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Chapter 6

Adrain’s Pov

“Hey Harmony, I forgot to tell you that I have football practice, and I don’t know if you’re going to want to wait.” I tell her rubbing the back of my neck. I honestly meant to tell her during free period but I guess it had slipped my mind.

“Oh it’s ok, I’ll stay, plus, I figured since you guys have a game on friday. I’ll be in the music room if you need me. I’m going to be helping out Mr.Wilson with some paperwork” She says. “Oh ok, I’ll get you when we’re done then” I tell her and I start walking away because I don’t want to be late, or the coach is going to make us do 20 laps of suicides.

I went inside the locker rooms and saw that everyone was already getting ready. “Took you long enough” Daniel said, he’s one of our teammates. “Sorry, I had to tell Harmony we had practice.” I tell him while undressing and putting on my practice close.

“Ouh Harmony, damn she’s hella hot though.” He says and every other guy in the locker room agreed with him. “Shut up, and don’t talk about my best friend like that.” I tell them, kinda annoyed.

I mean they aren’t wrong though, Harmony is pretty, and everyone knows it, but she’s to blind to see it. Harmony has the perfect straight hair that comes just below her breast and her eyes are hazel, and when she gets excited they turn bright like the sun. Let’s not get started about her smile. Everytime she smiles you can see her perfectly white, straight teeth.

Ok, maybe I did have a little crush on Harmony when we were younger, but I like Isabel now, she’s funny, smart, and pretty. I met her in freshman year and throughout the years, I slowly developed a crush for her, I mean who wouldn’t.

“Stop daydreaming about Harmony” Daniel says.

“Oh shut up, I was daydreaming about Isabel” I told them and gave them a quick wink before heading out towards the football field.

“Ok, I see everyone’s out and ready to practice.” Our coach says. “Let’s start with 2 laps around the track. go” he says.

We did two laps around the field and then we started doing some throwing drills. “Keep up the good work” coach would say sometimes, or he would say “keep pushing were almost there, think about winning this friday’s game”

After an hour of practice we headed towards the locker rooms to shower and change. This week our coach didn’t want us to get too worked up before the game so we only practice an hour and for this week.

I was actually glad that I had convinced Harmony to go to Friday’s game. Harmony isn’t like many girls who like to go to football games or hangout with friends, or even go partying. No, Harmony was very different, she would stay at home and read books, do homework or she would try to get some extra hours at work, she was a stay at home person.

I always admired Harmony, she was always the light in my dark days. Any time I would be upset, she would stop what she was doing and she would come comfort me. She never asked anything of my personal business, because she knows that I will tell her, If I want her to know. I personally think that everyone needs a Harmony in their life.

After I’m done taking a quick shower and changing, I head towards the music room to tell her that we’re done for practice today.

I was inching closer to the music room. I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard someone singing, and It was Harmony. I would recognize her voice anywhere. Although, I didn’t know Harmony could sing.

I edged closer to the room, the door was ajar, and I didn’t want her to see me, so I stood right beside the door, just listening to her sing. She had a beautiful voice, she would sing any high note. But her voice made me concerned, she sounded hurt, wounded, lost, and lonely. And I knew why.

I knew what happened to her a few years back, and it was dramatising. I would hold her at night, sometimes holding her in my arms, till she falls asleep. Or she would call me in the middle of the night and we would talk for hours till one of us fell asleep.

I can’t fully understand her pain, or what she went through, but She hasn’t gotten over the incident from a few years ago, and anyone in her position would be scared, maybe paranoid.

I honestly love Harmony with all my heart, we both have been through difficult times, and no one can ever share what we have. Never in our lives had Harmony and I had a big argument. Harmony is sweet, sweeter than candy. She always thinks about other people first.

Harmony doesn’t trust many people, and I completely understand why. She used to be all active and she used to talk to everyone, everyone admired her, but all things must come to an end right?

As she slowly ended the song I heard her sniffle a little. I came into the room, but she didn’t see me come in since she had her back facing towards me.

I don’t want her to get mad because I was spying on her, I wasn’t technically spying on her, but I don’t know how she will handle it, So I quickly turn around and go down the hall. When I’m close to the doors that lead outside to the football field I quickly turned directions and headed towards the music room, so it seems that I was just coming in from outside.

But before I got the chance to make it far I came face to face with Harmony. “Oh hey, I was about to come get you um….I forgot where you were so I kinda got lost, whoops my bad”. I say trying to calm my nerves. I don’t want her to know I heard her sing. Sometimes it’s better to keep some things to yourself.

“I told you, I was in the music room, Why are you acting strange.” she asked, I was freaking out from the inside, come up with something Adrian. “I’m not you are” wow, what was that, I think she thinks i’m crazy right now.

I try to change the subject quickly before she asks another question, “were you crying” I ask her. “ I yawned and my eyes got watery, if you know what I mean” she says, but obviously I don’t believe her lie, cause I knew why she was crying, but surely I wasn’t going to tell her that.

“Yeah ok, let’s go” I say and she follows me out to my car and I take her to the gas station like she asked.

A couple of minutes later I pulled up at the gas station, And parked on the number seven and cut off the engine.

“I’ll pay if you want me too” Harmony says. “No it’s ok, I’ll do it.” I tell her, I don’t want her to pay my gas, I just don’t think it’s right. “Nope, I said I’ll pay, i’ll be right back.” she says. And she left before I could argue with her.

I watched her as she went inside and up to the counter to pay. I walked over to my car and opened the fuel filler and grabbed the fuel nozzle and started pumping gas.

One it was done I put the fuel nozzle back and closed the filter. I lean against my car watching Harmony grab all the snacks she needs.

