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Chapter 13

[I've Had Better]

"Mingi?" I look off into the distance, repeating the name over and over again in my head as it sounds familiar.

"Yeah. What's your name again?" He places his hand over mine that still rests on the warm zipper of his pants.

"Leila," I say automatically like a robot.

"I know, I just wanted to hear you say your beautiful name." He takes my chin looking at me with pure adoration. He looks so captivated.

Our eyes locked on each other, I feel a weird feeling in between my legs, causing me to close them. His attention is what I needed. I barely got any today and that's not an understatement.

"I know I didn't give you attention like you wanted earlier. I simply just had to see how you would react and you had much better control than I would have anticipated after what I heard. I don't think you even noticed but you look so pouty. The desperate, yet pouty look on your face actually turned me on so much that I had to think of something so vile, that it would turn me off, just because I could totally fuck you right here." I clench my walls at his the last part of his sentence.

"You would like the right baby?" I fight to keep my eyes up under his tight gaze. I yearn to look away but I refuse to lose. I nod head after I realized that I never gave him a response.

"Speak." Mingi's thumb runs over the bottom lip, pulling it down. "Uh yeah," I breathe out.
I think I'll love being dominated tonight.

Min-gi tilts my head to the side, exposing my neck. Bringing his nose close to my skin I can hear him inhaling my scent. "What scent is this?" I feel his warm breath fan against my neck. His lips are so close to my skin, it's like he's waiting to attach them to my steaming skin.

"Champagne." I murmur. "Mhmm," his mouth quickly attaches to my neck. Latching onto my neck, I feel my back being pressed into the leather couch. Soon his lips start to travel from the side of my neck, the front and down to my chest. I gasp when I feel his hand creeping past my thighs and into my dress.

Cupping my lower region, he begins to clutch his fingers, playing around my hole. My breathing pattern begins to speed up as I think about what will happen in the room. "You aren't wet? Am I failing to turn you on?"

"No not at all?" I reply fast. "Maybe if you slipped your finger in, you'd see how eager I am." I bite my lip, hoping he goes for my suggestion, but Mingi laughs at me instead.

"I like my women soaking at my touch," his hand slips out of my dress. "If I have failed to make you wet that just means you must take the lead tonight."

"Huh? Me? Why?" I whine.

And I was so ready to be demolished tonight!
"Maybe if I stand up it will poor out."

I stand up and unexpectedly, he does too. "Let's go somewhere with less vivid eyes." He takes my hand, letting his tall muscular self lead the way out of the booth. We follow the end of the rope and head to a staircase that leads up to a dark hall with black walls.
Well this isn't extra as fuck at all.

We continue down the hall until we reach the only door at the end of the short hall. I watch Mingi dig into his pocket, pulling out a keychain that holds two keys exactly. One obviously goes to this door but what is the other key for?

Mingi unlocks the door and steps to the side. I'm guessing he's letting me walk in first.

I make my way to the room that also has an all black interior. The room isn't as flourished as the bar but it definitely doesn't make it any less of a looker. It makes up for the flashy parts for a sexy and comforting environment in it's own way.

A rounded and clean balcony connects to the room, shining its moonlight into what would have been a dark room.

A bed that looks like an XL King size bed sits in the middle of the room, taking up the majority of its space. In front of the bed rests a dresser with a mirror above with two three matching container candles unlit. As well as, four thick, square shaped glasses with a bottle of whisky next to it. Beside the bed on each side are two long black spacious shelves made out of metal and glass with lights attached to under each shelf. There are many lights, yet it doesn't stretch far. I see a flower that holds a dark shade of purple, which could be due to the lack of lighting, trapped in a black frame. I see other many things that I don't care about but still admire anyways.

I quickly shift my attention behind me when I hear the door lock. Turning around I still see Mingi pull a key out of the lock.

"Excuse you! What are you doing?" I step closer to him with anger subtly raising on my face. Mingi turns around, right in my face. "I'm just making sure my prey doesn't run away," he swipes under my chin, walking away from me.

