The Marmoris

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A journey towards a better life, emotions and betrayals.

Drama / Romance
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Grasp my glass

His glass of wine shattered in pieces leaving stains on that grey painted wall as he threw it violently in anger.
This has not been the first time he had done this, In fact its been several times as the wall spoke for this itself, revealing wine stains that might have been there several times before and are dappened by now.
His jaw clenched, hand in fists, both were suddenly relaxed by appearance of a playful grin on his face his expression cold but meaningful his smirk turning into a slight chuckle proving his heart still holds onto something.
He still believed that all water is not lost yet. His bucket can still be filled but this time he needs to fix it. He needs to find where the water is leaking.
" I still can fix it, I hope I can "
he muttered as he pulled out the curtains.

The sun was in the sky shining brighter than any other day. It was 6 o clock in the morning and birds were chirping excitingly as if they already knew the day was going to be a lucky one. Maybe that's the difference between birds and humans, they don't think that deep they just do what they are supposed to do without being worried about simple things they know what they want and are excited about it. I wish we humans behave more like them too we could fly knowing where to go we could start each day as exciting as they do. Staring at the window she thought as she praised the birds freedom. She was always like that like an over admirer of everything that inspires her. She indeed had beauty in her brain which sometimes felt more like a beautiful place for her. Her mind where she could spend hours and hours alone with herself happy and satisfied.

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