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chapter 9

Elijah´s P.O.V

Today is a big day. We have a football game against Bridgewood High school. What I have heard was that their school Is hard to beat, but they pulled through last year. Anyways, we were doing our normal stretches when we saw that our rivals had arrived. Andrew and I headed towards the equipment room to get a cooler and fill it up with cold water for our rivals team.

we dropped off the cooler and headed to the bench where the rest of our team was. I had spotted Harmony, but noticed that she had a bruise forming in her left cheek. “Elijah get your head in the game” coach had said, bringing me back. “Yes, coach,” I said.

“come on guys, get a good start for our first football game.” coach says. “ok let’s go quarterback. You call out the plays. I don’t want to see you guys lacking.” he said. “YES COACH.”

We all ran down to the field. The referee had blown out the whistle so the captains could do the coin flip. When Andrew and I went down the field. “When I flip this coin you guys call out heads or tails.” he said. He flipped the coin and I called out tails, while the other team had called heads. Our rivals had the ball first. “ok what are you guys doing first.” the referee asked. “we will start with a kick off.” Jackson had said he was the quarterback off his team.

We went back to where our teammates were and we told them they were starting with kick offs.

We had about 10 minutes before the game started. We were all gathered together talking. I looked up where Harmony was sitting. You could tell she was dozed off. Her brows were furrowed and she had a straight thin line on her lips. She must be thinking about something serious.

Harmony is beautiful. Her Hazel eyes were amazing. Every time I look at them, I can’t look aways it’s like I was stuck. Her brown wavy hair flowed in the air it looked so soft. Her caramel skin was bright like the sun, It looked so smooth. Her pink plump lips looked so kissable. I would die for them.

The feeling of Harmony´s lips against mine. “Elijah, Elijah, Hello You there?” Adrain brought me back to reality. “Um...what were you saying” I asked. “do you want to go out to eat later with Harmony, Isabel and I?″ He said. I would have said no because i’m really not a person to hang out with, but since Harmony´s going then I will.”Yeah, sure.” I said. “Ok, and I see you looking at Harmony. She’s off limits. understand?” He said. “Um...yeah.” I tell him.

“ok let’s do our spirit hand thingy.” the coach said. We all put our hands in the middle and counted to three. “1...2...3… Go Bright beginnings” we all said in unison. All headed towards the football fields and into our positions. And we began to play.


It was finally half time and we were winning. 38-30. We were all on the benches, when Harmony came up to Adrian. ¨“Adrian are you going to do it?! Are you ready? Is everything set up?” She asked, really excited. I was confused on what she was saying and Ready for what?.

“Hold your horses and yeah duh who do you think i am.” Adrian said, a little annoyed with her. Harmony gave him that look that says ´you for real right now´

“oh shut up and yeah i’m about to do it so go and sit down make sure she doesn’t go anywhere.” he said a little annoyed with her.

“Ok see ya and I will” She said and she ran back to her seat.

I was about to ask what she was talking about when the lights dimmed and Adrian wasn’t right beside me anymore. When the lights brightened, Adrian was in the middle of football fields.

“Sorry about the lights but I have an important announcement to make so here me out.” he said

“There’s this one special girl out on the field cheering for us right now and she is one special girl to me, I would do anything for her. When it comes to her I’m always so soft. This girl is smart, beautiful, caring, and she first caught my eye when she asked me for my number in our freshman year.” The cheerleaders come out and hold up their signs which say ‘will you be my girlfriend’.

“Isabell Gonzales, will you be my girlfriend?”. Everyone started looking at Isabella. She had the biggest smile on her face.

“Yeah, yes, yes” she said. Adrian kissed her. I turned back to look at Harmony and she had the biggest smile and I knew she was happy for them. Harmony had a look of jealousy but not the bad kind. Harmony wanted something like that. She didn’t show it but I knew right away.

When half time was over we went back to the game. Bridgewood team was lacking off really bad so they were easy to beat. We won 40-30. We headed out to Adrian’s car. We were talking when Harmony had popped out of nowhere.

“Hey, you guys played well,” she said. “Thank you Harmon. What happened to your cheek? You have a big purple bruise” I asked.

