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Chapter 10

[Students' Pet]

Making it to the final floor of the basement, all I see is a red oven mitt on the floor. The basement's main interior is still grey, along with the grey furniture, and the room appears to be clean in the first half. There's another section of the basement and I can see a light on, on that side. I see the light, I'm just too tired to continue walking.

I swiftly turn around, hitting him in the face with my hair. "What? I don't see what's the problem," I give him an irritable tone. "Just keeping going," he tries to push me from behind. "NO!" This behavior of his is getting annoying. He's been refusing to tell me what's wrong since I got here. "Just tell me!" This time Beomgyu rolls his eyes before stomping closer to me.

He takes me by surprise when he wraps his arm around my stomach and around the front of my lower thighs, carrying me by his side as he heads to the other section of the basement that I had refused to head to become I'm just, oh, so lazy.

"There!" he still holds onto me. If I must say, is a very odd position to hold someone up in the air. I feel like a battering-ram.

On the other half of the basement, there's Beomgyu's mother fashion equipment along with a manikin with a silver dress attached to it.

"Again. What's the problem?" I shrug, mid air. "This demon of a cat is the problem!" Beomgyu gets so mad and frustrated that he can't help but run both of his hands through his hair. You know what that means?


This motherfucker dropped me!

"OOWwww! Ahhh," he dropped me on my stomach and chest, causing me to feel totally winded and in pain. I roll over on my back and cross my arms over my chest, trying to find a way to deal with the pain. Beomgyu realizes what he's done and rushes to my aid.

"Do you want me to hold them for you?" his hands hesitantly reach towards my chest.

"No! Get away from me!" I shut my eyes tight trying to think of anything that will relieve the pain. Food? Sleep? Shopping? Music? Mr. Kim?

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Mr. Kim coming to my aid sounds good to me. I know he would tell me to take off my shirt so he could inspect them, then rub them, until he begins to suck on my boobs to relieve the strain. Yes~ that sounds nice.

Within a minute or so, I find the pain slowly decreasing, turning into a subtle ache. Feeling a bit better, I stand on my two feet and try to focus on Beomgyu's issue again.

"So when did you guys get a cat? I thought your mom didn't allow pets in her house?" I noticed Beomgyu putting space between us, which is good, because I could totally sock him right now. Who the fuck does he think he is, dropping me like that?

"We didn't, I found it last night and brought it in. It was just laying there by the bushes between me and our neighbors lawn. It was meowing like crazy, so I assumed it was starving and I brought it in."

The cat is laying on a big black wooden table, clustered with junk all over it. The cat had red and white fur, and it looks a little chunky. Could be the fur though, but who really knows besides the cat.

"So you brought it down here? What's the big deal? it's just chilling," I shoulder shrug, but all B does is shake his head and rush back to the other section of the basement before reappearing, but this time with that oven mitt. "Whats-"
"This stupid cat messed up my moms dressed." He flaps the mitt towards the cat. "Hey! That's not a scratching post!" He throws the mitt at the cat as it tries to reach for the dress as it's right by the table. The oven mitt just barely misses the cat, but it still jumps away from the dress a bit.

"What did it do? The dress looks fine," I put one arm under my breast for some time of support. "Go look behind the dress. The tail-thing is all messed up." I look at B clasp into his own lap on the floor. Okay...

I walk behind the dress and it does look bad. The dress has holes in it, the back of the dress' fabric is all teared up, along with the pretty jewels. Beomgyu's mom is a professional fashion designer and she does dresses seasonally early. Like as of right now, she is making commissioned prom dresses on the side. I know this, because she offered to make mines for a discount, but I told her no because I don't wanna go to that shit. Sounds like a headache.

"That is bad...but the hell does this have to do with me?" Beomgyu lifts his head and I'm disgusted by the sight. He has a huge snot bubble swelling from his nose. "Eww! Calm down! It can't be that serious right? She can just change the back or something, somehow right?"

B shrugs, avoiding words. "The problem is, I brought a cat into the house without my mom's permission and then the dang thing ruined her work. SHE'S GOING TO KILL ME!" B sits up, letting his arms lazily lay on the ground, giving it the illusion that they're long.

