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Chapter 1

“I’m so afraid of losing something I love, I refuse to love anything.”

Happy. Positive. Perfect. All adjectives used to describe me. Let me correct myself; all adjectives used to incorrectly describe me. Hi, my name is Christian Tazo. I'm fun and happy when I'm with others. Actually, I think I'm known for being such a "little ray of sunshine". At least, that's what she would say. You know, if she was here.

"Christian! Wassup man? You going to that party tonight? Heard Hailys going!"

That's Scott, my best friend. My new one, anyways.

"Hell yeah, dude! If you're there, I'm there," I replied enthusiastically, bumping my shoulder against his. We walked down the school's main hallway together, laughing and talking about the crazy things we had done this past week.

It was Friday. Just another boring Friday, complete with noisy teenagers and frustrated teachers. Fridays were usually loud, but this time, everybody was buzzing with the news of Haily's, the school's hottie, presence at tonight's party. I, for one, did not care whatsoever about Haily or her magical presence. Scotts another story.

"Aw man! I hope she chooses me tonight! I really need to get laid," Scott whined beside me. Everytime Haily showed up at a party, she would select one lucky soul to have sex with her. I'm not very lucky, so I hope I don't have to be tortured with her bugging me all night.

"Yeah, you might get lucky tonight. I'm placing my bets on you, don't let me down, Scotty," I warned playfully. He just snickered and lightly punched my shoulder.

"Hey, Christian? When's the last time you got laid? It seems like it's been forever! Damn, we need to hook you up with a nice lady," he said thoughtfully. I mentally sighed. Not this again.

"Scotty. I've told you this before and I'll tell you this again. I. Am. Gay. Do you know what that means, Scott?" I asked with a condescending smile on my face.

"Okay! Okay! I get the hint, I'm sorry! I'm just not used to it, okay? It's not everyday my best friend comes out as a dude who likes other dudes," he grumbled. I laughed and half hugged him.

"Sorry. I didn't know it'd take such a toll on you! If I could control, I would. That's a lie, I still wouldn't. But sorry?"

He sighed, "Okay, whatever you say Tia."

"Don't call me that! It brings up bad memories," I complained, frowning. Only she got to call me Tia.

"Yeah. Bad memories that you won't tell me about! Christian! Dude! You can trust me," he pleaded. Ever since I met the guy, he's been begging me to tell him about her. I would, but I can't. Everytime she is brought up, I feel like I'm going to cry or something. That would ruin my reputation and we can't have that, now can we?

"Jeez, sorry. I'm just not ready to tell you. It's a sensitive topic, so just drop it and I'll you when I'm ready, okay?" I asked with an innocent grin. Too bad that grin was anything but innocent. Sure, at first glance you'll see a normal eighteen year old boy with a happy life and good grades. But the thing that most people don't think to do is look deeper, because if you did, you'd see a broken eighteen year old boy whose father neglects and has gone through the loss of everybody close to him.

"That look is creeping me out, so I'll just agree to your terms and services and move on," Scott said nervously. He knew that I was a gem to be around until you pissed me off. We pushed the school doors open and headed into the direction of his car. A slick, yellow Lamborghini. Oh, have I mentioned? Scotts rich as fuck. He's a momma's boy but he isn't exactly spoiled. Sure he got a nice car and a nice phone and a nice... everything basically, but he's never asked for one thing in his life. I guess he is spoiled, but he's not a spoiled brat.

"I can't get over how much I love your car. I think I like it more than I like you," I said, hugging his car. He rolled his eyes and unlocked the vehicle, sliding into the driver's seat. I copied him, but not before giving his car a big kiss. He made a face at me when I was in the passenger seat.

"Great. My best friend and my favorite car have a bromance," he groaned, pulling out of the school's parking lot. We sped off towards the direction of the road.

My eyes widened as a guy ran out in front of the car. He was wearing a grey beanie, his black locks tumbling out of the sides. The car jerked to a sudden stop and the guy running across the street ran up to my side of the car.