‘I just tripped, I’m really clumsy, ’ she says.

“Mhm” I say not believing her lie.

“Hey, you ok” Harmony asks Adrian. “Yeah” he answers but he sounds a bit pissed. I walk away so I can give them space to talk to cause I don’t want to interfere in their business.

It looked like they were in a very heated conversation because it looked like Adrian was screaming at her.

Harmony stood stunned for a bit, until she gained her sense back. She ends up yelling at him this time, but you can’t really hear what she’s saying. Adrian scoffs and I guess that hits a nerve cause Harmony is full on yelling.

“When have I ever betrayed you or made you doubt that you couldn’t trust me, huh? Do you really think I would do that to you. Do you really believe I would try to hurt someone when i’m going through that? Huh, tell me Adrian, Do you?”

I adrian tries to say something but Harmony cuts him off. I walk up to them, before anything else can happen. “Are we all going to dinner” I ask them.

“”Yeah he’s going, i’m heading home, could we talk another day” she tells me. Smile at her and say. “Yeah of course, you ok”

“Yeah just tired,” she says. And it does look like she’s tired. Her eyes are look like they could close any minute now.

She turns around and starts walking away. I take my gaze off of her and look at Adrian.”really” is all I can ask him. “” he tries to tell me, but I cut him off. “Save it, if a relationship of 1 hour long is more important than a 9 year friendship, that I don’t want to hear it.” I tell him and walk away.

I remember Harmony had come with Adrian so how in the world is she going home. I think for a few minutes until it hits me, she’s walking home. Gosh dang it cold outside.

I quickly run to my car and drive off to find Harmony. Five minutes into trying to find her. I spot her walking slowly on the sidewalk with her head down, and her arms wrapped around her

I pull up beside her and roll down my window. “Hop in, I’ll take you home,” I tell her. She turns around and looks at me. She stops so I end up stopping with her. “It’s ok, you don’t have to” she says. Can’t this girl be any more stubborn. “Het in, it’s super cold outside” I tell her. She walks over to the passenger side and gets in.

She tell me her address and I put it into my GPS and started driving. We were in an uncomfortable silence for a while. I couldn’t take it anymore so I asked her the first thing that comes to my mind.

“So what really happened to your cheek?” I ask her, taking a quick glance at the big purple bruise that is formed on her cheek. “um….Idk what you’re talking about” she says laughing nervously. “Ok now i know you’re lying to me, so just tell me the truth please” i tell her trying for puppy eyes.

“Fine um… some girl named Brittney slapped me and she kinda kicked me but i’m used to it now, so it’s not a big deal” she says.

What the fudge, how can someone be so mean to her. She’s really kind. “That is a big deal. You should stand up for yourself, don’t do it because I told you. Do it for yourself. Be confident, it doesn’t matter what happened in the past that she bullies you. Show her that she doesn’t affect you in any way.” I told her.

She sits there letting the words I just told her sink in. “I guess you’re right, thankyou” she says after a while.

“You can always count on me” I tell her, winking at her. She bursts out laughing at my attempt of being funny.

“Ey, I was thinking maybe we could meet tomorrow in the morning to start on our project?” I tell her..”Yeah that would be great actually. You can send me the time and all” she says. She takes out a piece of paper and a pin. She writes something on it. And hands it to me. I look down really quick, and see she gave me her number.

I pull up in her drive way and she says a quick thankyou before getting off. Before she had time to go back in. i holler at her. “See you tomorrow don’t forget about the project”

“I won’t” she hollered back with a big bright smile on her face. For the rest of the night, I drive back to my house, while listening to music.

When I got home, I took a shower, brushed my teeth and after that, I got under my blanket. I couldn’t stop thinking about Harmony, so I ended up texting her.

Elijah - does elven sound good!

Harmony - Yeah that’s perfect.

Elijah - ok then, Night cupcake ;)

Harmoney - that’s not my name.

Elijah - now it is :’)

Harmony - i’m too tired to argue. Night loser.

Elijah - Night.

I plugged in my phone and fell asleep thinking about Harmony.

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