"She's a nice woman, chill," I awkwardly laughed to lighten the mood. "Yeah! To you!" I clench my hands at the tone of his voice. "Stop yelling at me!" I shout back. I realize what I'm doing and calm myself. I don't really like yelling, I like to appear calm and collected.

"Could you take the cat?" He gives me puppy eyes.

"Huh?! What? No, no, no. Nope." I shake my hands side-to-side as a 'no' so he gets the message. "Please?" he lightly sniffles. "Look, it even likes you," I look to my left and see the cat at the edge of the table, analyzing me. "That thing played me. It let me pet and hold him when I first brought it in, even bathe it. Then when I wake up and check on it, it's hissing at me. Which is why I had an oven mitt, well two, I don't know where the other one went."

I slowly go to pet the orange cat and it appears that it wants me to. As soon as I pass my hand through it's fur it starts to lean in for more, before it eventually begins to purr. I'm not much of a cat person, but it is cute.

"Okay....only for a few days. Nothing official." I point towards him. "Doesn't matter to me. It's your responsibility now. Just get it out of here, I can't pick it up and I'm scared to chase it out." Beomgyu begins to lighten up, his skin looks more vibrant, earlier it looked a bit pale.

"So what are you going to do about the dress?" I reluctantly go to pick up the cat and bring it into my arms, where it quickly gets comfy. "I don't know yet. I'm going to take a shower to relax my mind, I'm sure I'll come up with an idea by then. You're free to stay if you want." Beomgyu doesn't even look at me, he just scratches the back of his head and heads back up stairs.

I would leave, but I'm too tired to head back home right now. I need to rest my body for a bit; it's sore and it's shutting down.

I walk over to one of the grey recliners down here and take a seat with the cat in my arms. It begins to rubs up against my shirt and it makes me wonder what's its gender. I quickly lift it up and see that it's a girl.

Once I put her back down, I rub her and through my head back and I feel mmmh eyelids immediately become heavy. Within minutes, I'm out.


"Leila, wake up! You're late for school!" i

"I am?" I push my back off of the recliner at the sound of a blurred voice. "Ahh, Ms. Brown is going to chew me up for missing her first hour," I rub my eyes, my ears perk up at the sound of laughter.

"I'm joking Leila, it's only Saturday," I roll my eyes at his foolishness. "Ugh, you play too much. What time is it?" I start to lift up, but feel weight on my thighs. I look down and see that it's the cat. "1:11," he looks down at his phone. My eyeballs bulge out of my sockets.

"I've been sleeping here for over two hours? I need to get home but first I have to get cat food." I facepalm myself. "Don't worry, I got you some while you were asleep. It's the least I could do. I don't like the cat, but you're helping it live longer and getting it off the street. Plus, I was bored."

"It's temporary, nothing more.I'll keep her for a month, max." I grip the cat in my left hand and support my body with my left forearm as I stand up and head for the staircase.

"See ya later, B," I wave him off without even looking at him. "Goodbye, Leila." I'm 100% sure he's waving me off with a stupid smile on his face.

When I reach the front door, I see a mini bag of hard cat food waiting for me. I grab it, but then realize that my hands are full. Just before I can oust down the food, I hear Beomgyu behind me.

"I gotchu." He unlocks and opens the door for me and, I nod my head to show my appreciation before heading to my car. I place the food on top of the car to grab my keys and unlock the door. When I look behind me, I see Beomgyu watching me. For some reason, his eyes on me right now don't make me feel good in any way, I feel creeped out. Which makes me quickly hop in the car.

"I'm ready to go home and sleep in my own bed, for real this time," I place the calm cat in the front seat and buckle her in.

I came here to show my help to him with a real issue, and came out with my own. I'm not even a cat person.

"Hey kitty, you got a name?" I scratch under her chin in hopes of getting a better look at her neck that's actually clear.

i'm late on my update ik😗

but anyone like cats?
I'm personally a dog person but i'm starting to like cats more🐥 black and albino cats scare me tho😍

tank you for reading!🐢💜💜
see you next time‼️
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