Am I lonely?

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It’s about a girl named lani (kay’Lani). Who moved from Florida to South Carolina. And tries to fit in with this new city. But struggle and her mom and two younger siblings. Wondering is she okay? Is she? Is she lonely? Is something wrong with her? Place your bets😉.

Drama / Romance
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Moving day?

[AUGUST 27,] I wake up to my mom yelling. “GET UP” “GET UP” “LANIIII GET UP” with her eyes lit up ugh. “Mom why you yelling and happy?” I ask. “WE ARE MOVING”. The worst words you can hear when you comfortable where you at.. “TO SOUTH CAROLINA” HUH? Mom- repeat it please. “ANOTHER CITY” why- my mom had done it with this one.. my mom black so I don’t say what I wanna say... I start crying my mom ask “why you crying? Don’t start this shit lani! No one care bout ya attitude.. why you gotta act like this...” she storms out then get my 5yo sister and 5 month old brother ready and stuff and I start getting ready crying.. and with an attitude.. My mom already packed everything when I was sleep.. she packed all of it.. my books.. my paint... my clothes.. she sold the furniture.. I mean that explains why everything was missing. I get into the car wait for my mom and siblings. My sister runs to car and says “LANIII WE ARE MOVING HAHAHAHA. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR ATTITUDE HAHAHA” yup my sister annoying.. My brother loves me. I’m his favorite.. he smiles when he see me.. so we all in the car packed.. and my mom start driving... I look at the sunny Saturday sky.. and think ... how will this work? How am I gonna make friends ? It doesn’t add up. Then I act like I’m in a sad movie. I pout then I look all serious like it’s a sad scene I am amazing I need to get hired. Two hours past.. my sister sleep in the middle row in our van, my brother is sleep in his car seat.. and I’m woke.. my mom driving while playing gospel. I start to doze off it’s about 5:47 and we started driving at 12:00 in the morning.. my mom pull up at McDonald’s order me and my sister some McDonald’s I got the famous MCchicken and fries and my sister got a happy meal my brother is drinking his milk and my mom continue to drive. Me and my siblings are sleep and my mom pills up to this beautiful 2 story house.. with an balcony. “Wake up lanii and d’asia” (D’asia my sister). We wake up and get out the car and I- “WOW” I said this house isn’t what I expected it was so pretty and big. As I was about to pick up some of my clothes boxes my mother said “wait!” “Huh mom?” “Come see” she was confusing me? She was gonna show me my empty room? I walk up the spiral stairs and walk in the room she directed me to and she open the door and I CRIED !!! I had thee most beautiful headboard and my room was already decorated! I just needed to put my clothes in my pretty grey sparkly draws. I hugged my mom and jumped on my new tall soft comfy grey bed with my sexy silk throw blanket.. my sister comes sit on my egg chair and my brother in my mother hand. I say “mom? Ho- how long have you planned this?” She said “what I tell about being in grown folks business? lol jk for an year I saved up .. that’s why we couldn’t go to Hershey park.. come see the baby room” I followed my mother into the fossil grey baby boy room. There was white outlines of elephants on the back wall and the window with these white curtains. After we unpack and everything my mom says “get ready for bed. And you have sept 4” I quickly brushed my teeth and mad because sept 4 is only 1 week away. Then I lay in my silk and fluffy blanket. GoodNight.
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