"Who the hell are you?" I demanded, coldly. First of all, he pissed me off. I wanted to enjoy a nice car ride in my baby, not talk to an idiot stranger. Second of all, I may seem like I'm a social butterfly, but I only really have a couple friends, and I only really talk to one of them. In conclusion, I'm a very closed off person. I'm so afraid of losing something I love, I refuse to love anything. I don't let people get close to me and if they get too close, I drop them. With the exception of Scott, of course. Third of all, why the hell did he have to come over on my side of the car. I will run this man over and ruin his whole career. So that's what I told him.

"If you don't stick your head back out of my window, I will literally close the window on your neck, then run you over. Multiple times. Get out."

He chuckled, "Damn, feisty," he said with a wink. I rolled my eyes and started to roll the window up on his neck.

"All right! All right! Sorry, I'll go now!"

Scott snickered from the driver's seat, not bothering to help this dude out. Not that I had a problem with, obviously. I stopped rolling up my window and he retracted his head. I smirked and rolled the window back down for when he started driving again. Scott checked to make sure nobody else was going to be an idiot and run into the street in front of his car before hitting the gas pedal. The wind whipped at my face. A piece of paper also whipped at my face. Huh?

30% off on your next meal! Come down to Taco Town and claim your cheap tacos!

I raised my eyebrows, checked to see if Scott was paying attention, and slipped the coupon in my pants pocket. Oh, come on! Cheap tacos at Taco Town? How could I say no to that? You'd have to be either insane or very polite to not steal the coupon. And in reality, he probably wouldn't even notice it's gone!

"Christian, give it back," Scott said, holding his hand out.

"... hm?"

He sighed, shaking his head and retracting his hand.

"Whatever. I'll just take it when you're not paying attention. Now get out, idiot," he replied, ruffling my hair playfully. He had just pulled into my driveway and I looked out the window at the front door. My heart beat sped up as I watched my dad open the door and step out on the porch, smiling and waving. Scott waved back and I hesitantly exited his car. I hugged the car goodbye and started making my way to my dad. Scott pulled out of my driveway and we watched him drive away. When he was out of sight, my dad grabbed my arm and dragged me indoors.

"You are such a fucking distraction! I try to work hard to earn money for us, and you distract me! Why don't you get a job?" he yelled, throwing me up against a wall. I hung my head, hiding my eyes from him and nodded.

"Sorry dad."

"Yeah, yeah. Sorry doesn't cut it. Clean the house, brat. Now get out of my way," he snarled, shoving me into the wall again. He began to walk away in the direction of his office. Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry. Tears started forming in my eyes but I blinked them away. She wouldn't want you to cry. She doesn't like seeing you cry. I made my way to the closet and got out cleaning supplies. Deciding to start with my own room first, even though it was the cleanest room in the house, I trudged up the stairs. I pushed my door open and my cat flung himself into my chest, claws digging into the fabric of my hoodie and my skin. I winced, trying to tug him off.

"Moody! I am not a scratching post! Please get off! Please, I'm begging you!" I groaned. He eventually gave up on his mission of ripping my skin off and let me pull him off. I rubbed my chest where his claws had been. Picking Moody up, I cradled him in my arms and stroked his fur while he purred loudly.

A few minutes later, I decided to actually start cleaning before my dad got mad at me again. Gosh, I'm like Cinderella. I wonder if Scott is picking me up for the party. I'll text him. I cleaned the rest of my room and bounded down the stairs.

"Shut up!" my dad yelled. I guess I walked down the stairs too loud. Damn, I can't do anything right. I'd have to be more careful.

"Sorry, dad!" I whisper-yelled back. I walked over to the mantle and grabbed my phone. The front door opened, but I ignored it. Probably somebody who works for my dad. I pulled up Scott and I's texts and typed out a message.

Hey Scotty. Are you picking me up for the party? (say yes) :)

I sent the text and waited for a reply while I dusted the mantle and swept the floor. My phone dinged and I looked up from the dust pan. I dumped its contents into the trash bin and walked over to my phone. Hands found their way to my waist and I jumped, startled.

"What the hell?" I said, spinning around to see a man about 6"3 with dark brown hair and green eyes. I furrowed my eyebrows and frowned, taking five steps back.

