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Chapter 11

[Subtle Sting]

"How do you like the name Cat?" I set the cat down on an old blanket I found in the hall closet. "Alright, I'm going to make a shower, don't make a mess," I warn the cat, but it just looks at me blankly before laying down on the carpet. I frown before leaving my room and heading to the bathroom that's right beside my room.

Making it to the bathroom, I close the door behind me and immediately go to look in the mirror and I run my hands through my hair, to then hook my index finger to my bottom lip, examining my gums. I then let my lip go, causing it to do a little jiggle. Finally, I begin to strip myself, goosebumps covering my skin in an instant. I turn my body to cut on the shower to my preferred temperature. Turning back around, I jump when I think I see someone standing behind me. I quickly begin to hit and move the shower curtain with haste, wanting to catch the gone figure.

Breathing a bit heavy, I take another look in the mirror, without haste I raise my hands slowly to my stomach, I place both hands on my stomach, rubbing it as my skin feels really soft. Sudden anger builds up inside of me before I begin to claw my stomach horizontally.

Calming down, I begin to realize what I've just done. My finger nails....they're all bloody...

I quickly hope in the shower without thinking. The water hits my fresh scratches. I immediately open my mouth out of pain and distress.

"AHhh.." I try to keep my voice down. Not having enough of a verbal release of distress, a few tears leave my eyes from the intense stinging pain. I begin to breathe slowly before stepping back and pressing my back against the cold wall. The pain is now becoming tolerable.

"Ah, I remember this subtle pain again. It's just like when I encountered my mom today."

"Where have you been?" I don't even get to finish locking the door before she questions me.

"Out." I say blunty. "I told you to be home by 12, did I not?!"

Oh here she goes trying to play the motherly role. "I'm 18." I roll my eyes. The witch I call a mother nods her head repeatedly. "Well since 18 is so grown to you, why don't you move out?" We've had this discussion before. "I will, very soon." I say, challenging her.

"Yeah, sure you will. You're going to be 27, still living with ya mommy~!" This woman I claim as a mother begins to taunt me, but her moment gets ruined by the horrid sound of her coughing aggressively. I couldn't miss the opportunity to look at her with more disgust than I usually would.

My mom is in her mid 30's yet she looks 50, due to all the drugs and alcohol she consumes. Her hair is a sandy brown color and sits at a mid-length.

"And what's that damn thing in your arm?" She's started to really irritate me. "It's a cat. You know what those are right?" I force a smile while I bob my head. "Don't get smart." My mom brings a cigarette that I didn't even know she had to her mouth, blowing her hot breath and smoke into the living room air. "If you're keeping it, you are hella responsible for it. I don't want to see fur on my counters and table. Or else I'll make a hat out of it." I begin to walk away, heading for the steps, mouthing her words along the way.

"Yes Cruella De Vil," I drly say, heading up the stairs.

"Don't get smart with me bitch. I won't tell you again."

"Sure thing mother..." I look at the droplet covered ceiling.

My mother and I never had a bond or a healthy relationship for as long as I can remember. She used to blame me for things that she would do or the minner mistakes I made as a child, she would scold and hit me for. For some reason, my dumb ass would still forgive her and run to her for comfort when she never degraded me that particular day, the most she did was rub my back. She never kissed me, I'm not even sure she kissed me when I was a baby. Oh wait, there was one time she kissed me on the forehead, but it wasn't genuine, it was for show.

She's been pretty abusive to me growing up, that goes for verbally too. In my late teens, she's definitely been more vocal, but I give her lip back when my frustration for her feels built up. She probably feels too old to lay her hands on me, I also wouldn't let her, I'm sure she knows this in the back of her mind.

I don't wanna think about her anymore, she's been on my mind long enough for today.

I finish taking my shower and brush my teeth. I didn't bring my clothes this time, but I did have my towel on the rack. I also noticed mold building up by the base of the metal, disgusting. Since I'm the only one who actually cares about our house condition, I'll get it up, but later, I have to check on that cat.

