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Did this happen naturally or?

Byron and Kamila were pulling up on the driveway after working all day on their project. They both hated group projects because they were the only ones that did any work, but they did get pizza out of it. It felt like old times and working together on the project made the awkwardness between them disappear, Byron had even given Kamila a hug unprompted. They drove home listening to music from last summer, both silently reminiscing on that time.

Everyone went back home so they only had a week together but they made the most of it, they went to pride, had picnics at the park, everyone came to their end of year art exhibition. On the last day, a little drunk, Kamila had admitted about her crush on Byron, she assured him that she was completely over it but she wanted to tell him. Byron dealt with it well explaining that he didn’t see her in that way and that he didn’t see anyone in that way, that he was glad Kamila could tell him and that he hoped it didn’t change their friendship. Then the next day they all said goodbye and returned home, Kamila to Glasgow to stay with her parents, Byron back to Aosta to be with his family, Marie back to Bath and her dad, Oscar was still living with his mother so he didn’t have to go anywhere, Blake went to Dubai to meet his parents on their yearly holiday (the only time they saw each other) and Georgiana spent the summer with their mums family in Jamaica.

They all still spoke to each other but Byron only spoke to Kamila on the group chat, he didn’t direct message or call her like he said he would. When they all came back things seemed awkward between them, which was made worse as they had agreed to live with Oscar and Marie. Kamila considered swapping with Georgiana but they had already agreed to live with a few of their biochem friends that Kamila didn’t know. Things had slowly been getting better but they weren’t the same, but tonight was the first time that it felt back to normal, and they were both glad to put it all behind them.

Byron and Kamila got out the car and went into the house that was strangely silent, they knew Oscar was out but Marie was home and they assumed Percy was with her. There was a light coming from the living room so they went inside and saw something they didn’t expect to see. Percy and Marie asleep on the sofa cuddling each other.

Both Byron and Kamila shared a pleasantly confused expression as they looked between them back to Marie and Percy. They both had two very different reactions, Byron was in a silent panic while Kamila had her phone out and was taking pictures.

“Kami! What are you doing?” Byron whispered.

“By come on, they look like sleeping puppies. It’s so cute!” Kamila whispered back.

“Marie is going to kill you when she finds out.”

“Oh I know.” Kamila whispered gleefully.

Kamila was almost definitely going to show Marie the photo’s tomorrow.

“So what should we do? Wake them up?” Byron asked.

“Well we don’t want Oscar finding them like this so we can’t leave them asleep. Besides if they wake up it will be even more awkward.” Kamila thought outloud.

Kamila was right, they were both grateful that Oscar hadn’t come home early. If he found them he would immediately get the wrong idea and go into his ‘overprotective best friend mode’. Oscar was even worse when it came to Marie as he saw her a his little sister. And if Marie and Percy woke up it would be extremely awkward. Byron and Kamila in September awkward and they didn’t want to risk loosing Percy from the group.

“How do you think they got like this? Was it natural?” Byron asked innocently.

“What are you talking about?” Kamila replied confused.

“Did they fall asleep cuddling or did they fall asleep and then start?” Byron said, trying to find the best way to word it.

“I’m guessing fell asleep and then started. What does it matter?” Kamila asked.

Kamila knew exactly why it mattered to Byron. Percy represented a potential romantic partner and Byron was strictly against dating within the friend group. He was relieved when whatever was going on between Oscar and Georgiana didn’t pan out into anything. Kamila knew he would freak out if he knew that Oscar and Marie had considered a relationship last year, but it didn’t come to anything as they decided they would be better friends. It was a rule that they all accepted, no dating in the friend group. It was a rule Blake had tried to break with Georgiana, Marie and Kamila (they all turned him down) and it was a rule that Kamila was happy to be broken. Especially as Marie and Percy looked so cute together now. But she knew there was nothing going on between them. For now at least, she thought to herself. Kamila made a note to message Georgiana so they could put together a plan later.

“Perhaps we should wake Percy up and let Marie sleep?” Byron said, snapping Kamila out of her own thoughts.

“We can’t Marie is leaning on top of Percy, by waking him up it will wake her up.” Kamila pointed out.

“Fine.” Byron reluctantly agreed.

Both Kamila and Byron stood there not moving. Kamila looked at Byron and rolled her eyes.

“Well go on then, your her best friend.” Kamila whispered.

Byron knew better than to disagree with Kamila so her went over and delicately shook Marie awake.

“What time is it? What happened?” Marie said.

“Half nine. You fell asleep, you both did.” Byron said indicating to Percy.

Marie was clearly too groggy from being woken up to properly register what happened as she looked between Byron and Percy confused.

“I’m going to go to bed, I didn’t realise I was that tired.” Marie said getting up and heading to her room.

“She’ll realise in a minute, and I want to be there to see it.” Kamila said before following Marie.

Byron then shook Percy awake as well. His reaction was similar to Marie’s which is to say he didn’t really know what was going on.

“What’s happening?” Percy asked.

“You and Marie fell asleep, don’t worry your not the first person she’s fallen asleep on and you won’t be the last.” Byron said.

“Where is she? Is she alright? I didn’t embarrass her did I?”

“No you didn’t embarrass her, she’s still waking up properly. Do you need a lift home?” Byron asked.

“Please.” Percy replied, really not wanting to walk.

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