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chapter 3

Harmony’s P.O.V

I went straight to the girls locker room, keeping my head down. I spotted Isabel in the corner of the locker room, ready for gym. “Hey what took you so long?” asked Isabel. “Oh, sorry Mr.Filip stopped me in the hallway to talk about my grades.”i lied, not wanting to tell her the truth and upset her. “ Oh okay” she said, while I started changing into my P.E uniform.

The shorts of our P.E uniform were at mid thigh but most girls raised their shorts higher to get attention. Which is disgusting. I had Brittney in my gym class and she had always had her shorts raised up really high where you could almost see her butt.

We all headed out towards the track field where we were timing how long it would take us to run a mile. I saw the same guy, I saw outside the picnic tables, talking to Adrian. I went up to Adrian While he was talking to the new kid.

“Good afternoon class” our gym teacher Mr.flynn said. “we have a new student joining our class today.” Mr.flynn announced. I saw the guy step up right beside Mr.flynn. He was well built and he was probably 6’ft tall. He had green eyes, brown curly hair, he was light brown skin and he was very attractive.

“could you introduce yourself please?” asked Mr.Flynn. “Sure, Hi, My name’s Elijah Torres, i just moved here about a week ago. I’m 18yrs old so…..yeah that’s all you need to know” he said as he walked back to where he was standing in the beginning. “Ok Elijah, thank you for introducing yourself.” Mr.Flynn said. “Today we’re going to be timing your time to see how fast you can run a mile, so four laps around the track.″ he said. “We’re going to have the guys run first” Mr.Flynn says.

All the guys lined up beside each other on the track. “K, when You guys pass me, hold up the number, lap your on with your fingers...Ready, Go!” he said, and lall guys took off running.

Adrian and Elijah, the new kid were right beside each other running, they were in second place, Adrian wasn’t really trying at all, you could tell. Most guys were holding back.” We waited for 10 minutes before everyone was done.

Adrian came right beside me and put his arm around my shoulder. I didn’t really mind that he was sweaty cause I was already used to it. “You did really good, what was your time.” I ask him. “Babe, you know it, 6 minutes and 24 seconds.” he says. “I told you don’t call me babe. Why did you hold back? You could have done it in like 5 minutes straight.” I tell him ruffling his hair.

“Hey, don’t do that to my hair.” he says, pouting. “It’s already messed up Adri.”

“Girls come up, it’s your turn” Mr.Flynn says. “Good luck babe” Adrian says. “Stop calling me that,” I tell him. I go and stand behind the line. “Ok, girls you know the drill,” the boys did. Ready Go!” He says.

I took off running at a slow pace, I was probably in 3 place. I kept my pace slow. When we came up to Mr.Flynn I raised one finger.

I still kept my pace slow making sure no one passed me. We had about 8 girls in our gym class. When we got to Mr.Flynn again, I raised two fingers this time. This is where I started speeding up my pace at my average pace.

I passed the second person and the first. I was now in first place. I kept my pace at my average level. I was pretty fast then most of the girls here which was a great advantage.

I was still in first place but I was pretty far away from the group of girls now. The girl in second was probably 15 ft away from me. When I passed Mr.Flynn again I raised three fingers.

I did the exercise of controlling my breath. I picked up my pace now, and I was half sprinting, I probably finished the last lap in 15 seconds.

“Good job Harmony, You still got it. Your time was 6 minutes and 30 seconds” he says. I go up to Adrian and sit down on the ground. I grab my water bottle and chug it down. “Damn chill girl, you’re going to choke” Adrian says chuckling. “What was your time?” he asks. “ six m-minutes and th-thirty seconds.” I tell him, trying to calm my breathing. “No way, there’s no way you’re that fast babe.” I groan out loud which I get stares from other people. “Don’t call me that Adi.” I tell him “and yes go ask Mr.Flynn if you want proof.” I tell him. “You’re getting faster everyday harm.” I just shrug at him.

“Oh Harmony this is Elijah, Elijah this is my amazingly cool best friend Harmony” He says intudingcing us. “Hey” I say shyly, giving a short wave. “You’re pretty fast,” he says. “Thanks,” I say.

“I’m still going to your house later to talk about the thing, ok” he said with a hint of excitement but tried to hide it. “Yeah, before we go to my house we can pass by the gas station to get some snacks?.” I ask. “Yeah, we can buy whatever you want,” He says. “K, I’m going to head over to the lockers to change, I’ll see you next period. It was nice meeting you Elijah” I told him. “Likewise” he says.

I headed towards the locker rooms. I’m not sure if I can trust Elijah, It’s kinda hard since everyone in this school hates me. You may say, I have trust issues and maybe I do, when Everyone hates you and has someone you trust backstab you.

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