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chapter 11

Adrian’s pov

The whole night I couldn’t sleep, after my blow up on Harmony. I had never yelled at her, and I trust her with all my life.

Isabel was probably confused about who she was talking about because I know that she would never lie about Harmony, I think. Isabel isn’t like that at all, she’s sweet, caring, beautiful. I don’t think she would hurt anyone at all.

I’m pretty sure that Harmony is really mad at me because she thinks that I didn’t trust her at all, and I do, literally. I let her cut my hair once because my curls had become too long, and The barbershop wasn’t open so I let her cut it. It was one scary day seriously, but it actually came out good, I think.

I probably got a few hours of sleep maybe five, but the second I woke up, I called Harmony right away. It rang four times before she picked up, “hello” she said sounding a little sleepy.

“Hey, can we talk,” I ask her seriously I wanna make things right between her and me? she’s my best friend. “Hello” She doesn’t anything for a good thirty seconds when I thought that she wasn’t going to answer, I was going to hang up but before I could, she spoke up.

“There’s nothing to talk about right now, Adrian,” she said seriously. I sight because I knew this was going to be difficult. When it comes to Harmony, it’s difficult to get her to be okay with you.

“Please, Harmony. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to blow up on you, I was just being protective, and out of all people, you should know that” I tell her now desperate for her to accept my apology.

“Adrian this isn’t just an ‘i’m sorry’ and we’re fine again, I have been your best friend since third grade, and you not trusting me and also thinking that I said all those mean things, really hurt Adrian. So tell me what there’s to talk about.” she asked me.

“Please Harmony, just hear me out, I’m begging you” I beg her.

“Ok, you can talk to me, where do you want to meet up,” she asks.

“At the little cafe across the mall,” I tell her.

“Ok, but I’ll text you when I can go because I’m busy this morning,” she says. I’m honestly surprised that she said yes because Harmony is a hard person to talk to, trust me. “Shit, I have to go, Adrian,” she says and hangs up. I stare at my phone for a second. What all that about. I just shrug and go back to sleep. This time I end up sleeping quickly since I know I’m going to be talking to Harmony soon.

When I wake up it’s already one. I get up and stretch my limbs. I head towards my bathroom that’s connected to my room. I brush my teeth and get ready for the day. I walk downstairs and make myself some toast and spread it with grape with some orange juice.

“Morning sweetie, I was wondering when you would wake up, you usually wake up around eleven.” my mom says.

“I didn’t get much sleep last night. Harmony and I got into a big argument and it kept me all night because it was all my fault.” I tell her, taking a bite from my toast.

“Oh Adrian, You should know better than that.” she scolds me. “I’m sorry ma’” I tell her. “Are you going to be busy this afternoon?” she asks. “Not really, I mean I’m supposed to meet up with Harmony soon,” I tell her wondering why she’s asking me. “Oh, well today your father and I are having a date night, and our neighbors asked if we could take care of Molly and Henry and I didn’t want to be mean so I told her yes” I know where this conversation is heading towards. “Could you maybe watch them? And if everything goes alright with Harmony, you could ask her to help you out”

I don’t really want to take care of them but my mom and dad deserve a night to themselves. “Yeah sure, no problem. At what time are they coming” I ask her. “Around five, I’ll still be here but we’re leaving at six,” she says. “Ok, I’ll be here before six then,” I tell her. I finish my food and soon enough my dad comes downstairs. “You finally woke up, did your mother tell you already about the kids,” he asks. “Yes dad, she did,” I tell him and head upstairs to get some studying done.

About an hour later I hear my phone ping. I grab it from the bedside and turn it on. Harmony texted me saying. ’Hey, I’m free right now. Meet me in 20 minutes’. I put on my shoes and walk grab my wallet from my nightstand and head downstairs.

Both of my parents are on the couch snuggled up together watching a movie. “Hey mom, I’m going to meet up with Harmony. I’ll be back before six” I tell her. “Ok sweetie, make sure to drive safe, call us if anything happens.” they both say. “I will love you” I call out before heading outside.

