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Christian Tazo is the most positive person in his school. He has a good relationship with his parents and is always free for anything. Well, that's what everybody thinks at least. In reality, he holds a lot of dark secrets and memories. His act fools everybody, so what happens when he runs into the popular boy who sees right through his mask and his fake smiles. ⚠️ *trigger warning: rape, slurs, depression, and suicide themes* ⚠️ Completed: December 25, 2020

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Hey guys! I'm starting a new bxb book called The Stars In His Eyes! I'm going to complete the book before beginning to publish it because I don't want to make you guys wait for updates and leave you on cliffhangers too much. The chapters are going to be fairly long (2000+ words each) and I'm planning on around twenty chapters in total. It will probably take me at least three weeks to complete the book. So while you wait, I thought I'd write a little preview to hint at what's coming. The italicized writing is actual quotes from the book. Enjoy!


Happy. Positive. Perfect. All adjectives used to describe me. Let me correct myself; all adjectives used to incorrectly describe me. Hi, my name is Christian Tazo. I'm fun and happy when I'm with others. Actually, I think I'm known for being such a "little ray of sunshine". At least, that's what she would say. You know, if she was here.

You probably don't know who I'm talking about. Don't worry. You'll find out soon enough. Everybody is so busy being charmed by my happy persona, that they don't have a clue what lies beneath. Dark secrets. Dark memories. I am very content with my life as it is. My dad cares about me, just in his own way. At least I have a dad. I have friends. I'm a little popular in my school. Everything I have, I'm content with because my life is held together by a smiling mask. At least, it was being held together until I ran into Theodore Jack Millen.

My eyes widened as a guy ran out in front of the car.

"Who the hell are you?" I demanded, coldly. "If you don't stick your head back out of my window, I will literally close the window on your neck, then run you over. Multiple times. Get out."

As you can probably tell, we didn't have the best first impressions. In fact, we had an even worse second impressions.

"Who the hell are you? Back up. Space," I grumbled. He backed up a few steps and sat on the ground. Once my eyes were used to seeing light again, I peered down at the boy curiously.

"Wait a minute... you're that annoying kid who ran in front of Scott's car today!"

Yeah. I know. You're probably thinking, "well if you hate each other so much, just stop seeing each other." It's not that easy. Theo decided he wasn't going to leave me alone and forced his way into my life. I'm not going to get into much detail, but let's just say I'm glad he did.

[November 23, 2020]
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