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Author's Note

Just for my empty reader's.

You can read the actual message that's hidden behind the letters. But the problem is you don't know how to understand it.

You read without knowing the real message of the story and judge the author with some harsh word that she doesn't deserve and say she doesn't have anything creativity of that story and telling that the story is boring.

People, you can judge the author by talking positively. But it's bad to judge the author with saying some harshly.

Saying negative things on me won't make you higher, so be smarter. When your bashing or hating a author. You're already making a story. (Sana ganito, ganyan.) Tsk, you're already using your imagination. If you want to be an author then use your brain.

Author is not the problem but the stupid reader's is.

Don't be empty. Think carefully. You're loud but you're brain is empty. Don't be like that. Change. Louder your brain and heart. Stop your bad mouth. Be quite. Therefore you won't cause any trouble.

I will NOT ask for your negative judgement, so don't waste your time just to bash or saying bad things to me or to my story. Instead, write your own story and judge it by yourself. I won't bother to give you my attention. If no one told you that time is priceless then I'm telling it to you now. Time is priceless.

When you are one of the sufficient intelligent reader's then read my story. I hope we are in the same vibe.

No thank you, No I love you.

And for my non-auto reader's.

I appreciate your time and attention. Quitely. Secretly. Stealthily.

To all of you.

I will always let you recognize me.

Don't forget that..

You will give your time and attention to my story, deliberately.

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