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Chapter 7

Life is nothing but a notorious barking.

He paid his debt to the society by mumbling while my fests were whisking out his face. His jaws whistling has resembled into a magnificent opera into my ears. I’ve never slugged anybody that way ever before.

You’ve chose that path, dear wacko.

It was a quiet neighbourhood. It was a quiet alley. It was a quiet night. Only damn cats which freaked away, letting the tones on bins volatilising with his squealing .

He was fully outgoing, with woefully gestures on his face and eye looks. His submission was hulling my fury into new horizons.

Kill. Kill. Kill.

“You can’t harm me by this” He thorny said while punches are eating up his face.

Have a good wholesome supper, dear wacko. Come to your gracious papa.

“You are hurting yourself this way”.

Grumbles finally came up.

You had a great whimsical sense of humor, dear wacko.

“Don’t be such a moron”.

I felt no guilt ridden. Who is stupid enough to talk like this when he’s being beaten up like that?!

I’ll whittle you to small pieces, dear wacko.

I caught a whiff of his blood gushing the air around. Am dancing like a dervish. gulping in the fresh night air. Euphoria is dancing as graceful maids encircled me. They are smiling. They are laughing. they are singing. Hovering in a blaze of divine light. Music came from nowhere. Rhythm after rhythm, tone after another.

A lovely pointed kick to his groin. A slight groan came up. Perfect.

Kill. Kill. Kill.

They are dancing. They are laughing. They are singing.

He fell onto the asphalt. I jumped on him. three more punches. His teeth are swimming in the air.

The most gory movie of all times “Slaughtering the Motherfucker”.

I’ll gorging you with hits, dear wacko.

“You know am right. You know a...”

Perfect hit.

stop being grouchy like a fucken sissy.

Kill. Kill. Kill.

They are dancing. They are laughing. They are singing.

He’s drooling blood on the asphalt.

It’s a wild goose chase, dear wacko. You chose the wrong guy.

It was the moment.

Scissors were hurtling down his chest. Over and over again.

His chest. His stomach. His neck. His eyes. His arms. His elbows

Kill. Kill. Kill.

They are pushing. They are stabbing. They are slaying.

His blood is escaping from the collapsing body. It making a fantastic vibrant lake goes wider within every second passes. His eyes gone glassy. The music has reached its highest picks then stopped in a gorgeous finale. Millions of divine maids’ laughs have been sung in the air before they smoothly vanish. Then it was the silence. A complete solitude.

I ended him up. I stood up with a triumphant grin. strolling along the alley, lighting up a cigarette, I felt redemption, like a pigeon has flock its wings at last, flustering the mother earth eventually. I turned around and stared to his resting corpse blasting smokes away. Both of us has earned tranquility now, you wacko. I leaned to the wall behind me, closed my eyes, then a deep exhale was let out my chest. I stayed still until I felt warmth was holding me. I opened my eyes. I found fire tongues were cracking the earth rapidly and mercilessly towards the corps. It scorched into it to deliver one joyful flare, dragging shine into the dead body once more. It has vaguely moved. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The hand was slightly vibrated then really moved with its arm. I saw him smoothly standing in a glimpse. I saw his smirk, his hideous face, his eyes hideous sparkling. The cigarette fell off my fingers.

“I’ve told you am right.” He said in deep cold voice “I’ve told you you are hurting yourself”.

Thus the fire maids came, not as divine but as doomed. I can see their faces glowing with that inferno onto their eyes. I can see the blood on their lips and their teeth. Growling is ascending. It pulsed in a rhythm. It’s growing higher and higher.

I ran.

I ran with all the will I could have. I ran with all the fear I have. I ran while his savage laugh hunts me.

Buildings are melting before my eyes.

Red is concealing the view slowly.

I ran.

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