the direction of the auditorium.

Kale looked to Scott and Peter. “Coming?” he asked softly

Scott smiled “Well finally” he said wrapping his arm around Kale’s shoulder. They all went with the group of boys who were in high spirits to get to the auditorium.

As they got near the auditorium, flyers started blowing in the wind everywhere was covered in little pamphlets.

Scott held one that flew into his face.

Kale picked up one on the ground. Peter grabbed it from him.

“Whoa this is serious” said Peter to Scott

“Yea wow, so what is it exact…” Scott was interrupted by the huge speaker again.

Outside the auditorium stood three boys all dressed in robes, the one in the middle with a crimson blood red robe which matched the red highlights against his dark hair.

All the boys stood in astonishment (like they never saw a guy in a robe smh)

“Good Morning New Comers of Sai’s Boarding School” said the guy in the middle. I am the 3rd year King Lucifer Jacques and today we are hosting the annual tier games!” he said through the mic with a grin

Most of the boys cheered. Kale looked at the three boys and saw Hayden among them. The king Lucifer he thought to himself.

“Now the flyers will tell you everything you need to know about now, I will let my Duke speak to you” he said smirking widely.

“Good morning years ones I am Demetri the third year Duke. The aim of the tier games is to collect one of these blue boxes and bring them back into the auditorium. Each box contains a ring and each ring aligns with a tier as seen on the flier. The boxes are hidden or in plain sight try to get one, there is one for everyone”



# in Tier
















Royal Guard









Foot Soldier



Common Person






Untouchable/Wang Ta






“The number in tier tells you how many positions are in each tier.”

Hayden then took the mic “I’m Hayden Radley 3rd year Duke and this tier game is active for the whole year, so stick with your gut and try to get lucky, Let’s Begin!” he said

All the boys started running, scattering across the campus looking for the little blue boxes everywhere. Loud footsteps were heard everywhere all over the green lawns. One would swear it was a herd of cattle but once you looked closely you would see it was groups of boys in starched uniforms jumping around for boxes they hadn’t yet seen.

“I got one!” shouted a boy whose hair already looked a mess. Another boy came up from behind him and snatched the box and began running away, making his way back to the safety of the auditorium.

Kale was in no mad rush, he looked at another flier he had picked up from the ground after Peter took his. He thought that this time around was his chance to finally get out of his rut, he thought that maybe he would become an Earl or something equivalent and people would just leave him alone. Scott and Peter had gone running as soon as Hayden had commenced the event.

Kale looked around in the grass, a silt of blue amongst the green shone out at him. He stooped down and picked up the box from the lawn. He smiled; he hoped it would have been a good one.

“Can I see that?” asked a boy from behind Kale, He was about twice his size and about two whole heads taller.

“Its…mine” said Kale softly

The boy grabbed it from his hands and ran away in what must have been a split second. Kale sighed and began wandering around again, and then he began searching actively as he realized that more and more boys were heading back. He didn’t want to panic, but he was looking everywhere and it was slowly becoming futile and he was frustrated.

He looked at his watch, had it been 30 minutes already?

“The game is almost over, what are you still doing here?” asked Hayden who was sitting on what was the stump of tree.

“It’s none of your business” said Kale turning around

“Wow we’ve got a rude one, and what did I do to deserve this?” asked Hayden smiling

“You know exactly what you did, you disgust me” said Kale still looking around for a blue box (Tardis reference, sorry Doctor Who reference lol)

“Ha, you think you’re the only who has had to go through that, when I was a first year it was much worst”

Kale looked around at him, a bit more sympathetically this time

“But that doesn’t mean because you had to do that that I had to suffer the same”

“If I didn’t bring you to that Dean, God knows what could have happened, you clearly don’t understand the powers structures here at Sai’s” said Hayden getting up from his stump.

“He is a Dean, they wield a lot of influence, and if you wanted to get on his good side you should have just done it”

“I don’t want to get on his good side, I don’t even know him, he’s even older than my dad, where are your morals?”

“At Sai’s there are no morals, it is a dog eat dog world”

“Here you go, we pretty boys need to stick together” said Hayden handing Kale a blue box. (Yes they both acknowledged they were pretty without a second though lol)

“For me?” asked Kale in astonishment

“Well yes, you remind me of myself in a sort of dead pan snarker way” said Hayden smiling

Kale looked at his blue box; maybe Hayden wasn’t such a bad guy after all he thought to himself.

He ran back to the auditorium as fast as he could. He bumped into a familiar form, his box falling to the ground. Scott looked at Kale, mouth ajar.

“Where were you?” Scott asked smiling?

“Who knows, I am glad I got a box though” said Kale going to pick up his box when he realized that two boxes were on the ground

“Oh mine fell as well” said Scott picking his up from the ground. Kale picked up his. They entered the auditorium together. Lots of boys were coming in after them, but a few more were left to come.

They all stood in the big red hall. Demetri and Lucifer were already there. Hayden walked in slowly after a while

“The bitch is in” said Hayden grinning. Demetri shook his head.

