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Chapter 12

[Silver Dress]

Finding an outfit out wasn't hard because I didn't have clothes for this type of event, it was hard because I had too many. But in the end I chose to go with a silver dress. Kayden texted me last minute, telling me how the guy wanted me in a specific colored dress. It's a mid-thigh length dress. It's a glittery, skin tight, silver dress with cute little strings on the end of the dress on each side. The straps are thin like spaghetti and I decided that I would through on a necklace and spray some perfume too. It has a champagne smell; I didn't have to spray much as it's already strong. But now I'm just waiting at the bar.

It was easy to get in because I had a fake ID already made. The bouncer just looked at me with suspicion, before he smirked to himself. I must look like I don't belong and I don't mind that because I don't. I would never casually come here, even if I was rich.

I mean the interior is beyond amazing and some of the males here are extremely hot and the women here do not disappoint either. I might leave with a few hotties if this guy doesn't show his face soon. It's 10 past 9, and I made sure I got here on time.

As I examine the building more, I notice some looks given towards me. Some are dirty and some are unnecessarily dirty, if you know what I mean. Yet both are getting me hot. My legs uncontrollably begin to rub together.

I'm more excited that I thought I'd get.

The music isn't helping either.

"Gosh, where is this guy?" I place my hands on my thighs giving them a good squeeze before I begin to rub them. As I look around the room, I see a blond dude looking at me and he is absolutely hot. He raises his eyebrows at me and I give him a smirk, lightly ticking my head to the side. Picking his feet up, he begins to approach me. Acting as if I didn't notice him, I look in the opposite direction, acting oblivious. It's not long until I feel a presence behind me; he's close.

"You aren't here alone are you darling?" I turn my head to look at him. Even better up close. "And if I am?" I smirk. "Would I be a bad person if I hoped you were?" I laugh cutely. "Depends on what your intentions are." I raise my eyebrow as I look him up and down.

"I'd tell you after I got a feel for what kind of girl you are," his hand goes to my back and runs down, stopping at my lower back, as he bites his lower lip. "Oh? Do I seem that easy to you?" I run my hand over the table, creeping it towards his body.

"I wouldn't say that. You just look like you know how to have fun," he says in a low voice as he barely leans over getting closer to my face. "What's your name sweetie?" Turning my chair to face him, I cup his chin between my index finger and thumb. His hand leaves my back and digs into his front pocket.


"I'm 10 minutes late and my date is already eager to give another man her attention. Tsk tsk."

We both look to our right and see another stunning man with black hair and honey like skin fixing the cuffs on his suit while he taps his foot on the floor. When he looks up and makes eye contact with me, a mythical spear goes through my heart. I can feel my jaw slowly dropping but I don't care to pick it up. If this is the man that Kayden brought me, I will be eternally grateful.

"Let's go darling. I can't stand the sight of you with another man on our night." The young, yet older man gradually takes my wrist, pulling it from under the other male, who goes by Wooyoung. The stunning man takes my hand and begins to walk away, pulling me along.

"I gotta go!" I poke the side of the males temple as I exit the area with another.

Walking behind the man who I assume is my date with my right in his left hand, I take this as the time to examine his body in the outfit.

Here he wears a wool burgundy suit with a silky black button up to go underneath. His hair is jet black; however, his hair still shines even in the dim lighting. My eyes go to his shoes and I see that they are made out of alligator skin.

My eyes go to look at the back of his head, but I'm greeted with a cocky smirk as his head is slightly turned to the side so he can look at me. I too smirk as I'm living to see the night through already.

I'm staring too hard, I need to look somewhere else. Don't want him to get a bigger head than it already looks.

Looking at the place, there are way more youths here than I would have thought, but I definitely look younger compared to the other women here as they have more mature features than I.

People are actually dancing and not sitting down or having their backs pressed against the wall. I'm impressed that these silver spoon children don't feel that they are too good to get down and sweat from a little dancing.

I bring my attention forward again as I start to see less people where we walk. I see a booth-like area that's blocked off with a red rope. Without having to stop in our tracks, a man that stands in front of the secluded area undoes the rope and lets us walk in just at the sight of my date. No words spoken at all, his mouth didn't even move.

Not that I'm complaining, but who did Kayden send me and how does he know him?

"Sit." My date whose name I still don't know says, standing himself. That's when I remember the nickname he goes by.

