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My whole life I have been considered an orphan. Why do you ask?! well, my parents thought only about themselves, so they decided to be selfish. They wanted to live their lives, and so they decided to leave me behind an alley of a diner or so I thought. A lady found me when she heard me crying. This woman took me in as one of her own. I use to have feelings for my best friend but over the years they quickly faded away, What happens when I have my life on the line with cancer? What happens when a new kid moves into town and my best friend gets jealous? Or Harmony's past comes to haunt her.

Drama / Romance
Eli Ramirez
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Chapter 1

Harmony’s Pov

“Is that all you would like to order?” I asked.

“Yes, thank you,”

I worked at a small cafe, and right now I was in front taking people’s orders.

“Your food will be up in a bit,” I said. Since there were no customers ordering, I headed back to the kitchen. My best friend Adrian worked with me. I had started working here first because I had to pay for all my treatments due to having cancer. Adrian at one point went out to look for a job since he didn’t always want to depend on his parents’ money. At the time, one of our cooks quit and I had told Adrian about it. He came and applied, and got the job, so we’ve been working here for almost a year and a half.

I had met Adrian in the 3rd grade, and I think it’s sweet how we met.


I was seven and every 3rd grader was going to the playground to play. While I was walking to the swings, I felt someone shove me to the ground. It was a boy with blond hair and blue eyes, probably one inch taller than me.“You look like a pink bubble gum exploded on you.” He started laughing, while the little kids started gathering to see what was happening.” Now I know why your mommy didn’t want you. You’re a brat.” Every little kid started laughing at me and My eyes began to get watery when suddenly a cute kid, taller than the kid that was bullying me said, “What did you say to her?” The bully stopped laughing “ You heard me.” the bully said. “ Did your parents ever teach you how to be nice to people? You’re hurting her feelings. Or do you not have a mommy to teach you to be nice?” The kid asked. The bully just stood there with his face turning pink, he was pretty embarrassed.“ That’s what I thought. Now apologize to her.” The kid said with confidence. The bully turned to me, not meeting my eyes.” I’m sorry.” I didn’t say anything at the moment I was shocked. After the bully saw that I wasn’t going to say anything, he left.

“Are you ok?” asked the kid. “Yeah, thank you. You didn’t have to do that.” I said while my cheeks turned pink “ it was nothing” The kid said while smiling so big. “ What’s your name?” asked the kid “My name is Harmony.” I said shyly “ I’m Adrain, wanna be friends Harmony?” He asked, smiling. “yeah” I replied with the biggest smile on my face.

**End of flashback**

When I entered the kitchen, my best friend Adrian came up to me. “Aren’t you supposed to be taking orders?” he asked. “Yeah, but there aren’t any customers,” I tell him.” then how are you supposed to know when there will be customers?” he asks. “There’s a bell on the door that dings, and lets us know we have customers,” I tell him. “Oh, makes’ since,” he says.

Adrian has a face that I know too well. When he has to say something, he always raises his eyebrows, it’s pretty funny, he looks weird doing it.

“Spill it,” I tell him.

“Ok, so here’s the thing. We have a game on Friday.” I give him me ‘are you kidding me right now’ face. Adrian's our wide receiver on the football team and he’s really good. Back when we first started high school, he was the only freshman to make it on the varsity team.

He has black curly hair, bright brown eyes, he’s tan and his skin glows. He’s pretty tall, like six feet. He’s pretty attractive, can’t deny that. Adrian always has that confident ooze coming from him anytime you get close to him, you know there’s nothing stopping him, especially during a football game. Adrian is always a goofball though, and it’s hard to believe, but he keeps his grades maintained at an average level.

“Before you say anything, I know going to football games aren't your thing, but hear me out,” he says. I don’t say anything which he takes as a response to keep talking.

“You’re always studying or you’re working. That’s all you basically do, school and work. So I was thinking maybe you should go to Friday’s game, to have fun and live a little.” he does have a point there, I never go out cause I either work or study.

“I don’t know,” I tell him.

“How about we make a deal?” he asks. I nod for him to keep going.

“Go for an hour and if you don’t like it, Isa can take you home, just an hour at least,” he says.

“I still don’t know about this,” I tell him. “Just think about it. You don’t have to give me an answer right now,” he says.

“Ok, I’ll think about it, but don’t get your hopes up,” I tell him, maybe one game won’t hurt. “Plus we have a new kid. He’s our QB and he’s in our grade.”

“I really don’t see the point in you telling me this, he’s probably going to be the same as every other kid,” I tell him. “Nah, I don’t think so, he’s pretty cool, he’ll like you.” I just shake my head at him.

There’s no way he can like me, everyone at school hates me, so it won’t really matter if this new kid hates me, I won’t be surprised, but what’s the point, we graduate next year, so I will never see the people that bully me again.

The bell rings, signaling that there’s a customer. “That’s my cue to leave,” I tell him. “Please think about it,” he says. “I’ll keep it in mind,” I tell him, chuckling to myself at how energetic he is.

My alarm goes off at exactly 6:30. “Could you please turn that thing off?” My brother Collin asks, barging into my room.

I have 2 brothers, Collin and Andrew. Collin is 21 and the oldest brother, he’s in his last year of college. He goes to UCLA and plays football, but as a hobby, he’s the QB. he’s really into business, so he’s studying to be a businessman, he wants to start his own company.

Andrew is my other brother, he’s 19, two years older than me. He’s in his first year of college at Harvard. He’s more like a nerd, but he likes being called a geek, he says there’s a difference between the two, but I think they’re both the same. He is studying technology stuff, but I don’t really know much of it. Both my brothers graduated as valedictorians and there both my role models, they’re both really overprotective, and even though I’m not their biological sister they consider me as If I am. All three of us have a great bond, we have never argued and if we have they would be small arguments but nothing too serious.

I turned off my alarm and I got up and headed to the bathroom that’s right across my room. I did my normal routine which included, brushing my teeth, washing my face, brushing my hair with a comb, and adding some coconut cream to my hair.

I went back to my room and started picking out my outfit for the day. I picked some light blue skinny jeans with rips below midthigh and a plain baby blue shirt, with some black and white vans. I grabbed my bookbag and my phone with some cash and put them in my back pocket, and went down to the kitchen to grab some breakfast before I left.

“Good Morning sweetheart,” my mom said. Rose was the lady that found me behind an alley of a diner and took me home. She has done so much for me and it feels like she has always been my mom. “Good morning,” I said.

“Is Adrian taking you to school this morning?” she asked. “Yeah, he should be here in ten minutes.”

I grabbed the box of cereal and put some in the bowl. Rose and I made small talk before my phone vibrated. I got up and washed my dish and put it in the wrack to dry.“Bye, mom, Adrian texted me saying he was here.” I told her. ”Bye sweetheart, have a great day and tell him I said hey and to drive safely.” I heard my mom say. “Ok, I will.” I told her before I closed the door behind me. I saw Adrian parked in my driveway. He drove a gray Audi A5. He got it for his 18th birthday.

“Morning,” I said when I got in, to Adrian and Isabel. “Morning,” Adrian said, while Isabel mumbled a quick ‘hey’.

“So, have you thought about it, yet,” Adrians asks, backing up from my driveway. “Yes, I did,” I told him. “Well?” he asks. “Yeah, I’ll go for a bit,” I tell him. “Yes, you won’t regret it,” he says pumping his fist in the air. I start laughing at his silliness.

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