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< Photography is the story I fail to put into words ~ Destin Sparks > Blurb Jasmine Jamieson has always wanted her broken family to return back to how they all were before an unfortunate event happened which changed everything. What happens when she's finally given the opportunity in the form of her Dad's re-election.

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Three months earlier


More specifically anywhere.

Jasmine Jameson stood quietly in the balcony attached to her room, just as the sun rose up she took a picture of the sky with her camera.

She looked at the picture from the screen of her camera and nodded in appreciation, not bad she taught silently, she decided to continue staying in the balcony if though she was already done, she watched the sunrise it was quite beautiful.

After a while the sun rose and she packed everything she brought out to take her picture back into the house.

Being a photographer meant she had to make sacrifices including waking up earlier than the normal person and waiting for hours on end to capture that perfect photo.

Jasmine dropped all the equipments used in taking the picture back into her studio before remembering she left her phone in the balcony.

She headed there and grabbed the phone from one of the fancy couches that was there.

She looked down her hands on the railing and from where she stood all she could see was the millions of acres belonging to her family.

Jasmine was the only one of her 5 sisters that still lived in their home —not as if she thought of it as a home anymore. It was a home when her mom was still alive but when her mom died when Jasmine and her sisters was just 16, it no longer was one and rather became a mansion.

ironically it was always called the J's mansion but once her mom died it really started to live to it's name.

Jasmine sighed before entering into her room and closing the balcony doors.

Somewhere in Europe.
More specifically France

"Ma Cherie go get changed, your shoot will start in 2 hour." Michelle told Jade.

Michelle was Jade's manager and had been ever since she joined the company. Michelle was originally from France and had been quite excited when she found out they were having a shoot in her hometown.

Michelle was a natural brunette with pale features and really long hair not to mention her cool french accent.

"Oui, Michelle." Jade replied not bothering to look at her rather looking down at her long acrylic paint covered nails.

"We don't want you to be late like last time do we?" This time Jade rolled her eyes and didn't even bother replying, last time the reason she was late was because they changed the time of the shoot without informing her.

Jade headed to her room, she had another shoot after this one and if things continued like this it won't be long before she became a supermodel.

She looked at herself in the mirror, her curly black hair and brown eyes stared right back at her, her tanned skin glowed beautifully even with her light makeup.

She removed the coat that was used to cover the red lingerie she was asked to wear letting it drop to the floor.

Meanwhile her assistant Blair pulled out the dress from its hanger as she removed her eyes from the mirror was when she acknowledge Blair.

"Ma'am let me help you wear your dress." Blair asked shyly, she had started working for Jade as soon as she debuted but still felt intimidated by Jade's appeal and grace after all she was a Jamieson.

Jade removed her eyes from the mirror and her red lingerie before turning to look at her dress, she gasped in shock and her eyes turn wide out of surprise, the dress was one of her Mom's favourite dress, it had been custom-made just for her.
"Where did you get this dress?"She asked her assistant when she recovered her shock from seeing the dress in front of her.

"It's the latest Chanel collection designed specifically by Coco Chanel."Her ever dutiful assistant spoke, before looking at her carefully and asking.

"Ma'am are you okay?" She asked.

"Could you excuse me for a moment?" Jade asked needing to be alone her voice sounding shaken.

Her assistant left slightly confused and also slightly concerned, Jade felt stupid how could she had mistaken this dress for her mother's own, she looked at the dress she was supposed to wear it didn't even look the same as her Mom's own the only thing that was the same was the bow other than that it was completely obvious that there were different dresses.

Jade blamed it on seeing her moms photograph, her death anniversary wasn't around the corner, it was still quite far so there was no reason for her to start behaving like this.

Her seeing her Mom's photograph seemed like a perfect reason, the photograph she saw this morning was a picture of her, her Dad, her mom and all her sisters except from Jasmine they all were at their private island, she rembered the day they took that picture they had a lot of fun throughout that day just playing, gossiping and laughing, Jasmine was the one who took the picture, her dad had even cooked that day.

After her mom died she hardly visited their family home staying in their house brought back too much memory, she wondered how jasmine could still live there.

She wished that everything was how it was before her mom died and her mom hadn't actually died but she knew that couldn't happen as real life wasn't a fairy tale.

Somewhere in Africa
More specifically Nigeria.

Janet sat on one of the fancy beach chairs that was placed on the sand in Banana island, she had previously put enough sunscreen on every visible part of her skin including every nook and cranny so she wouldn't get burned by the hot sun of West Africa.

She sat quietly as she watched her boyfriend Ryan as he played a volleyball game with some random men. The couple had randomly picked a country on the map that Ryan had bought specifically for that to celebrate their anniversary.

Janet will admit that she had been rather dissappointed when she had found out that the dart had fell on a random country in Africa, they had expected a romantic county like France where they would have enjoyed their anniversary but the dart had fallen on Nigeria so they had to go, it was a tradition they had started once they started dating four years ago and now one bad pick wouldn't stop it.

Due to the rumours about Africa she had expected to be met with children running around naked, barely dressed women with children on their backs, no toilets and so on, but you should have seen her surprise when they landed in the airport.

They had previously visited Olumo rocks earlier this week and she had loved every second of it, while they were there they had helped a 3 year old who had gotten lost and had even shared dinner with his family.

They had been in Nigeria for the past 2 weeks and it was safe to say she had fallen in love with the country, she dreaded the day she would have to leave.