I quickly pat my hair dry, grab my clothes and head to my bedroom. To my surprise, the cat is laying in the same spot. "You're pretty good for a stray cat aren't you? I wonder who your owner was because you are way too clean and mannered to be an alley cat for the majority of your life." I walk to my drawer and pull out a long shirt and some briefs.

As I begin to slip on my clothes, I hear a dinging noise in my pants that are sitting on the floor. I'll get it later. That is until I hear another ding. Who could be texting right now?

Digging through my pockets, I feel my phone, pull it out and take a look at my recent notifications. "Ahh it's my secretary!"


"You free tonight?" I read the messages out loud. I legs are still a bit sore after last night, but the thought of getting a taste of just a tip slowly makes me interested.

Depends...what does he want?

Special K:
The whole thing

Special K:
Oh and he's willing to pay

He wants to become a regular?

Special K;
Guess so

'Regulars' are what we call people who know they will be in need of my service. I never told them to pay me, but after the first time I accepted payment, word got out and people would pay if we did it more than once. Well everyone doesn't do it, but some feel my service suits their needs so well that they give me an extra tip if you know what I mean. Anyways, I just get the cheese with ease. I mean who am I to turn down that sweet money.

How much?

Special K:

You said tonight rt, what time and where at?

Special K:
He said meet him at that The Swan's Pond around 9

The Swan's Pond is pretty pricey, only people with good paying jobs could afford at least one drink there. I heard their alcohol is top notch, don't get me started on the interior. If we're going there why is he only paying me 120?

So stingy with the money, hmph.

Alright I'll be there. What's his name?

My secretary and I use to fuck too, but then he started to explore his sexuality and now he focuses on males more while spreading the word of my name. Sometimes I turn the request down, especially if I feel like he already hooked up with that person. My secretary keeps the ones with potential.

Special K:
He goes by A, he doesn't take pictures so I sent him a picture of you and he'll just walk up to you

Now that pisses me off.

You're such a dumbass. How old is this fucker?

Special K:
19 or 20, I forgot tbh...

You are a terrible secretary

Special K:
Aye, I'm not that bad, I'm getting you paid aren't I??

I ignore his message and head towards my bed, sprawling out across it. While doing so I received another ding. I look at my phone and smile to myself.

Special K:
You can't ignore me! You will admit it one day!

"Yeah~maybe in dreams...." black begins to fill my vision.

"Alright class, now turn to the next page. This page 7 has all the vocabulary you need to have to answer all the questions and don't forget to fill in the definitions too."

The sudden noise starts to wake me up. I barely open my eyes to see a familiar room and set up. That window and bookshelf looks familiar, and so did that voice.

The side of my head is resting on the side of my arm and I'm too lazy to lift my head up to look around the room. My eyes easily become heavy and all I see is black again.

Within the black abyss I see a yellow blur floating. The blur begins to grow bigger and that's when I notice that it's me in an off the shoulder yellow dress, falling in nothingness gracefully as if it's nothing. A green balloon somehow finds its way into my hand, protruding from the black abyss.

My falling figure suddenly drops fast before my eyes as I hear a ringing noise. That's noise...that sounds like my....ringtone?

Opening my eyes, I see the cat laying in the bed with me by my head. My eyes heading downward, towards my feet I see my phone still ringing.
"Kayden~" I mumble to myself.

"Hello," I answer the phone.

"Are you getting dressed? It's already 7:11!" I pull the phone away from my ears as his voice is too loud. I take this as a chance to look at the time and he's right.

"Yeah, I'm putting my makeup on right now."

"You're lying."

"I'm not!" I whine as I can hear my gorgy voice selling me out.

"Now leave me be so I can finish getting ready." I hang up, not letting him get a word out.

I get up and sit on the edge of my bed. "Fuck...what am I going to wear?"


danggg time is moving by fast.
it feels like i just posted last weekend.

the book is really starting to get juicy, this was just a taste😋🥙haha😂

hope you enjoyed and as always, tank for reading and tank you for your time🐢💕
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