"Who the hell are you?" I demanded to know. He just smirked.

"Where's your dad's office?"

I squinted my eyes in suspicion.

"Why would I tell you that? Get out or I'll call the police for breaking and entering," I threatend, typing the number and hovering my finger over the call button. He kept a composed face, but I could see that his eyes widened a little.

"Get out."

He smirked and I raised an eyebrow in confusion. Why is he smirking? I obviously have the upper hand here, don't I? In one swift move, he had my wrists pinned to the wall behind me and his body pressed against mine, the phone on the floor. My eyes windend and I struggled to get out of his grip. Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry. I chanted in my head. I squeezed my eyes shut and blinked away tears. I wouldn't say I had a height advantage, only standing at 5"10, but I was pretty built. My breathing got shallow and my stomach started to churn. Not now, not now! My hands began to shake. I drew up all my strength and shoved him hard enough to get him off of me. I took five steps back again, gasping for air. My hands were still shaking, but a little less.

"Dad!" I choked out.

"What do you want now, br- ian! Brian, how are you? I thought the meeting was scheduled for tomorrow?" he exclaimed.

Brian? Meeting?

"Yes. I had a stressful day at work and decided I needed some sort of..." his eyes flickered to me and uncomfortably scanned up and down my body. "stress reliever," he finished.

"Of course! I haven't had the chance to tell Christian about it yet. Oh well, I'm sure you'll explain it to him later. So 500 it was, correct?"

"Yes, I'll be sure to do that and actually, I want two nights, so 1000," the man, Brian explained. My dad's eyes widened and he nodded eagerly. I watched in shock as Brian pulled $1000 out of his wallet and handed it to my dad. A hand was placed on my back and I immediatly jerked away.

"He's all yours!" my dad said gleefully. I gave him a confused look after picking my phone back up.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked, but my dad just waved the question away and happily walked back to his office, flipping through the cash. Brian and I were left alone again. I didn't like the way his eyes wandered to places I'd rather them not wander and shifted uncomfortably.

"Let's go, shall we?" he asked, making a smart move not to touch me, but instead gesturing me over. I shook my head.

"We shall not. I shall go to my room and you shall go out the door," I replied, taking another step back and refusing to look him in the eyes. I hated eye contact. She loved it. He frowned and reached for my hand. I scooted away again, but this time, he caught my arm.

"Let me go!" I yelled, yanking my arm away from him and trying to run up to my room. Unfortunately, I didn't get very far before he grabbed me again and started dragging me out the door and towards his car. I stuggled against him, but he was stronger. I was tossed into the backseat and he climbed into the driver's and locked the doors.

"Let me out."

Silence. He began to pull out of my drive way. I banged on his chair like a child before realizing that wouldn't help my situation. I sighed.

"Can you at least tell me where we're going?"

"My place. Your dad sold you to me for two nights."

"What do you mean?" I asked, nervous for the answer.

"A lot of people would pay good money for an attractive virgin, you know."

"What?" I exclaimed. I started panicking. My breathing got shallow and my hands started to shake.

"Yep. You should be glad it was me who got you. I tend to go gentle on virgins," he smirked. Oh no. Don't cry, don't cry. Please, don't cry! My mind screamed at me. Tears formed at my eyes and started sliding down my cheeks, but I violently wiped them away before he could see. Don't cry! Please! Don't cry! Don't cry! I couldn't do this. I couldn't see. I couldn't think. I couldn't breathe. Then, I blacked out.

[November 21, 2020]



What do you guys think? I'm not putting trigger warnings in the chapters this time because the description basically was the trigger warning. I think putting the warning spoils what's in the chapter, so unless you want me to, I won't be adding them in. The date at the bottom of each chapter is the date I finished the chapter. I will be adding a picture of a quote in each chapter and incorporate it into the chapter. Comment on it if you find it. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of The Stars In His Eyes. Comment, vote, whatever. I love to hear feedback! Love you guys!

[12/25/20 update]

Merry Christmas! Here’s my Christmas present to you! Enjoy! ❤️
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