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An Intro

If you're reading this, welcome to Fixate.

This book was formerly titled "The Tie."

So, why the name change? Well, this is my first baby and the first time I wrote it, it was an inspired idea that I couldn't get out of my head. Now that I'm making all the edits, I felt that the book needed a bit more extra things.

To my readers that have completed this book, thank you! And to my new readers, thank you for giving my book a chance and thank you too.

The changes I made to the book are not major, but to prepare you I did change character names and appearances. I wanted to go deeper into the consequences of what happens with my characters and to make this book homier. I wanted to add my South African flair to it and I hope you can enjoy that!

As mentioned in one of my updates, I will be publishing a few chapters on Wattpad, but early access will be on Patreon. The book was meant to go up yesterday, but things happened and I will announce when it's published.

Thank you for your continued support. I will add the link to my Patreon in my bio!

So, let's dale!

❗Disclaimer ❗

This book will have mature scenes, strong language, themes of abuse, mental health and angst.
💙 Go out to victims of abuse and everyone with a mental illness. ❤️

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