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chapter 7


“STOP” I screamed, as he smashed my head against the wall. “NO you listen to me didn’t I warn you last time B*tch. You almost got me caught.” he said still beating me. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, please stop,” I screamed.

He grabbed a vase and smashed it in my head. I felt liquid coming down from my face and I started seeing black dots until I slowly fell into darkness, but before I fell into darkness, the last thing I heard was “you’ll never escape me i’ll always know where you are.”

“AHH” I got up quickly looking around trying to catch my breath. I had sweat coming down my face and tears coming down. It’s ok he’s in jail he can’t get you, calm down Harmony. I touched the back of my head where the scar was.

Collin and Andrew both barged in my room panicked. “What’s wrong, are you ok?” They asked worried. “Yeah, sorry to wake you up, just another nightmare.” I said not trying to meet their eyes.

“Are you sure, do you need to go see your therapist again?” both of my brothers said. “No it’s ok i’m fine really.” I said.

After what happened last year I had to take some therapy lessons. My therapist Mrs.Austin was really patient with me but remebering the event, is torture for me. After the event that occured last year. I can’t ever trust another guy than Adrian. All guys are the same, they want you so they can play with you and drop you. They are selfish and only care about themself, their cold hearted.

“I’m fine, it’s ok I promise. If I keep having nightmares I’ll tell you guys and I’ll start seeing Mrs.Austin again.” They both looked at me like they don’t trust me. “I promise,” I said. “And you know when I promise something, I always give you my word..” I tell them and they both nod finally believing me.

I looked at my clock and saw I only had an hour to get ready. “Ok, I have to get ready for school, now can you guys leave?” I said. “Fine” they said as both of them left my room. I went to the bathroom to do my normal routine and when I was done I went to my closet to pick out my outfit.

Since it was cold outside I settled on light washed blue jeans with a white tank top and an oversized light brown cardigan with some uggs.

After I was done, I headed downstairs to eat some breakfast. “Hey sweetie” my mom said

“Morning mom, Oh I forgot. Can I stay for the football game? Adrian’s planning on to ask Isabel to be his girlfriend” I asked. “Yeah sweetie just make sure to text me” she said. “K, I will. see you Later, Adrian’s outside.” I said while grabbing a beagle “ok sweetie have a great day, Love you” she hollered “love you more” I said heading to Adrian’s car. I had forgotten to ask Rose if I could go to the football game after I told Adrian I was going.

We arrived at school and Adrian found a parking spot. Wel got off and headed to our lockers. “Hey, I have to go talk to the coach about something.” Adrian said. “ Mk” I said and he turned around and left.

I headed towards the building but before I could go inside, I heard my name being called. I turn around and see Isabel heading towards me, which is weird cause she barely talks to me.

“Hey can I talk to you about something?”she asked.

“Yeah, what’s up?” I said smiling

“Look, I like Adrian and I need you to like back off a little, ok” she says.

“Um...look I don’t wanna sound rude, but he’s my best friend and you can’t change that. I understand that you like him, but that has nothing to do with me, ok. That’s your personal business.” I tell her slightly annoyed.

I left her standing there and went inside to grab my books from my locker. I didn’t have to go to my first period today or any of my classes, because I was excused. Since It’s Friday and I miss two days of school next week, I need to work on my work for next week. I’m ahead of my class, so it isn’t a problem with catching up with the rest of my work.

The first time that I was missing school for my appointments I was really behind and I was in my freshman year at the time, I complained about it to my mom and she went to speak with the principal. After their little chat the principal and teachers decided to come up with a plan.

Basically, since I had my appointments every other two weeks, I would work a whole day (which were Fridays) in the library for the two days I would miss. The day before Friday I would collect all the work from my teachers, so on Friday morning when I got to school I would be able to go straight to the library and start working.

I honestly love Fridays because I don’t have to run into Brittney or any of her minions. Which I am thankful for many days.

It was the end of the day and I had to stay cause I had to help Adrian set up. I headed towards the guys locker rooms so I could wait for Adrian and ask him if he had explained everything to the guys and cheerleaders not including Brittnay and her minions.

When I was walking to the guys locker room Someone ran past me and bumped into me which made me lose my balance. I knew that I would hit the ground and land on my face. I was waiting for the impact to come but I felt someone grab me by the waist to steady me before I fell. I looked up to see who had caught me. It was Elijah. As soon as I saw him my whole face turned red

“Oh um...thank you” I said while taking a step back. “Your welcome, I was coming out of the guys locker room and I spotted you. I was going to come talk to you but I saw someone bump into you and I quickly caught you before you fell on your face.” he said grinning. My face turned into a darker shade of red if that was even possible.

“Oh, You came to watch the game,” I asked, changing the subject.

“Oh, no i’m actually their quarterback.” he says

“oh i’m sorry i didn’t know, i mean it’s not like it looks like you can’t play at all I didn’t mean it in a bad way…” I said just ramballing. He started laughing which caught my attention and made me shut up. My face was red again.

“It’s ok no worries, but I better get back before the coach starts yelling at me. Can I talk to you after the game, because we need to settle about the assignment” He asked.

“Yeah, I was actually wanting to talk to you about that as well.” I told him.

“Ok, then it’s settled, we’ll talk after the game,”he said.

“Good luck” I could out before he jogged back into the guys locker room.

Why does this kid have such an effect towards me? Now I really have to stay away from him, but how since I have to work on a project with him. I just have to be careful on how I act towards him and pick my words and actions carefully. I have to keep myself closed off. I’m already slowly healing again.

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