The Tie (bwwm)

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A tie was left behind... He used it to his advantage And all she could do was live to regret her actions; try to make things right.

Drama / Other
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Week 1: Day 1

Monica stood by the sink, looking out the kitchen window lost in thought. She wondered about her business and how she was going to handle everything.

Her glance fell on her ring finger and a small smile graced her lips. Monica snapped out of her thoughts and continued preparing breakfast for her husband.

She heard his foot steps as her husband came into the kitchen. Monica started plating the food while he was looking around the kitchen.

"Babe, have you seen my car keys? I don't remember where I last put them."

Monica rolled eyes. It was an almost every day thing. He would come back from work and just throw the keys carelessly around the house and then when morning comes, he would be in a hurry and not remember where he put his keys.

"I told you James to keep track of where you put your keys." Monica said as she slowly walked to the sitting room. "You can't constantly have me looking for your shit."

"It's not like you do anything, so you can't be mad when I ask you to help look for my keys." James shrugged, taking a bite out of the toast he took on the plate, while looking for the keys around the kitchen.

'Did he really just say that?' Monica bit on her tounge. 'Calm down' she took a deep breath and walked out of the sitting room.

"I have a life you know." Monica muttered under breath. "And you would know where I place your car keys if you listened. I always put them on the table next to the TV stand.

James sheepishly smiled as Monica dangled the keys in his face. "I didn't mean it like that and I forgot about...that."

"When don't you?" Monica frowned, dropping the keys in his palms.

James held Monica's hand, stopping her from walking away. He leaned down, giving her a peck on the lips.

"I'm sorry babe. I know that your going handling a lot, and I didn't mean it like that. I just enjoy that your home now and are taking care of me."

Monica nodded. "I get it, but please stop being this damsel in distress. What will you do when I go back to work, because I can't constantly take care of you."

"I know." James wrapped his arms around her waist. "But that is why I married you. Because among other things, you take care of me."

Monica stared into his soft, chocolate brown eyes and smiled.

"I love you." James said, kissing her.

"I love you too." Monica replied. James narrowed his eyebrows a bit, thankful that his wife didn't notice as she walked away from him.

"Come, eat up! The food is almost cold."

James looked at his watch and cringed. "If I stay to eat then I will be late for work."

"It's fine, I will save some for Mr Robert when he comes by to clean the yard."

James nodded, grabbing a peach and walking out. "Bye!"

Monica waved. She sat down and started eating her breakfast, while scrolling through her phone.

A few seconds later, James burst through the door, scaring his wife.

"Shit James! I almost choked!" Monica said in fright as her hand moved up to her chest.

"Sorry! I forgot to ask you to help me with my tie."

Monica lightly laughed walking up to him.

"I can't believe you! 28 years old and you still can't tie your own tie." Monica said fixing it for him.

"And I can't believe that you still diss me every morning for that when I ask you to do it for me." James smirked.

She shook her head. "All done! Now go before you clock in late!" Monica watched as James walked out.

"My damsel in distress." Monica lightly smiled.

She loved James, but sometimes he could get annoying. It comes with being maried though. You take it and learn to love it.

Monica and James have been married for two years and known each other for one. Sometimes she wondered how she ended up being married, but she had to remind herself that she fell in love.

She went to go shower, preparing for the day ahead.


"Sissy!" Monica looked down in embarrassment when every one in the restaurant turned to look in their direction.

"Geez! Attract unwanted eyes will you." Monica sat down at the table with her little sister.

"Does it look like I care?" Donna rolled her eyes. "I am happy to see my sister and if I want to make noise about it, I WILL!"

Monica slowly shrunk into her seat at the nasty looks they got because of the increasing volume in Donna's voice.

"Whatever, look let's just get down to business-"

"Yes! Speaking of business. So I met this hot, fine chocolate brother last night at the club and mhm...he got me got me all kinds of wet and warm."

Monica shook her head at her sister. Typical of Donna to never take things seriously.

"How is you meeting some man at a club, business? When don't your panties ever drop, just because a man waved at you?" Monica scoffed as her sister waved her off.

"Look sis, you're married. I need a hunk of my own too and if it means that I will find him falling out of clubs every other weekend, then so be it."

"Don't forget to use protection is all I am going to say." Monica shrugged. "Now can we seriously talk."

"Yes mom." Donna stuck her tongue out at her older sister. "But I want to know first, how are you and hottie doing?

Monica smiled thinking about James.

"Ohh! See!" Donna laughed. "I have you blushing just talking about your man."

"Duh! I would blush." Monica smiled. "But please, can we have a serious conversation and talk about my man later."

"Fine. Just tell him I miss him." Donna wiggled her eyebrows, making her older sister laugh.

"The bakery." Monica sighed, getting to the point.

"You talk to James?" Donna asked. She groaned when she saw Monica hesitate. "You didn't! I can't believe you-"

"I can't ask James!"

"Why not? The man is successful. He's one of the best architects at that company-"

"And I want to do it alone. I don't need his money, It's too much of a bother."

"Listen, I get that you want to be all independent and have a 50/50 marriage, but sometimes it needs to be 90/10. Nic he's your husband and and he loves you. Let him support you."

Monica sighed. She didn't want to include James in her financial strife.

That's why when her bakery burned down, she didn't have the heart to tell him that the money she had would not cover half of the repairs. She even lied to him about the insurance saying that they will be paying for the damages.

"I want him to stay out of it. Plus it's your fault that we're stuck. If you had filled the insurance forms on time, we would have begun with the repairs.

"It was an honest mistake Monica! I didn't know that 8 months into opening the bakery that it would go down in flames."

Donna felt for her sister when the shop burnt down. She watched how Nic worked so hard to have the bakery and when it caught on fire, she saw how it broke her.

And guilt ran even deeper when they found out she forgot to apply for the insurance on time. But who knew that the bakery would have went in smokes months later.

"You take hurried measures when you run a business because nothing is certain." Monica huffed. "Look, I am frustrated and asking my husband for money is a no no. I will figure something out."

Donna shrugged. "I say ask James. And don't beat yourself up up. Your 25 years old, not 60. You still have enough time to rebuild everything."

"I will see what I can do. I need more money to cover the renovations. It's eating me up, having to stay home and do nothing; constantly beating myself for not having enough money."

"It will work out." Donna said, holding Monica's hands in hers.

"Enough about the bakery. Now tell me about the hot guy you met."

Monica listened to Donna as she animatedly went on about the guy she met. Inside she was worrying about the costs of fixing the bakery and if it will ever see the light of day again.

All she could do was hope for a miracle.

This is one of my first books I have written. It is also on Wattpad but I decided to also put on Inkitt. It is completed, so I'll be making updates quickly.

Please read and comment! I'd love to hear the CONSTRUCTIVE criticism! Any mean comments will be blocked!
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