She examines each item carefully. There’s this one thing that she does when she’s always concentrated, she furrows her eyebrows together. She picks stuff by stuff, slowly taking her time.

I still remember the first time I met Harmony. She was wearing all pink that day, pink shirt, pink jeans, pink shoes, and even a pink bow. Gavin was a kid in our grade in the meantime, he was the biggest jerk in third grade. He was pickling on her, because he knew that Harmony didn’t have real parents, he had overheard the teachers talking about it. So he used this to an advantage to pick on her. I was glad I was there to witness him push her.

No guy should ever touch a girl if they are trying to harm them. It doesn’t matter if they’re shoving or pushing none of that. A guy should have respect towards a woman/girl. I was furious that day, I wanted to push him down, and make him cry, but I didn’t cause I didn’t want to get into trouble and get my mom upset even though it was a good reason.

The only reason why people don’t like her at school is because of Brittney. I honestly don’t know what happened to their friendship. They used to be best friends and all but Brittney turned her back on her and told everyone that she didn’t have parents and she was an orphan. And that’s where everything came crashing down like a tsunami.

I warned all the guys from the football team that she was off limits. I didn’t want Harmony to get hurt again. All the guys are jerks though. They sleep around and then drop the girl the next day and never talk to them. Harmony doesn’t need that, right now, nor tomorrow or the next week, or like never. She deserves better.

I watch as she goes up to the counter to pay for all her stuff. The woman at the counter tells her something cause she turns around to look at me, Weird.

I get back in my car since she’s walking this way. Once she’s in I turn and face her, she’s a little bit flushed, her face is all red. “You ok” I ask her. ’Um…yeah, sorry it was a little hot in there” she says. “Mhm” I tell her not believing her lie, but I don’t push it because I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.

20 minutes later and were in Harmony’s room.

“Ok do you have any idea of how I can ask her friday?” I ask her.

“No not really. You?” she asks.

“I was Kinda thinking about doing a dance for her before the game started and you know have the cheerleaders walk by her and hold up a sign that says. ‘WILL YOU BE MY GIRlFRIEND’” I tell her. She looked at me with her face scrunched up.

“Absolutely not,” she says. “This has to be something special that she has to remember for her entire life.” she says.

Before I could stop myself from asking, the words were already out. “Ok, think about it this way, what’s your idea of someone asking you to be their girlfriend.”

She smiles at me and starts speaking. “When the guy asks me, I want it to be special. I want them to ask me to hangout with them and do a picnic and talk all night until the sky is dark and you can only see the stars. Then he can ask me while we watch the stars above us.” she says still smiling, like she’s imagining it.

Honestly I don’t know what to say to that, cause that’s really romantic, I honestly didn’t expect this from harmony, cause she isn’t the type of ‘romantic’ person.

“oh, that’s cute, let’s keep thinking” I tell her. “Yeah” she says.

It’s been a while now and we still haven’t come up with anything. I was laying on her bed singing Rudolph the rednosed reindeer. “Shut up, you’re hurting my ears, plus it’s not Christmas, so why are you singing Rudolph the rednosed reindeer?” she asks.

“Because it’s never too early to have christmas spirit.” I tell her.

“Whatever” she says and I just chuckle silently.

Out of nowhere she starts yelling. “Oh I got it.” she says jumping up and down like a 5 year old. “You should ask her during the football game. Like when half time comes, the football players say they have an important announcement to make and start saying nice and special stuff about her, as you’re done, the guys turn around each of them have a letter spelling out ‘Isa will you be my girlfriend’ and the cheerleaders would cheer on!” she says in one breath.

I look at her amazud on her idea. “I love that idea, we’re going to set it up after school tomorrow so you have to stay afterwards” he said. “Mk, I will.” she says.

I look at my phone and see it’s almost time for me to go to work. “K I have o go home see ya at work Harm.” I tell her. “K, bye loser.” she hollers at me when I close the door. I walked out of her house and in her driveway. I get into my car and drive towards my house to change for work.

When I get home I shower real quick and change into my uniform. “Are you leaving already?” my mom asks. “Yeah, sorry mom. I love you, I get out a little bit early today” I tell her. “It’s ok honey, I’m proud of you for being independent.” she says. I kiss her cheek and head out the door.

I back out the driveway and head to work.

It’s been thirty minutes and the restaurant has calmed down a bit, and there aren’t people flooding the place. I was talking to Alex, when I heard Harmony’s voice. “Hey Adri” she says.

“Hey babe” I tell her just to annoy her. She gronas and says “not again” I just burst out laughing.

“Hey Harmony,” Alex says.

“sup Alex” she says.

“How’s your treatment going, do you need anything else cause you know i’ll help you, all you have to do is ask.” he says. “It’s going great but no it’s ok, thank you though Alex.” she tells him.

“Harmony, go take orders in the front register.” our boss tells Harmony. “Yes ma’am” she responds and puts on an apron and heads towards the register.

I don’t see Harmony for the rest of the night until it’s time to go home. I walk over to her. “Hey Harm are you going to need a ride home?” I ask. “No, I’m going to walk. It’s only a fifteen minte walk” she says. “Plus you need to go gra the supplies we need for tomorrow.” she says taking off her apron and putting her hoodie back on. “Oh ok, yeah I do well see ya tomorrow. Text me when you’re home ok?” I tell her, and give her a kiss on the cheek. “Mk, I will.” she says as she leaves the coffee shop.

I head out to my own car and put on my seatbelt. I drove towards the inside the store. I grabbed 21 posters and some parkers glitter and other stuff to decorate the signs.

I paid and got into my car. Once in my car I heard a quick ‘ding’. I took out my phone and saw that Harmony texted me saying she was already home. I sent a quick reply and drove home.

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