"Her Rocky Nirvana"

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Three months after the accident, Greg finally makes it to the summit of ‘Condor Peak’. For the very first time, he enjoys the breath taking vistas that Amy so accurately described and rightly loved. From his elevated position he, marvels at the sight of a red-tailed hawk; sun glistening from its fanned plumage. Actually being able to gaze down (at the bird of prey) brings the thinnest of smiles across his face. Using all of his senses to absorb the beauty and serenity of Amy’s special place, Greg feels drawn to the base of a large Douglas fir. Circling the tree, he lets his fingers glide across the uneven bark as fallen needles crunch beneath his feet. Stopping on the north side of the conifer, he spots a small piece of metal nailed to its trunk. Attached at near perfect eye-level, is a tiny heart-shaped medallion. And corralled inside the heart: his name resting just above Amy’s--the little surprise up top. Incredibly moved, it takes Greg several minutes to leave the base of that tree. But when he does, he cautiously strides to the peak’s edge. With eyes welling, Greg pulls a silver urn from his backpack. He presses the vessel to his chest and continues to admire the lush valley and wooded mountains. Then, closing his eyes, Greg listens to the wind compose and perform an intimate song. The soothing sound, flowing through the thousands of leafy branches, is very much like those he heard in the forests of Canada and Montana. But the emotions being created today are completely new. He draws in a deep breath, joining nature’s chorus by uttering three words: “we made it”. Moments later he releases Amy’s ashes, watching them entwine with the currents; free to swirl and dance in a brilliant blue sky. Soon the love of his life is floating back toward earth; settling forever across her ‘Rocky Nirvana’.

“And now I’m glad I didn’t know
The way it all would end the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain
But I’d have to miss the dance”

-Garth Brooks

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