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chapter 8

Harmony’s Pov

I headed towards the bleachers to find good seats to watch the game. I got seats in the front row close to where the football coach was. Bridgewood high school our rivals were out on half of the field stretching. All guys from bridgewood are arrogant jerks, basically rich kids that think they’re all that.

Our team wasn’t out yet. Coach usually gives them a pep talk to boost them up. I had to use the bathroom, so I put my stuff down on the bleachers so people would know this sport was taken.

When I entered the girls bathroom I knew I should have waited but I guess i’m just dumb. Brittney and her minions were in front of the mirror doing their makeup. “What are you doing here wh*re, I don’t see any point of you wearing makeup since you’ll still look ugly.” She said with her icy tone.

I remembered when Brittney and I used to be friends. We used to live right beside each other. We would have sleepovers and we would tell each other secrets. I still remember her darkest secret and I haven’t told anyone. She blabbered out my secret though. She told everyone that my mom left me. When her dad started getting paid more than rose, they moved into a rich home and she became spoiled and after that she befriended me all because we didn’t have money like she did, I was just another poor person.

“Look let me get this straight to the point. I don’t want you near Elijah, he’s mine. Don’t take him from me like you took everything else from me. You b*itch” she shoved me and slapped me. I fell on the ground and she kicked me really hard. I could already feel the bruise forming on my cheek.

I quickly got up and used the bathroom, washed my hands and left. The boys were already outside and the referee blew his whistle signaling that the captains of each team had to come forward to do the coin flip on who has the ball first. Eventually our team won the flip coin so we had the ball first. As soon as the game started I dozed off. What got me really thinking was when Brittnay had said that I took everything from her, but what could she mean by that. Obviously I can’t stay away from him since he’s my partner for the project.

We were at halftime and we’re winning 38 to 30. Wait Halftime, omg i totally forgot. I ran out to find Adrian. I spotted Adrian with the rest of the team and I headed over to him.

“Adrian are you going to do it?! Are you ready? Is everything set up?” I asked him a lot of questions, really excited. “Hold your horses and yeah duh who do you think i am.” i just looked at him like ‘your for real right now’..

“Oh shut up and yeah i’m about to do it so go and sit” he said, he seemed a little annoyed with me which confused me a little but I didn’t put much thought into it and did as I was told.

The lights went out for a few minutes and then back on. Adrian stood there in the middle of the football field and spoke.

“Sorry about the lights but I have an important announcement to make so here me out.” he said

“There’s this one special girl out on the field cheering for us right now and she is one special girl to me, I would do anything for her. When it comes to her I’m always so soft. This girl is smart, beautiful, caring, and she first caught my eye when when she asked me for my number in our freshman year.” The cheerleaders come out and hold up their signs which say ‘will you be my girlfriend’.

“Isabell Gonzales, will you be my girlfriend?” he asks.

I heard a gasp come out from Isabella who’s standing on the track looking straight at Adrian. She had a really big smile. she walked up to him and spoke on the microphone “Yeah, yes, yes.” she said.

As I watched my best friends in love I knew they would last and maybe someday I will find love if I’m lucky enough.

The game had gone smooth. We won 40 to 30. We were all coming out from the stadium to meet up with Adrian. I spotted Adrian and Elijah leaning on Adrian’s car “Hey, you guys played good.” I said .

“Thank You harmony. What happened to your cheek? You have a big purple bruise” Elijah asked, I didn’t want to tell him the truth because I didn’t want to ruin the moment.

“I just tripped. I’m really clumsy sometimes.” I tell him.

“Mhm” Elijah said, obviously not believing my lie.

“Hey, you ok” I ask Adrian. He hasn’t said a word at all to me. “Yeah” he answers pissed. Elijah walks away giving us space to talk. “Why are you mad, you guys won the game.” I told him.

He nods again not paying attention to me. “Did I do something to piss you off?” I ask him, getting furious with him. “You know what you did,” he says coldly. “What did I do, I don’t even know what you’re talking about.” I tell him.

“Oh stop with the act, Isabel told me what you told her.” he says. I pause for a minute confused. “What did she tell you” I ask him. “She told me that you were being rude to her and saying to stay away from me because supposedly I dislike her and that I would alway pick you instead of her.” he says.

I stand there dumbfounded. I never thought Isabell would say something like this. “I didn’t say that to her at all, she’s lying to you. She came to tell me she liked you in the morning, and told me to back off of you. And I told her that you were my best friend and that I just couldn’t back off.” I tell him the truth. He scoffs. “Yeah right” he says.

Now I get mad at him and yell. “When have I ever betrayed you or made you doubt that you couldn’t trust me, huh? Do you really think I would do that to you. Do you really believe I would try to hurt someone when I’m going through that? Huh. tell me Adrian, Do you”

“I’m… um i-its not..” he tries to say, but I cut him off. “No, don’t even think about it. I’m leaving and don’t even bother calling me or coming to my house.” I told him.

“Are we all going to the dinner” Elijah says coming towards us. “Yeah he’s going, i’m heading home, Could we talk another day.” I tell him. “Yeah of course, you ok.” he asks. “Yeah, just tired.” I tell him.

I turn around and start walking to my house. A few minutes pass by before I hear a car behind me. I quicken my footsteps, but not in time, a car comes to my side and starts driving slow beside me. The person rolls the windows down slowly.

“Hop in, I’ll take you home.” I turn around to see Elijah driving. “It’s ok, you don’t have to.” I told him. “Get in, it’s super cold outside,” he says. It is cold outside. I walk over to the other side of the car and get in and strap my seatbelt on me.

I told him my address and he put it in his GPS. We were in a very uncomfortable awkward silence. Until he spoke up

“So what really happened to your cheek?” he asked, looking at me and then the road again. “um….idk what youre talking about” I said laughing nervously. “Ok now I know you’re lying to me, so just tell me the truth please” he said pleading with puppy eyes.

“fine um...some girl named Brittney slapped me and she kinda kicked me but I’m used to it now, so it’s not a big deal” I said

“That is a big deal. You should stand up for yourself, don’t do it because I told you. Do it for yourself. Be confident, it doesn’t matter what happened in the past that she bullies you. Show her that she doesn’t affect you in any way.” I just sat there looking out the window not saying anything as I let the words sink into my brain.

I finally spoke. “I guess you’re right, thankyou” I said

“You can always count on me,″ he said winking, I just burst out laughing at his attempt at being funny.

“Hey, I was thinking maybe we could meet tomorrow in the morning to start on our project?” he asks. “Yeah that would be great actually. You can send me the time and all.” I tell him. I get out a piece of paper and write down my number, and hand it to him.

He pulled up in my driveway and I said a quick thank you. I was about to go in when he yelled back at me “see you tomorrow don’t forget about the project” he said “I won’t” I hollered back smiling.

I went to my room and I changed into my PJ and headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I was done I got on my bed and turned on my phone. There was a message that was just sent to me.

Elijah - does elven sound okay

Harmony - yeah, that’s perfect.

Elijah - ok then, Night cupcake ;)

Harmoney - that’s not my name.

Elijah - now it is :’)

Harmony - i’m too tired to argue. Night loser.

Elijah - Night.

I plugged in my phone and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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