To Be Devoured

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told from the perspectives of the world's finest, an epic worthy of the gods begins to bloom, and with it, a war that will bring both governments and elitists to their knees. this is not a petty game played by the upper east siders of new york; this is the political revolution of the ancient, old-world empires that will wreak havoc upon their own creations, end with the exposure of virtues that are washed away with vices beyond the public's comprehension.

Drama / Romance
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scene i

― disclaimer: lowercase intentional.

there's husbandry in heaven; their candles are all out.

heed the warning
of this poor king!
death is the only outcome
of this ravenous plague;
three ravens toil to
marry saturn's heir
while the dear dove
begins to sin

i fear that this
is merely the beginning
of their grand undoing,
a coup d'état brought
by a loving hand
can only bring
hela's wrath;
and a traitor's reign
will end upon the guillotine.


young aurora bellucci-alejandre did did not know her life was destined to be bathed in blood. daughter of the pratical prince of spain and the late princess of italy, her birth united the two houses, making sure that no quarrel would suffice to divide the two into a feud; it is said that when she smiles, even aphrodite blushes at her beauty.

alessandra bellucci does not know how the girl got so lucky. so she stares enviously at aurora, whose palms are flattened against the wall as her personal attendant, lisette, tugs on her corset.

"tighter!" aurora commands, though her demand is released in a wheeze of breath. her hair, a dark cinnamon, hangs around her rosy face in straight tresses that fall to her waist. lips pinker than fresh blooms part to ask alessandra, "how do i look?" when she finally waves lisette out of the room.

the dress she wears is a deep vermillion that cinches her waist and flows out under her, as if she has commanded pools of blood to her bidding; the butterscotch of her skin peeks out amongst the silk and is illuminated by the dying embers of light pouring in through the balcony door.

beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear, alessandra thinks. she wishes to cry, mio dio, how ugly! but instead sweetly says, "beautiful as always, rora. no one at your madre's house will not be able to hold a candle to you."

her cousin's mouth curls. "i don't quite understand why we must attend the meeting. there's little to do while discussing familial affairs, and nothing interesting ever takes place."

"do not say these things," alessandra warns, "you are heir to the alejandre throne and kin of the bellucci king; sixteen summers have passed, dear cousin. you must establish your rule, before it is too late. many wish to deceive you and rob you of your crown."

"will you protect me from them, alessandra?" aurora tilts her head, eyes brazen. "with you at my side, the stars would not dare to treat me with bitter disdain."

"of course," she promises, a smile sweeter than a spring flower gracing her lips as a serpent writhes and tightens around her heart in victory. "i will do everything in my power to make sure no harm befalls you." this, alessandra knows, is not a lie.

because unlike any outside threat, she is the one with the hand that will wield the mighty sword of aurora's undoing.
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