The Freedom That Paper Gives

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How Percy managed to mess up even more

Later after everyone had gone and Percy was busy clearing up he noticed Marie was still deeply absorbed in her work, whatever that was. He decided to go over to her and tell her they were closing soon, otherwise she would be there all night.

As he went over and his shadow came over her Marie quickly closed her laptop and tried to look like she hadn’t done anything suspicious.

“I just thought I would let you know that we are closing up. You know you can’t use our WiFi to look at explicit content.”

He immediately regretted what he had said yet again as a familiar redness bloomed across Marie’s face as she looked like she wanted to disappear into the wall.

“I... I w-wasn’t, I wasn’t looking at any explicit content.” Marie said as she decided to feign confidence, “I was simply working on a private project that I would rather people don’t see.”

Her eyes were still firmly on her laptop lid as she realised that this only made her seem more suspicious. Both Percy and Marie desperately wanted this conversation to be over, or rather just wanted to be anywhere but here.

“Sorry, you can stay until I close up. I’ll just leave you to your work.” Percy replied, really wishing he never said anything in the first place.

Great, he though as he walked away, that is the second time I’ve embarrassed her today, and for nothing. She is definitely never coming back, which means we have definitely overstocked on hot chocolate. Percy decided to escape to the storeroom to mope in his own embarrassment. When he came out he ad decided that if she ever decided to return he would never speak to her again, so save them both. But when he looked over to her table he found it was empty, with only a note. He didn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed.

“Thank you for letting me stay but I had to run. My night to cook, you know how it is. Please don’t feel bad about today, you were just doing your job. See you tomorrow I guess?- Marie (the girl who wasn’t staring at you.)”

Percy smiled as he put the note in his pocket. At least she was coming back, and now he definitely knew her name.

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