I got in my car and started driving. It was a fifteen-minute drive. I found a parking space and turned off the engine. I opened the door to the small cafe. I looked around for Harmony and saw that she wasn’t here yet. I ordered two large caramel ice coffees, with 2 pieces of pumpkin pie. I found a booth to sit on. Not even a minute later my order was brought.

Harmony came through the door looking beautiful as ever. I make sure to tell her that every day to gain confidence in herself. She started looking around the cafe until she found me. She started walking towards me slowly. She reached the table and sat across from me. I handed her her ice coffee and a piece of the pie. “Thank you,” she said. “Welcome” is all I say.

She sips on her coffee and starts taking some bites of her pie. We sit in silence for about five minutes tell I speak up first.

“I’m sorry. I know saying sorry isn’t much, but I really really am sorry. I didn’t mean to say anything means, I regret every word I said to you. You have been my best friend for years and I trust you completely. Theirs no excuse for my behaver. It’s all on me. I can’t lose you at all Harmony. I’ll drop Isabel if you want me to. I’ll do anything for you to forgive me, anything you want. Name it and I’ll do it.” I say.

She picks up her drink and slurps on it for quite a good minute. I’m really nervous right now, my palms are sweating and I feel like my breaths are quite short.

“Anything?” she asks.

“Anything” I confirm.

“Ok, I forgive you but you have to do two things for me,” she says.

“Ok, what is it,” I ask her.

“One, You have to buy me caramel iced coffee every single day for the two months. Two, I don’t know yet” she says looking at me straight in the eyes.

“Deal, but do you forgive me?” I ask her.

She smiles at me. “Yes Adrian, I forgive you, now what do you want to do,” she asks. “I don’t know but I have to be home before six,” I tell her. “Oh, why?” she asks. “I have to babysit Molly and Henry today. Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to come over to help me out.” I ask her. “Yeah sure. I don’t have anything else to do,” she says shrugging.

“Wanna go to the mall,” I ask her. “Yeah sure, I wanna go buy new running shoes,” she says. “Did you come here by bus?” I ask her. “Yeah, I did,” she says. “Oh ok then come on let’s go before it gets late,” I tell her, It’s three already. “Yeah, your right,” she says. We both get up and I put five bucks on the table for a tip. We head towards my car and I open the door for Harmony.

I pull out and drive across the street to the mall. When we enter the mall there’s a lot of people. We head first to Hollister. We both head towards the back where we can find the hoodies. We bought a couple of them Both Harmony and I got a red and black hoodie so we could go matching someday, hopefully. We paid for the hoodies and left the store, we were looking at the different stores when I saw some guys checking Harmony and not in a pretty way. Since Harmony was slightly in front of me, I moved right beside her and laid my arm around her shoulder and sent daggers at the guys. Harmony didn’t do anything to move my arm, because she was used to it. We both felt comfortable doing stuff like that. She can lay on my chest and we both feel comfortable, I even change in front of her sometimes and she doesn’t mind at all.

We shopped for about 2 hours and it was already five. We headed outside and I opened the trunk of my car and we put all our bags inside.

“Hey didn’t you have plans with Isabel today,” she asks. “Yeah, I did, I canceled them,” I tell her. “Oh, well I hope it wasn’t because of me,” she says. “No, I had to apologize to you,” I tell her honestly. At this point, if it means that Isabel breaks up with me then be it. But I can never ever lose my friendship with Harmony, it’s way too important to throw many years of friendship into the trash even for a girlfriend.

“You could have done it some other time. Now I feel bad,” she says putting her hands on her face. “You don’t have to feel bad, it isn’t your fault. Plus it was my choice to start the whole mess,” I tell her and honestly it is my fault, I should have thought about it before I took action.

She looked unsure about it. “Don’t blame yourself. The only one to blame here is me, understood?” I ask her. She just nods and for the rest of the car ride, we listen to what’s playing on the radio.


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