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This is my life. It's not cupcakes and unicorns all the time. I'm not anyone spectacular. Just a normal, boring person. I have dreams, hopes, wishes I want to fulfill just like everybody else. Maybe not always possible, but it'll happen one day, maybe. Even when it seems like everything comes crashing down.

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Chapter 1

This is going to get super jumpy, so just bare with me. Because, that's just who I am. Going from one thing to another. I squirell around til it all just seems to come together in the end. I'll try not to leave anything out as my story unfolds. I can only hope to make you laugh, cry, smile, or even shake your head at the plain craziness of what in the world were you thinking moments.

So, without further ado, let's start with a proper introduction of who I am.

My name is Elaine Smith. I'm 5'4 and super petite, not much curves for any show and tell either. I'm pale white, like maybe even snow white pale, except my arms. Its actually quite awkward, because my arms are pretty tan.

My hair is like a rat's nest constantly! Originally the color of like a grizzly bear brown. I think I've gone through just about every color under the rainbow with it though, trying to figure out what color I liked best. Red. Red is the best on me in case you were wondering. But, it's kind of a gross orange right now. Not that flamboyant orange that is bright and gorgeous. No! It's a washed out brassy orange.

My eyes are like the color freshly brewed coffee. Dark brown. Can't say I dont mind that though, my life depends on that cup of coffee in the morning. Not the kind that gets doused in creamer, yuck! But just a thin layer of creamer to give it a bit of whatever flavor I decide for the week. That is what I call perfection!

Clothes for the week usually consist of sweatpants, leggings and always an oversized t-shirt with a hoodie. Screw any kind of bra, I'm one those that let the ladies hang loose. But also modest enough to keep it covered with those hoodies and oversized shirts.

I'm also a modest nerd. Binge watch just about any kind of anime. Love to play board games, even if I have no one to play with, but what are phones for if not some online player fun right? Dungeons and Dragons, yes please! Now, I don't go larping, or reading mangas, or even cosplay. As much fun as that would be, I'm a renouned recluse or better yet, just very dedicated to my home!

I don't play video games. Never been one interested in being that "gamer girl" mess. Whats even so cool about that? Like, hey, let me just yell at this game while everyone in their mother thinks I'm some lunatic getting mad over nothing. Tricks? Yeah I can do tricks, watch me button mash real quick see if something cool happens. (No offense to you true gamers, you have a very unique set of skills. This is just what I do, when I do actually play at least.)

I have a son, almost 7 years old. Had him at the tender age of 21. That has a crazy story behind it, but I'll get to that later. He has some major listening issues, but he excels in school. Bit of a bragging moment, but I swear I have a genius for a kid. Always ahead of his classmates, teacher says he's a role model for the class too. Makes me one proud mama bear, mostly at least. Only moment of doubts comes when I rip my hair out of frustration, or it seems I fail as parent at certain times. But all in all, I wouldn't change it for the world. He has saved my life in countless of ways, even though he doesn't know it. My icy blue eyed, dirty blonde haired kid, is the best thing that has EVER happened to me.

Another fact about me. I am such a people pleaser it drives me insane! Can't say no to save my life! Get super butt hurt too when I can't people please either. I will literally sulk for days if I can't make it happen!

Have I painted a picture yet? I'm not anything special. I've life barely skating by. Its always paycheck to paycheck and most months, that's still not enough. Funny thing is, I have a degree in cosmetology. You would think having that degree I should be all dolled up. Comes with the territory I guess. You know, always wearing pristine makeup, hair done perfectly. That messy bun has to have bobby pins to have that "true" messy bun look. But me? No way! No makeup all day everyday. Pjs are my life. Wake up ready to go, minus the fact I need to have coffee to actually be ready for the day though.

So why don't I live that life? I don't actually work as a hair stylist. My degree has seemingly become pointless. I'm stuck working as a nanny to my 3 nieces, before that I worked in a daycare. I would love to be a hairstylist, but just hasn't panned out for me yet. I guess I'll get there one day. Maybe. Least that's what everyone tells me anyways.

I apologize for this being so jumpy again. This was the best way to explain who I am. I'm not some role model person. I can barely screw my head on straight most days. I may not even be an ordinary person, I don't even know what that is nowadays though. I've lost touch with society rules and regulations of normal. Out of all this my best advice would be take what life gives you and full throttle it! Don't be me.

Now that you know me, or at least a little bit, I can begin my life story. My true confessions in life. Mistakes learned, or even have yet to learn. All my regrettable decisions. Or best starlight moments. I can only promise one thing that will come out of telling my story. Its going to a twirl and whirl rollercoaster ride story. So be prepared.
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