"Okay sure." Just being around him, I can feel his dominance hanging over the area. His dominance is almost as strong as Mr. Kim's, if not more. Without even attempting, I can feel our battle is one I can't win. Between him and I, there would be no battle, pure superiority is what I feel. I'd be a straight submissive bitch as soon as I enter that room.

Watching his moves, I can see him fixing his form fitting suit as he watches over the bar with perfect posture. He stands with so much power and dominance that he looks like a manager. I laugh as this man is too young to be a manager of a bar already. Kayden said he was about 19 or 20. I don't know any 20 year olds who would want to own a bar. Maybe his dad is just rich and he rented this area out.

"You're lucky I believe in second chances." A sits down beside me. "And how am I lucky?" I bat my eyes as I lean towards him with a smile on my face . He looks at me with a straight face and on the inside my face drops but on the outside I keep my smile.

"You should really fix your face, smiling doesn't seem to be your thing," he turns his head to face forward.

My mouth is slightly open as I let my tongue roam my mouth as I fight to hold in my words that would only seem nice to the devil. "I'll keep that in mind..." I lightly clench my teeth together.

"Yeah you're welcome," he yawns. "Awe I'm so tired," he brings his fist to his mouth before he lays his head back on the couch. "You're tired? Well how are we supposed to get our freak on if you're sleeping baby?" I shake off his rude words from earlier and press my perky boobs up against his side while I whisper into his ear with a tiny growl. "You're really horny huh? You'll get your turn. Take it easy." A looks up at the ceiling.

Why won't he look at me? I want to feel his intimidating gaze on me. I want to feel him fondling my warm body. I find his behavior annoying yet attractive at the same time.

"Come here."

I raise my eyebrow. "You want me on your lap?" I try to fight my rising smile. "No. Lay up on me." He raises his head as he closes his eyes, rubbing his eyelids with his index finger and thumb. My straight face wins the fights.

Is he serious?

"Did I stutter? What's stopping you?" He opens one eye to look at me. "I don't usually snuggle up to people and you wanna do that here?" I survey the room for wandering eyeballs.

"A guy needs a hug every now and then, don't get it twisted. No matter how tough he may act, a hug is nice every now and then. Even if they aren't a hugger." He closes his eyes again and lays his head straight back.

I nod my head not really caring. I slowly start to lean into his body, bringing one hand up and placing it on his rising chest. My head lays on his shoulder as my other hand hooks around his back. I accidentally take a big breath and sniff in his cologne, filling my nose with a lilac scent. I would have never expected a man that appears so headstrong to smell so sweet.

"If you really wanna wake me up, why don't you give me a blow job?" Without looking at him, I could sense a smirk on his lips.

I've never given a blowjob out in public before. The thought never crossed my mind of doing it for real, especially doing it in front of rich folks.

"Right here?" I ask for clarification.

"Yes. Why not?" He shrugs bringing his left hand down and around my lower back. "I am paying for your service." I look up to see him looking directly at me. "Okay...."

For the first time in a long time, I'm a little hesitant to go down on my knees. I like attention and being the center of it, but I never tested out the feeling in front of others. Well let me be more specific, not a group of people live. My classmates watching me have sex with Yeonjun while in class with me right there was different. I already knew how good I looked in that video and no one's eyes were on us other than us.

Going live is a different story and I don't know if I want to try it. At least not with him.

"Do you own this place?" I randomly ask him to buy me some time."No." A says calmly."

"Ahh I thought you were too young to own one-"
"It's my mom's. And young? I am young but I think I could run this place if she let me."

"Ah, okay" I nod my head. "So how-"
"Are you going to suck me off or not?" I blink at his bluntness. I'm only used to this behavior coming from my girlfriends, Mr. Kim, and I. "Uh yeah." I pull from his body and slide my hand down to his crotch. I don't feel a bulge as I run my fingers to his zipper.
"Quick question. How old are you?" I look at A and see him roll his eyes to the back of his head with his head laying back.

"21, I just had a birthday."

"Oh." He's a little old but he'll do. Mr. Kim's age is an exception.

"Well A, I'll make you feel good." I pull down his zipper, as I try not to think about all the possible eyes on me.

"Call me Min-gi."


I was actually kind of tired while writing this but it was easy and quick so i'm happy.
ik this chapter wasn't dramatic or thee most interesting but i didn't wanna make it long so please don't be mad or disappointed in me😭💙

tank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed this chapter🐢💜
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