I thought he wanted me to take the lead.
I spin around in my spot, tip toeing backwards, wiggling my fingers until I reach the door knob. Hearing the jiggling of the knob, I twist it with urgency.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to kidnap you."
What about rap-

"Or rape you," he says as he takes off his shoes on-by-one.

Woah, he's a mind reader too? What else can he do?
"You just gonna stand there all day or are you going to sit? Or better yet, strip?" Mingi stands up and walks straight to the dresser and grabs one of the glasses an a bottle of whiskey. Beside the dresser is a mini-fridge I didn't notice before. Digging inside the mini-fridge, I see him pull out a mini bucket of ice with a tiny, silver shovel and scoop ice into the cup. Watching him make his drink slowly runs me dry as I'm losing the mood.

"I see you choose to stand there," he walks over to the wide mirror attached to the wall. Watching him closely again, I notice him tapping the end of the cup with his pinky three times as he drinks from the glass.

"Yeah, standing helps with balance." I rise on my calves, looking around near the glowing shelf, paying him no real attention anymore. It's beginning to become awkward. I thought this was going to be steamy. I can feel my lips turning into a pout as disappointment lingers in the back of my mind.
"Good to know."

I had high hopes from him. He looks like he would be a sex god, but the environment is starting to feel dragged out and weird like those step dad porno's.
"Can we fuck now?" I ask out of impatiens. "I came here to have sex not to sit in a dark, LOCKED room filled with silence. Because to be honest, you're killing the mood." Without realizing it, I stand in front of him by the mirror.

Mingi slowly turns his head to look down at me, before he looks at his reflection in the mirror and finishes the rest of his drink in two big gulps. He sniffles right after, fully turning towards me.
"I was giving you time to prep, but it seems you haven't used your time wisely, care bear." Mingi presses our foreheads together. "Ew, don't call me that shi-" I cut my words when I feel his large hand go to my neck. Within seconds, I feel myself being pressed against the mirror. My hands instinctively wrap around his wrist and arm.

Mingi rolls his neck, breathing deeply as his head goes in one slow circular motion. Bringing his head back down to me, I can see how dark and evil his eyes look.

"I want you to strip for me, right in front of me...." Mingi let's go of my neck and takes a few steps backwards, giving me space. I bit my lip and turned around obediently.

Turning to the mirror, I briefly admire myself before I run my hand delicately across my shoulder, bringing my spaghetti strap down along the way. I repeat the same movement to the other side. My hands cup my breast and uncontrollably I breathe heavier from the limited amount of touch I have received from my date tonight.

"I need you," I say looking deep into his captivated eyes through the mirror. He steps up to me and runs his hand along my body, feeling on my curves. After taking his time feeling up on me, I feel his hand lightly touch my back as he goes for my zipper. Gliding down my zipper, I feel the cool hit my revealed skin. I begin to slip the dress down my body and arms while holding a strong eye contact with Mingi through the clear mirror.

Not wearing a bra under the dress and only my black thong, my boobs are displayed out freely for him to observe. Mingi's lips begin to his all over my left shoulder as he brings his arm over right shoulder, coddling my breast. His left hand slides down to my panties where he rubs over my clothed clit. My chest rises at the sudden excitement I start to feel.

He starts to add pressure where he touches me and I begin to breathe heavier. I feel his hand go under my chin, lifting it up and over to my left, only for our lips to make contact. He starts to kiss me and I easily join in.

I begin to grind against his fingers, wanting him to get the message that I want to get started soon, like really soon.

His hands release my body and I turn around, never detaching our lips. My arms wrap around his neck and run into his hair while one of his hands goes to my ass, giving it a firm squeeze. The other grabs my wrist and places it on my crotch. I begin to rub him through his pants, earning a few groans. I moan myself when I feel the hand on my ass sink to pussy, rubbing between my fold with intense pleasure.

I release our lips catching my breath. I take this time to rub myself on him. My breath hitches when he hits a certain spot. I grip onto his crotch harder, feeling needier by the second.

I move his hand away and go down to my knees.
"Let me pleasure you," I smirk as he rolls his tongue across his teeth.