Her gaze was torn away from Ryan as she heard loud squeals and laughter from the ocean she turned her head and her gaze landed on some kids splashing each other with water, two looked to be twins because of their obvious facial and physical similarities and also the fact that they were dressed similarly, they were adorned in the same clothing and hairstyles, she remembered the time she and her sisters were like that unfortunately life happened and they had drifted apart, it had been Jess that had left first, then Jade then her, she had gotten a good job opportunity and was tired of the tension filled house.

She was broken from her thoughts by felling her body being lifted up, she subconsciously let out a squeal before the scent of a familiar cologne that was always used by her boyfriend reached her nose and she screamed even more loudly already knowing what was going to happen but alas she was still dropped into the water.

Somewhere in Australiais
Specifically Sydney Australia

"And cut." The director yelled loudly.

"We are finally done with the last scene for Taken, a congratulatory dinner will be held at Sydney's best hotel, details will be sent to all of you." The director announced making loud claps to be heard all around from the crew member.

Jamie headed to her room and sat on the chair in the room, she removed the afro wig from her hair and also the wig cap, she watched silently as her black hair fell and landed on her back in thick waves, her thick permed locks immediately framed her face.

She had just finished the last scene on the movie that she has been working on for the last 6 months, The film 'Taken' was about an African American woman who had just arrived in Australia.

It shows her journey from being an ignorant foreigner to finally learning the ways of the Australians, at the ending she actually fitted in and dealt with all her extra baggages which were her ex boyfriend, her coworker and an abusive father..

The film had a lots of twists and turn and it was hilarious as well, once she had even ridden on a real life kangaroo as that was what was in the script.

She had been able to get the role due to her brown skin, out of all her sisters she had the tannest skin taking it from her mother who was an African American.

The thought of her skin also brought about the thoughts of her mother and she found herself missing her.

She had walked in on her boyfriend of a year and her assistant having sex on her penthouse apartment couch last 2 weeks and still wasn't over it.

She had flown him to australia with her since the movie was expected to be filmed for a long time.

The only reason she had been able to continue filming was because the ending of the movie was sad as the main characters heart since it was a tragicomedy had been broken just like hers was.

She had poured her heart out to her best friend demi only for her to confess to having sex with him too and that he had been cheating on her for a while with random girls. In times liked this she wished her sister and her were closer but alas that wasn't the case.

Somewhere in South America

Specifically in Brazil, Brasilia

Jessica or as she now liked to be called Jess watched as the Brazilians danced, she watched the door as they came in, she watched the variety of them just by the way they dressed and behaved she knew why they were there.

The girl wearing a little black dress and sat quietly looking around the club and held the same drink she had ordered an hour ago frantically looking around the club was probably brought there by her friends who had probably disappeared after a few minutes of being with her.

The lone man who also sat on the barstool not too far from where the girl was sat and kept ordering shots upon shots was probably drinking to swallow his pain.

Jess held the foreign drink in her hand, it tasted bittersweet and she smacked her lips before taking another sip, she sipped some more before some accidentally spilled landing on her barely covered boobs and her tattoo on her chest, she took a napkin from the bartender and used it to wipe her body before wiping the tattoo on her chest, it was a bird, it represented her mother's free spirit and her love for them all, her mom was nice and most times did whatever she wanted and it was very hard to change her mind, the only person she ever saw do that was her, the both of them had such a strong connection.

it was her first ever tattoo and she had gotten it a year after her mom died before she had left the house.

Now she had a total of 4 tattoos, all of her tattoos meant something to her, she wasn't one of those people that just got tattoos randomly, her second tattoo started from her shoulder bone and ended a little above her elbow, it was written in Chinese and meant trials are always overcomed.

Another was when her sister Jamie betrayed her, it was located on her wrist.

The last was when she almost drowned at a pool party and was rescuistated .

She looked at the drink in her hand before placing it down on the table and stood up, she suddenly didn't feel like drinking anymore and neither did the thought of a good fuck lift her spirits like it usually did.

Somewhere in a fancy office building

"Are you sure you want to compete?" The assistant asked his boss confused.

"Yes.. if I win the primary election then I would want to go for a re-election." The man replied sitting comfortably on his office chair.

"But boss I just told you i received information from an Intel that Donald Duke is also going for that same post." The assistant told his boss.

The man also the assistant's boss took a sip from his wine before finally speaking. "I know, I have known for a while now."

"And you are sure you still want to go?" The assistant asked again this time his confusion extremely apparent.

"Yes" he said calmly, his assistant felt anger at his bosses calmness this was a big issue unlike the previous times were he always sat down and replied every word so calmly.

"And you are perfectly sure?" The assistant asked again, he had worked with his boss for more than five years and still never understood him.

The man rolled his eyes and was about to open his mouth to scold the man in front of him before he decided not to and nodded, he looked at his assistant and when he saw him open his mouth about to start talking, he quickly spoke up.

"Yes I am perfectly sure, now go and buy that form."

Mr Norton seemed to want to speak but looked at his boss, he looked perfectly calm but he had known him for such a long time tht he noticed he was annoyed, he decided not to test his luck and begrudgingly made his way to the door.

The man seeing his assistant had gone stood up from his chair and walked over to the picture frame on his desk, he gently touched the outline of the woman's face before placing it back and heading over to the window, he looked outside the thirty six floored building and watched the busy road, he watched as pedestrians crossed the street and cars drove by unaware of the man's eyes on them.

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