“Is everyone here now?” asked Hayden to Lucifer wrapping his arms around the King’s neck

“No, and stop that, later okay” said Lucifer nudging Hayden away. The boys were all looking at them now.

“Can everyone come back now you have had forty five minutes to find your boxes” said Demetri over the mic which broadcasted to the campus.

A set of boys walked in panting wildly, it looked like they were in a rush to get back.

“I think that is it?” said Lucifer to Demetri

“Okay so one by one, line up and the king will open your boxes for you” said Hayden with a grin.

“Hayden will explain each role in a nutshell” said Demetri who took a seat, he did indeed look exhausted.

“So the king is very self-explanatory, he controls everything, he can command any tier, and no one has that kind of power except him” The boys looked at each other and mumbling began amongst themselves.

“The two Dukes are the king’s right hands, the also exercise a considerable amount of power and can control tiers below themselves. The Marquees, Earls and Viscounts sit in the king’s court. The King’s court is made up of these tiers. The King can consult them if he wishes on any matter he pleases.

“The Marque is below a Duke but still powerful just as an Earl is. The Viscount holds the lowest position in the King’s court, but still wields considerable power over the lot not in the King’s court.

“The royal guard is in direct control of the King and are at his beck and call, always. The army is controlled by the guard and the foot soldiers are controlled by the army, understood?” asked Hayden

The boys all nodded.

“Now we get to the less important tiers. The merchant tier acts as a sort of liaison between the King’s court and the less important tiers. In the absence of the king’s court, the merchants control all tiers below themselves, that’s if you refer to the list which also includes the foot soldiers so that makes for some interesting conflict” said Hayden laughing

“The common people are common people; they exist in the day to day lives at Sai’s without much fuss. The peasants however are servants to all except the untouchables” said Hayden reading from what was some sort of handbook

“Now the untouchables, well no one wants to get involved with them really, they are the worsts of the worst and do all the dirty work. If any of you are familiar with the Mezclaz Wang-ta or the Raboroz Dalit, then there you have it that is the Tier system” said Hayden

Demetri got up and whispered something in his ear. Hayden’s eyes opened wide and he nodded.

“Oh and last but not least we have the floater, how did I forget the floater? The floater is a tier which doesn’t really fit into the tier, he is a wild card and can fall anywhere in the tier depending on his personality, character et cetera” said Hayden who came back to sit on Demetri’s lap whilst Lucifer got stuff ready for the key opening ceremony.

After a while Demetri got up and took the mic

“You, come and have your box opened” said Demetri who led the line to Lucifer and his key.

“Merchant!” said Hayden looking over at the first Year’s opened box. In the middle fitted snugly was a bronze ring. The boy looked up smiling.

“Take out your ring, you should wear it always” said Demetri ushering the boy to the side.

“Commoner” shouted Hayden again.

A line of boys went passed, some with viscount positions, merchants, mostly commoners and peasants.

“King!” shouted Hayden.

Kale thought that the boy looked familiar

More tiers were called by Hayden who looked excited about this whole affair

Kale was hopeful, he had trusted Hayden. Peter went up for his box to be opened. “Earl!” shouted Hayden smiling, giving Peter a tap on the back.

“Lucky!” said Scott to Peter as he went to get his box opened by Lucifer.

“Viscount….” said Hayden softly this time, a bit confused

Kale smiled at Scott and went to get his box open. Hayden looked down at the box.

“Untouchable?” he said softly as to himself. And then repeated it loudly again so as to not shirk his Duke duties.

Kale looked completely shocked, Scott was too.

The boy behind Kale went up to open his.

In hindsight he knew he couldn’t trust someone like Hayden, or anyone for that matter, and at this point he was extremely down, he thought if he were unlucky he would at least get a commoner or a peasant, he never thought he would get untouchable.

Hayden pulled a blank faced Kale to the side. “I gave you the last viscount, I made sure of it” said Hayden whispering into Kale’s ear.

“You’re lying just as you did at the opening ceremony, I should have just stuck to it, and found my own box” said Kale softly as there were ears everywhere.

Demetri took Hayden’s place and began calling out the tiers.

“I am not lying, I gave you the last viscount and then that guy opened his box and there it was” said Hayden pointing to Scott.

Kale looked at Scott. His box might have been mixed up with his when they bumped into each other.

“Yea I must have gotten it mixed up…sorry…” said Kale rubbing his temples, the severity of the situation not hitting him yet.

“I can’t talk to you anymore, you know that right?” said Hayden leaving Kale and walking over to relieve Demetri

“Peasant” he said calling out again, trying not to look Kale in his eyes.

Kale didn’t know what was happening now, everything was moving quickly like a fast forwarding in on the city of Tirethez. Two other boys came to join him who Kale thought were seemingly untouchables like him. He looked at the ring in his blue box, did they honestly expect him to put on a piece of worthless plastic. He shoved the box into his pocket.

The last tier was called, “Common Person” said Demetri, the whole tier was chosen by a mere luck and chance. There was silence everywhere; honestly the boys were very unsure of what to do now.

They were not sure of how to act, how was this new status going to affect them?


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