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chapter 2

Harmony’s Pov

When Adrian pulled up at school he tried finding a parking lot. All three of us went to bright beginnings high school. It was a pretty big school, I remember Isabel, Adrian, and I getting lost on our first day. The school had three floors, it was made out of bricks. We had a track field and in the middle was the football field. Baseball and tennis had their own fields. We had a practice field for soccer and football.

Every student have their own groups here, and they only hangout with that specific group. We have the Jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, geeks, chess club, track group, emo, and then we have the averages which some people fall into, but seperate groups.

I feel like I belong to the average group. Adrian belongs to the jocks of course, while Isabel belongs to the cheerleading group. I used to be on the track group, but ever since I stopped running I placed myself in the average category. I didn’t talk at all when I was on track, I kept most things to myself.

I think the only reason Adrian and Isabel stick with me its because they know I don’t have any other friends than them. I mean I think that’s kind, but I don’t want to be the one that’s holding them back while hanging out. You know what I mean?

Five minutes later of trying to find a parking spot we finally found one at the very back. We headed towards the building. There were some kids hanging outside leaning against their cars or picnic tables. Every eye’s where on me, but I made sure to keep my head down at all times. People always wonder why Adrian and Isabel hung out with me.

Once we were inside the building, we headed towards my locker. Adrians locker was right beside mine, so it was a win win. He didn’t have to leave until the bell rang.

I put my combination and grabbed my books and some other stuff. I shut my locker and waited for Adrian to finish up in his. “So, do you need a ride for the game on friday?” he asks. “Yeah I kinda do. Could you come pick me up, and help me find something to wear too.” I ask him. “I don’t know, should I” he says. “Oh come on, you know you want to.” I tell him. “You’re right I want to,” he says. Isabel comes up to us and starts talking to Adrian. I have never seen Isabel like a best friend, she’s more like a friend. Adrian met Isabel in our freshman year, when he was practicing outside football one day. She had gone up to him, because her friends were playing truth or dare, and they had dared Isabel to get Adrians number.

All three of us started walking to class, and Adrian and Isa were still talking, I didn’t really know what they were talking about cause everytime they talked they never included me in it. I mean Adrian tried to, but Isa didn’t like it.

Once we got to Adrians class he said. “Later, you guys, I’ll see you next period, Harmony” he said. “K, pay attention in class though.” I told him, he kissed my cheek before he walked into his classroom.

I have AP mathIII first period. I wasn’t bad at math but I wasn’t good either, I always got a decent grade though. I entered my classroom and went straight to the back of the class where I liked to sit, away from everyone.

There were a few kids talking. The teacher walked in and everyone stopped talking. “Good morning class, Could you please take out pieces of paper and something to write on. We are going to be taking notes. Today we are going over Geometry, and I’m going to give you an easy quiz, I’m also grading it right there and handing it back to you.” Mrs. Ramos says.

The teacher pulled up the notes on the board, and I started jotting down notes.

After an hour we were finally done with writing notes. “Ok class, take ten minutes to go over your notes for the quiz.” Mrs.Ramos says.

That’s exactly what I did. For the last ten minutes I tried to memorize every single thing I jotted down and let me tell you it was a lot of writing.

“Ok, put up your notes and get ready to take the quiz. As soon as you get the paper make sure to put down your name, the date and class period.” she says.

I get my paper and put my name, date, and class period. “You may start, when you’re done hand it to me and I’ll grade it right there and I’ll hand it back.”

I skimmed through the quiz and answered all of them in like 4 minutes. Every question had multiple answers, but the last one wasn’t. You had to answer it in your own words.

What are the basics of Geometry? Oh that’s pretty easy. I answered it and wrote it down and I got up and handed it to Mrs.Ramos. I waited for about a minute for her to grade it. “Good job Harmony, I knew you would make a perfect score.” She gave me back my paper and I looked down and saw that I did indeed make a perfect grade. “Thank you” I told her.

I waited for about 30 minutes for everyone to finish, In the meantime I was on my phone messaging with Adrian.

