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Number One Student|| NJ ff

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"You're here to please me. Not your little friends." I'm Leila James, the true definition of a teachers pet, what else is there to say for this lame description. disclaimer: contains smut, harsh language, and degradation 6/28/20 (wattpad)

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

[Leila James]

Everyone's phones are going off in class, including mine. I ignore it, already having an idea as to what it's about due to the gasp, laughs, and whispered gossip going around. I can see and feel people's eyes on me as they stare at their phones. The curiosity finally gets to me, I take out my phone and check the message I just received forty-five seconds ago.

Of course as expected, it's a video of me having sex with a boy last night. And he is in this very class.

I look back and see him fumbling with his phone, but it's too late. The minor damage is already done. I knew I shouldn't have let him record us, but the poor young man wanted to know what it's like to be with a woman in bed and wanted to watch his first time on video.

Honestly, I'm not too surprised nor do I care much. This isn't the first time a sex tape of mine has been leaked. I expected these reactions but I also anticipated that everyone would be used to it by now.

I am one of the senior class sluts, and I like it. The attention turns me on, like as of right now.

I wiggle my hips trying to get some friction between my amazing pussy and this hard ass chair. People are still talking and watching the video as I expected. I was pretty good, I made the noob look like he was actually doing something. But what I didn't expect is for my teacher to get the video as well.

I won't lie to myself, I do actually care about what Mr. Kim thinks about me, just a little bit. I don't like him or anything, it's just....an adult thing I guess, you know?

Mr. Kim is a tall, handsome man with luscious honey brown hair. His jawline is always sharp, and his body stays fit, you can tell through this form fitting clothes. He's wearing a black button up shirt and black slacks and a black tie. Color coordinating much?

Mr. Kim is also a serious butt-wipe, but students love him somehow. The students feed off his comebacks, but of course students only find it funny because he's not talking to them. Mr. Kim is such a lame teacher, I will never understand why students love him so much.

I can tell he is watching the video because he is way too into his phone. Also his volume is low, but not low enough. I can hear my beautiful moans, especially since I'm sitting in front of the class.

I'm an attention seeking whore, of course I need to sit in the front. DUH!

That lame teacher of ours loosens his tie from around his neck, clearing his throat before forcing his attention back on the class. "Alright class, everyone off their phones! Ms. James! I'll be seeing you after class, even get your parents on the phone if I can." He turns around facing the board. I roll my eyes. This whack teacher of mine is ruining the little amount of pleasure I had going on between my thighs.

I stop my subtle movement and cross my arms before speaking. "No you won't." Mr. Kim turns around slowly, dropping the chalk on his desk, breaking it into three small, uneven pieces. I'd be lying if his facial expression didn't intimidate me a little bit, but I won't let my emotions leak across my face like he is. "Excuse me? Repeat that." He's so serious. Oh my gosh!

"I said you won't be seeing me after class. Class is over in fifteen minutes and I want to go to lunch and eat. I refuse to be stuck in a room with you. You don't run shit over here." Mr. Kim pokes the inside of his cheek with his tongue, before walking up to my desk with his arms folded. His veins are prominent on his arms since his sleeves are folded.

"You're in my class now you little runt, so I do run shit." He looks down at me.

Mr. Kim is one of the few teachers, students do actually like, so the students let him get away with cussing. The students eat it up, especially when it's teacher versus student.

My eyebrows crash together as those words leave his mouth. It's not the cussing that got to me, it's the fact that this chicken of a teacher actually decided to talk to me like that, in front of the class!

"We'll see about that." I cock my head. Mr. Kim nods his head in a maniacal way before returning to his own desk.


The bell finally rings, and just like I said, I'm not staying. I don't rush because I'm no punk, in fact, I take my sweet time. I take my time just in case Mr. Pussy wants to say something else. He sometimes says slick shit when the student he is talking about isn't listening, but the rest of class hears it and they laugh their asses off.

As I make my way to the door slowly, I lock eyes with Mr. Kim and I stop walking. I step out of the way of other students as I walk towards my teacher who meets me halfway.

Mr. Kim looks over my head, poking this inner cheek with tongue once more before letting our eyes meet. I grab my book bags straps harder as I hear the door slam behind me. The door automatically slams if you don't stop it, but this just means everyone else left and I failed what I claimed I wouldn't do earlier.

I stayed.

"I see you showed him what I taught you," Mr. Kim looks at me through hooded eyes as he wiggles his phone from left to right. I cross my arms, nodding my head, holding a cocky smile on my face.

"Quite the little stunt you pulled there earlier also, huh?" Mr. steps closer to me, shoving his hands into his front pockets, match the same dumb look on my face.

"Well it would have been better if your acting wasn't so trash." I place my hands on my hip. Mr. Kim steps forward once again, pressing himself up against my chest. I can't help but smile, but quickly realize and straight-face him again.

I can feel the sensual tension rising in the air. The air itself seems thicker than before.

Mr. Kim places his hand on my waist, pressing our bodies together even more. "Since you still haven't learned how I run this shit," he whirls his finger in a circle. "Let me show you." I roll my eyes in annoyance. I'm not in the mood.

"Alright," I bit my lip, as I dropped my bag on the floor.

Even when I'm not in the mood for Mr. Kim's phenomenal dick, he somehow gets me in the mood for it. I can feel myself throbbing already.

