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chapter 13

Elijah’s P.O.V

It’s been a week since my mom, sister and I moved into this small town. We used to live in New Jersey but we had to move due to my mom’s job. My mom is a surgeon that helps people with cancer and she was called from work 2 weeks ago that they were going to transfer her to Tennessee which is where I live now. They told her that there was a patient with cancer that is struggling to pay the medical bills and stuff, I don’t know though.

Adrian is the first friend I made. I was in the hallway looking for the room number I’m supposed to be in when I bump into someone. He started apologizing and I brushed it off. We had a conversation after that. He told me about his friends and I told him about where I used to live and stuff.

He told me how he has a big crush on Isabella, one of his friends. He also told me about his other friend Harmony. How they are really close and she doesn’t really socialize with people, he said if she doesn’t talk to me not to take it in a bad way. He had said that she has had a rough past

The first time I had met Harmony something in me just clicked. I have never felt the way I did. During P.E she had impressed me a lot. she was pretty fast no doubt. But she was beautiful. She had light brown wavy hair. She had light caramel skin color. She was short but it was cute. Her eyes were hazel, anyone could just drown in her eyes. But one thing that I noticed was that her eyes were dull with no spark in them, like they were lifeless. It reminded me of myself about 2 years ago. She had black bags under her eyes. I wonder what happened to her. I didn’t notice I

was staring at her for so long that she turned red and left.

After school I called my mom telling her that I was going to look around town and find a place I can go to for some space. In my old town I used to go to this small cafe close to my house. I would just sit at a table and go through my thoughts. I would forget everything and just think.

I’m actually kinda glad that we moved. My ex-girlfriend had destroyed me. I remember the day we used to hangout and go on dates and I would spoil her, I told myself I was in love with her but I really wasn’t. She manipulated me. I broke off our relationship the day I found her cheating on me with My best friend. I got so mad that I made some wrong decisions and got myself in trouble, I lost myself and I told myself that I needed to put boundaries on my love life, so I did, I haven’t dated anyone in 2 years.

I looked for a while, probably an hour. It was almost 5. I was walking towards my car when I spotted a small cafe called Brew’s little coffee shop across the road. I was curious and hungry so I went to the cafe.

When I came inside, the cafe was cozy, It had lights hanging all around the cafe. Tables on all the sides and in all corners where two love chairs with a small round table in between them. I went up to the cash register and waited patiently for someone to come. After a minute someone came but I was too busy looking at the menu, “welcome to Brew’s little coffee shop, what can I get for you.” I thought I recognized the voice but didn’t really care. “Umm…..i’m kinda new in town, so what would you recommend for me?” I asked. “umm... yes, I would recommend our famous glazed donuts and our caramel iced coffee. It’s my personal favorite but go ahead and choose what you would like.” she had said.

“Sounds good, let me get one of your famous glazed donuts with a medium caramel iced coffee.” I said while grabbing my wallet. ”Okay your total is going to be $5.22. is that gonna be in cash or credit” she asked. “Cash” I replied. I was handing her the cash when I stopped midway. It was Harmony I knew I recognized her voice. I realized I was staring at her, so I quickly gave her the money while she handed me my change. “Your order will be brought to you” she simply says as I walk away.

I stayed at the cafe for an hour. They were really busy, many people came in and out every minute or two. But the only reason I stayed long was to absorb her. I’m not a stalker but she is a hard worker, anyone could tell by just watching her. Many guys came up to her and tried to get her number in a subtle way but she brushed off every guy. She had to force a smile every time someone would order. Sometimes she lays her head down on the counter before someone else comes. Maybe that’s the reason she had black bags under her eyes.

I didn’t stay much longer because my mom called me saying she had to go grocery shopping, so I had to go home to look after my little sister.

“Hey sweetie, how was school?” my mom asked. “It was interesting,” I said remembering Harmony. “You can tell me all about it when I come back ok, I won’t be gone too long though i’ll be back in an 30 minutes.”she said “ok mom, be careful. Call me if you need anything.” I said as she headed outside to her car.

I went upstairs and knocked on my sisters door. “Come in” she said “Hey Bri,” I said. “Big brother! Your back” she said running to hug me. I chuckled at her cuteness. “Yes I am , what are you doing?” I asked. “I’m playing dress up with my dolls, can you play with me please?” she asked “sure” I said. My sister’s only 5, she has my mom’s eyes, like me, their green. She has straight dark brown hair. My mom named her Brianna and my mom struggled a little with us because our dad walked out on us. He had been cheating on my mom and she had found out so he just left and till this day I can’t stand his face.

My mom came back thirty minutes later and we helped her set up the table. When the food was done we sat down and ate, I told her about my day from the beginning.

After we were done with dinner I told my mom to go to sleep and I’ll clean up the kitchen. She goes and tucks in Bri and I’m left cleaning. After i’m done I go straight to my room and take a quick shower. When I’m done I plug in my phone and I get on my bed, I can’t fall asleep yet, so many thoughts run through my mind about Harmony.

After a while, in my own thoughts, I have made it clear that I am determined to find out what happened to Harmony that she sounds so broken. And with that in my mind soon enough darkness takes over my body.

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