“Ok students everyone is done, and all you did a good job, everyone got above a D, on it.” Mrs.Ramos says. “I want to share an answer with you guys, this student made a perfect grade, but answered the last question, very well. I won’t be saying the name.” she said.

“The last question was, What are the basics of Geometry. We had learned this a few months back in the begging of the unit. Here’s this student answer. ’The basics of geometrical concepts are dependent on three basics. Point, line, and plane. We can’t define the term, but it refers to the mark of the position and has an accurate location’ this student was specific with the answer.” she said.

The bell rang and everyone started packing up their stuff. “Remember to check under modules for any homework.” Mrs. Ramos says, before anyone can exit the room.

Once I was out of the classroom and in the hallway I headed outside to the picnic tables where Adrian and I always meet up. I had sat down on the picnic table and took out my computer and checked if Mrs.Ramos had any homework under models. She hadn’t posted an assignment so I put my computer up.

I was waiting on Adrian, when I saw a guy entering the school building. He looked like he was 17 or 18. I had never seen this guy around, maybe he’s a new student. We rarely get new students because we live in a small town.

“Hey, what are you thinking about” I looked up and found Adrian staring at me with a big grin.

“Nothing,” I told him.”sure, ok” he said while chuckling.”so...Could you help me with something” he asked with a serious face.”Depends, if you’re going to kill someone then, no” I said jokingly.

“What? Why would you say that? Me Never” he said.. “You have a serious face on and you’re never serious.” I said laughing. “Are you going to help me or not?” he asked again, trying to keep a straight face, but failed miserably. “ok, ok i’ll help you.” I said.” What do you even need help with?” I asked “I wanna ask Isabel to be my girlfriend on friday, after the football game in front of everyone.”

I stared at my best friend and a big smile broke out on my face. “ok” I said camly. “ok? why aren’t you freaking out that i’m asking her to be my girlfriend?” he asked confused.

“I have always known you liked Isabel since our freshman year” I said laughing, while his cheeks turned red. “oh”, he said.

“Well, I was thinking if we could hang out this weekend, like we used to.” I asked. “I can’t, I have something planned for Isabel this week, if she says yes.” he says. “Oh, um ok, then.”I say.

We chat for a while until the bell rings, signalling that second period is over. I packed up my stuff and Adrian and I headed towards lunch together.

“Can I come by your house later to talk about the details” Adrian had said.”yeah, sure,” I told him.

We both got in the lunch line. I grabbed a sandwich and a water bottle and paid for my food. We spotted Isabel at our normal table in the back where we usually sit. “Hey isa” I said while sitting down beside her. “Hey harmony” she said while eating her sandwich. “Hey to me too,” said Adrain. “Oops sorry, hey Shrek, I totally forgot about you.” Isabel said. Isabel and Adrian have nicknames for each other, but I don’t cause they didn’t include me in it, well Isabel didn’t.

“hey, that’s not funny,”Adrian said, his cheeks turning pink. Adrian and Isabel spent most of the time talking about stuff, while I just sat there without saying anything.

The bell was about to ring so I headed to go throw my trash. I told Adrian and Isa to go ahead so they don’t have to wait on me and that i’ll catch up with them in a minute.

I was walking to the trash can, when I felt someone shove me onto the ground. I knew exactly who it was, Brittney.

Brittney had Blonde hair and blue eyes. Her face was caked with makeup. She always wore inappropriate clothes. She was captain of the cheer team and she was the most popular girl in school. Also known as the B*. She constantly bullies me.

“Oh look who it is. Miss little orphan.” she said laughing. I just sat there on the ground not saying anything, I knew better than to test her patients. “Oh can you not talk? or did your mommy not teach you how to speak” she said.” oh wait you don’t have one.” she said laughing while walking away.

My eyes became watery not because I was weak, but because I knew that I would never have my real mom. Rose is a great person and she has done so much for me, but sometimes I wanna know how it feels to have my real mom, how things could be different. I would be different, or how people wouldn’t look at me as an orphan. just a regular teenage girl.

I got up and headed to my 4th period, gym.

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