I feel Mr. Kim's arms snaking around my waist and lower back. He connects our foreheads together, and I see him licking his lips. I can feel him pushing me backwards, causing me to step back. He keeps doing this until I finally ask. "What are you doing?"

Mr. Kim detaches his head from mine, a cocky smirk plastered across his face. "I'm locking the door," Mr. Kim smiles devilishly as one of his hands leaves my body. I hear the door lock behind me, not even realizing I'm smashed between Mr. Kim and the door.

"Ready?" I nod. "Jump."

I place my hands on Mr. Kim's shoulders and jump, wrapping my legs around his waist. "Ohhh~ You're hard." Mr. Kim bits his lip and nods his head tauntingly.


My back slams against Mr. Kim's desk, resulting in making my freed breast jiggle. "I need you," I pant, while squirming from Mr. Kim's touch.

There are pros and cons with having a fling with Mr. Kim compared to some of his students. One major pro is that Mr. Kim doesn't always give me what I want and how I want it. In fact he does it better than what I want. Unlike the amateur students I sleep with, they give me what I want but never exceed my expectations. But that's also a con for Mr. Kim, he and I both don't like being told no, so when he tells me no I don't show up for our next sessions or I don't pleasure him like I know I can. If he's lucky, I just cut our session short.

"Next time, what are you going to do in my english class?" Mr. Kim pounds his fingers deeper into me. I get a few moans out before answering. "L-listen, listen. I'll listen." I speak fast, needing to feel his slinger of a dick inside of me. I choke on my own spit as I feel his fingers curl up inside of me. "Now apologize," I can hear him growl. "I'm sorry!" I whine. "Shut the hell up." Mr. Kim says through gritted teeth.

"You don't even deserve to feel my dick all inside of you. You shouldn't get rewarded, you're just a naughty little girl. You know who should be rewarded for good behavior? Huh?" I don't answer. I don't wanna hear. He's always comparing me to her.

Mr. Kim starts to pick up his speed. "Say it!" I shake my head. "No," I groan. "Fine-"
"No, don't you say her name!" I place my hands on Mr. Kim's exposed stomach. "Park Hyun-Mi, that's who." I sit up, ignoring his fingers that are still inside of me. "Don't you say her name," I growl. "Then next time be a good girl," Mr. Kim smiles cockily. I huff before looking away. "Good girl!" Mr. Kim smiles, knowing that's my way of giving in. He kisses my lips, making me arch my back as his dick has found its way inside of me, catching me off guard.

I love Mr. Kim's cock. The other students are amateurs and Mr. Kim knows how to please and when I say fulfill, I mean he fulfills me.

Mr. Kim and I have been hooking up for a month now. We are only two months into the school year.

I guess Mr. Kim must have heard about my foul-play and wanted in on the action. I quickly caught onto the signals Mr. Kim was giving me, sense I have been hoeing around since tenth grade. I never asked him how he heard about me, but I do know girls go to him to tell all the tea, so I assume that's how he found out.

Most people don't take a first look at me and see how sinful I truly am behind closed doors until other people tell them so. Even so, they still don't believe it until they see proof. I have a duality that can truly deceive people.

"Mr. Kim, I need all of you...please..." I've had sex with Mr. Kim enough times to know when he's giving me all of him and when he's not, and right now....he's not. I can feel him giving me one extra inch. "Namjoon!" I let the name slip out. I arch my back and moan out loud as I feel him thrust into me, giving me him completely.

Mr. Kim loves it when I say his name, it's my secret weapon. However it's his triggering alert. But out in public, he told me to never say it since it can get him in a lot of trouble. This time it doesn't feel like he's mad, it felt like he enjoyed it. I buried my head into his neck as he hit my g-spot.

"You're such a good slut. I bet you take anybody's dick you can get your hands on, don't you?" I clench around his moving member, loving the degradation. "Yes," I moan. That's actually not true, I'm can be picky when I want to, I'm just too into the mood. "You're such a cock hungry whore."

"I should fuck some sense into you, shouldn't I?" Mr. Kim pushes harder into me, making me nibble on the skin to his collarbone. "Biting? Release or no dick for two weeks." I whimper before letting go of his succulent skin. I lay back on the desk, only to have my knees being pin against my shoulders.

"F-fuckk!" My try to moan out, but it comes out as a vibration sound. "Oh yeah, so much better than the previous position." I tighten my walls around Mr. Kim as I feel myself reaching my high. Sadly for me, Mr. Kim knows how to hold out on his load that I don't feel coming anytime soon.


Mr. Kim and I continued to fuck practically our whole lunch period. Mr. Kim made me come three times, while he only came twice.

Mr. Kim is still a lame though. I hate him, but I love what he does to me.

Sometimes I wish he would fuck me senseless right in front of the other students to let these little boys know how to really fuck a woman up.

That boy sending out that video had only minor damage compared to the critical damage Mr. Kim is causing to my lower half.


This is one of the many few ideas I had for a book and it's going to be just a book I can update kind of whenever on, but not i'm going every other month posting if you know what I mean. So any updates will be kind of slow...maybe (knowing me, I might make it into a main book/focus of mine). I just wanted to get this idea out and out of the way.

I hope you like it! Please go check out my other books I have posted thus far.
✨The Lookout and Strangers Don't Do✨
Yes I did plug in my other books, and? so what?😂

also...what's up with me writing these weird smuts in the first chapter.😂

also, also...sorry if the smut was weak😅i'll do better🤞🏽💙

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