I undo his belt, folded by his pants tug them down a bit. His underwear is dark green and the huge bulge in his pants makes the sight even hotter. I run my hand over his sealed package, slowly making my way to the hem of his briefs. I pull the hem of his underwear towards me and go in digging for gold. With ease, I find it on my try and bring out the work of art right in front of my face.

Stroking his member, I hear heavy breath get released. "Am I making you feel good?" I look up at him. "I'll tell you that after you put your mouth on it." Mingi throws back his head when I grip onto him tighter.

"Yes sir..." I like the tip, earning a few deep O's. I drag my tongue down the sides of his girth, getting it all slick. Getting the wetness that I want, I put his length into my mouth and begin to bob my head, still keeping my hand on his hard dick.

"Oh, dearest, you're doing such a good job. Keep up the work."

Hearing him praise me makes me feel an electric shock go down in my underwear. I place both hands on his length and twist my hands, my lips never leaving his tip. I can tell the pleasure is getting to him, when I see that his knees are locked.

The sound of slurping fills the room as I go for as long as long as my jaws let me or until he comes.
However, I want a bonus so I want him to cum.

I watch as he hums through his pressed lips. I slip one hand down to his balls and start to fondle them between my slender fingers. Mingi looks at me with hooded eyes and a distressed look across his face.
His hand combs through my hair, giving it a harsh tug, pulling me up and away from his member.

"Get on the bed," he says through gritted teeth while breathing heavy. Pulling and pushing me just to crawl on the bed, I fall on the bed feeling weak. I had no time to prepare and rub my knees after sitting on the uncomfortable floor for a while.

I smile even in my brief moment of weakness, as the fun part is finally about to happen.

"You ready, dearest?" I nod my head. "Definitely."
"Love to hear it." He lowered himself onto the bed, hovering over me. "You'll start it off," he says, standing up to remove his clothes. I sit up and press my legs together, wanting him to be the one to open them.

Left in only his underwear, he gets back on the bed and sits up on his knees in front of me. He runs his hand down my thighs and runs them back up, stopping at knees, pulling them apart. I separate my feet and wiggle my hips, waiting for him to connect ours. He slowly rubs his tip against my clothed folds, causing me to shiver in anticipation.

Mingi, pulls my underwear to the side, swiping his finger up and between my wet folds. I clench my walls when he touches my clit.

"I think you're ready." I nod my head in agreement, flipping him over.

"I can't wait to fuck you, daddy," I giggle like a maniac. My giggle quickly dies down when he doesn't reply.

Mr. Kim wouldn't leave me hanging like this, he would be talking dirty or cussing me out while bashing my coochie in like crazy just for even saying that word to him.

Not getting my usual treatment I roll my eyes and slide down his member that's within my hold. Feeling him inside of me actually satisfying, but something feels off. I place Mingi's hands on my waist and begin to bounce on him. My hands grip onto my scalp, since I know how to keep my balance.
I look down to see Mingi's eyes squeezed shut in what I assume is pleasure. Loving the facial expression, I grow more confident and bounce faster.

It's not long until I feel his hips thrusting up, when I go down. Feeling him go deeper, I moan not caring to keep quiet.

My legs begin to get tired, along with the intense pleasure, I lean forward while continuing to ride him. My hips grind against his as I mentally challenge myself to keep going.

Mingi must have noticed how my pace slowed down, because he started taking control. Being flipped over, he pounds into me sloppily. It feels alright, but he doesn't know my spots so it doesn't feel as good.

To intensify the pleasure, I begin to play with myself. It helps a lot but now the main pleasure is coming from my own two fingers.

I moan at my touch, which helps me get closer to my orgasm. Feeling his movements become short, I can tell he's almost ready to finish.

"Pull out," I moan out breathlessly.

Mingi nods with his eyes closed, probably too focused on this rhythm. Trying to finish before he does, I run faster and play with my left boob. I soon start to feel something filling, yet pouring out of me.
I'm on birth control because I don't like my period, but still. What the Hell?! Did he want to mess up my life this early?

Still inside of me, I finish off and cum on his deflating dick. Feeling my fluids on him, he pulls out himself and sits up on the edge of the bed, elbows to knees, back faced to the ceiling, Mingi catches his breath.

I sit up on my elbows as I watch him reach for his burgundy pants and pull out a wad of money.
"I'm disappointed, I expected better. I'd like to discontinue this service." He throws the money into my lap. I pick up the money and immediately begin to count it.

"110?! What happened to my 120?!"

"You're not as good as I would have thought, I'd like to discontinue this service." He states clear as day, turning towards me with a straight face. "Uh uh, give me my money. I told you to pull out, but your hard headed ass couldn't fucking listen." I'm pissed if that wasn't obvious.

I'm glad I didn't enjoy it too much. Mr. Kim is still better anyways. He's nowhere near as good as my Mr. Pervert.

"I tried, but you kept sucking me in. Plus you're on birth control." he shrugs, putting on his pants. "And how the hell do you know that?" I fold my arms.

"Aye! I let it slide the first time, but watch your mouth. I won't tolerate this disrespect from someone whose younger." Mingi warns me with the gesture of his wagging finger.

"To earn respect, you should learn to give it. Don't forget about your rude little comments tonight from downstairs!" I cover my chest with my arm and slanted knees.

"You don't respect yourself, how can you expect others to? You're a brat who spreads her legs for dick for a sprinkle of money now and then." He shrugs, giving me a fake smile. "Asshole," I go to kick him, but he catches my ankle and pulls me closer to him, we're he comes closer to my face.

"I bet you're leaking right now from this debate." Mingi says in a deep voice.

"You wish, fucker." I don't care how close he is, I'm not threatened by him.

"You still haven't learned to watch your mouth. I think I should teach you some lessons." I scrunch up my face.

"Cut the shit. We aren't doing anything else after this." I push him away from me and scoot back. "No, no, let me make it up to you." He smirks at me. "Yeah, with the rest of my money...and add 100 more dollars to it!" I hold out my hand and tightly cover my already exposed breast. "I'll pay with lessons they are required for bad mouthed little girls." He gets up, strides to the mirror and starts to fluff his hair.

"We aren't hooking up again." I fix my underwear, and get off of the bed as well. "I don't remember ever mentioning anything about sex," he plays coy.

"Okay smarty. We aren't doing anything at all together." I shrug, making my point clear. "I must shape the bad seed. Teaching you listen is a must." I roll my eyes, sauntering my way towards my clothes. "I think you'll find you would have a choice." I cackled to himself shortly before he cut himself short. He must have realized how crazy he sounds.

After slipping on my clothes and sipping up my dress myself, I make my way to the door. I hear his voice coming close behind,, which causes me to subtly freeze. "You're head game was strong, I'll need you as the stress reliever." He unlocks the door, as he whispers into my ear.

"Tuh!" I walk out of the room, feeling irritated.
Making my way down the steps, I hear people shushing each other as they get silent. As they all quiet down, they all stare at me with intensity. I barely see any eyeballs blinking. When I said I liked attention, this is not what I meant. This is the single most awkward thing I have ever faced.

Are the walls invisible or something? Because why is everyone staring me at right after I just had sex?

I walk a bit further, making my way into the beginning of the crowd. Looking around the room for any sort of screen, I notice something I didn't notice before.

I see Mingi drinking another glass of whiskey in what looks like we're the mirror would have been. Due to our distance, I can't tell if he's looking at me directly or not, but it's weird. I didn't see those people before when we were in front of the mirror.
I suddenly see part of the wall coming down, slowly covering up Mingi's body. The wall covers up the long wooden rectangular space, fitting in with the rest of the smooth, dark chocolate, wooden walls.
Was that a one way mirror?!

I look back down at the crowd to see people still staring at me, but now they are becoming a little chatty.

I don't know why, but this feels different from school. The people at school would at least look at me with curiosity, as if they want a piece. On the flip side, these people look disgusted and mortified. I'm not use to these kinds of stares, at least not this many and not this many from guys either.

"You're all a bunch of hoes!" I storm out.


this chapter is a little long....for no reason....
but if you did finish it all.....

i think i will try to make my chapters just a little bit longer, but i'll definitely try not drag out scenes like this as much as possible.

tank you for reading anyways🐢💙💙
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