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Chapter 14


My fist repeatedly hits my steering wheel out of anger. I'm still outside of the bar. I'm too angry to drive right now.

This exposure makes me feel so violated. The first time my video got leaked, I was a bit nervous but more curious about their reactions; I was in my second year. After seeing their reactions, I realised that it wasn't that bad, but this feels different. It was live, my hormones aren't thriving off of that moment.

He won't get away with this.

"I wish I didn't take his stupid money!" I throw the money on the floor, some of it lands in the passenger's seat. "No, I wish I didn't come." I look up at a particular figure and scowl.

I watch as the bouncer checks a person's ID. On my way out, we exchanged a few words.


"Boss must have really liked you," he says to me as I storm out of the building. Hearing his comment, I turn around with a squished face. "Are you talking to me?" I point to myself and the bouncer responds with a nod. "What do you mean?" I walk towards him. "Just what I said. I mean your dress is on backwards." I didn't even notice that, no wonder it was so easy to put on.

I look around and notice that the line is gone. "Boss? I thought his mother owned this place?" The bouncer nods his head. "She does, he also has workers that work around too." I take notice of his shirt and see a swan with a big head, attached to it's little body in a tiny pond on the far side of his chest. It's like a logo.

"So besides my dress being backwards, how did you know I went to see your boss?" I cross my arms. "The color of the dress. The boss has a thing for silver dresses, especially glittery ones. It makes his whores shine." The bouncer does jazz hands for emphasis.

"Excuse me?!" I only allow five people, outside of my hookups, to say such disrespectful words to me.
"Was there a problem with what I said? Because it's only the truth." He shrugs, poking out his bottom lip. "That's why you're his little bitch that drops your pants when he tells you to!" I roll my eyes, striding to my car with my clacking heels.

End of Flashback

"They're all a bunch of hoes and perverts." I peek through the sleeve of my arms as I look at the big glowing letters above the bar.

"I hope this pond gets sucked up dry--wait that sounds dirty." I check myself after not being in "that" mood anymore. "I'm not having sex for the rest of the week because of this douche." I sit back in my seat, heaving out a huge sigh.

Looking at the ceiling of my car in the dark, I see a small light flash on my ceiling, followed by a ringing noise. My eyes following the light source, I see my phone has gotten a notification from an unknown number.

Picking up my phone, I read the text message.

Unknown number:
Have a great week!

Not knowing this number, I toss my phone back into the cup holder and decide that it's time to leave; it's not safe to sit in your car for too long, especially at night.


Getting inside the house was smooth because my mom isn't home. I got a little nervous about the cat though because I didn't have a litter box for her yet, so I tied a trash back around her waist. I think it was very efficient, seeing how I was on the go. However, I did put her food in the kitchen because I didn't want my room to smell like cat food.

When I went to the kitchen, I saw a bit of her food outside of her bowl, all on the floor. My short moment of relief was short lived as I soon saw all the kitchen items sprawled out across the counter and on the floor.

"Cat!" I grip onto my hair out of anger and frustration. I hear flapping behind me. I turn around to see Cat striding out from under the kitchen table and towards me. I scowl as I go to pick her up. She doesn't fight me but moew's up a storm. "I don't know what the hell you are saying, but I would totally make you clean this up if you had thumbs."
The cat was the least of my issues, but my anger towards the Mingi was. I couldn't go to sleep, my mind was all over tonight.

Tossing and turning in my bed for two hours was a no go for me, so I just watched a movie to kill time, hoping that would put me to sleep. It didn't. School starts for me in two hours and that's when I finally started to feel drowsy. That added to my anger. Now I was angry and sleepy.

I took a shower, hoping that it would wake me up, and indeed it did.

However, that didn't stop me from still having an attitude. Hearing my annoying teachers voices had me rolling my eyes at least 20 times today, I know it.
And don't get it twisted, Mr. Kim definitely didn't get a pass from my attitude today either.

Walking into the classroom early as I didn't want to spend another second out in the obnoxiously loud hallway.The door closes behind me, as there is no stopper. I stand there, a few inches into the classroom and take note that I am the only student here with my perverted teacher sitting in front of his desk, going through a small stack of stapled papers.

Mr. Kim and I lock eyes shortly before I notice where his eyes are wondering. I was in a slight rush today, resulting in me feeling a bit hot, so I unbuttoned my shirt, exposing a part of my collar bone that I didn't care to cover later. Setting his clean set papers on the desk behind him, he gets off of his desk and approaches me.

"What is this? A hickey? I don't remember doing this. Who did you hook up with?"

"None of your business," I say irritated as I hit my shoulder on his arm, walking past him.

"Hold it. Bring your little ass back here." I spin around and to see him twirling his finger as he walks towards me. "You're here to please me, not your little friends."

When did he become so possessive? I mean, at least outside of us actually in the middle of fucking.
"I'll please who I want."
Mr. Kim bites the inside of his cheeks, looking over my head. His head bobs slowly as if he's plotting. After sitting in silence for five seconds, he finally opens his mouth.

"Keep acting up and you won't get any dick from me for a whole week." I laugh evilly in his face. "I could feel a spot for each day of the week of any dude I want. I don't need you." Mr. Kim now laughs at me. "We both know, you won't be satisfied truly," my perverted teacher mocks.

"Maybe, but it would do." I shrug cockily. "They're inexperienced, babies even. They wouldn't know how to handle you."

"You can barely handle me. The only reason you think so is because I let you." I roll my eyes. "You wanna go for two don't you?" I raise his eyebrow as he tries to hover over me. "We could go a month, I don't care." I throw my hands in the air in frustration, letting them drop down and hit the sides of my thick thighs.

"I doubt that."

"Are we done here?" I frown, crossing my arms. "Yes, now have a seat. Class is about to start." Mr. Kim walks to his desk after pointing to my seat.
Class ended with a writing assignment that went along with a reading passage. Also, Mr. Kim tried to keep me, but a little Ms. Perfect had to interrupt.

"I thought we were done here?" I cross my arms, keeping my eyes on my teachers forehead. "Yeah, well I changed my mind." He crosses his arms as well, although I'm sure he looks more intimidating than I. "Is there a reason for that?" Mr. Kim asks, pointing at my neck. "Could be..."

"Leila, that's more than a hickey. You also have a faint bruise on your neck." I let him gently cup my neck, so he can rub his stubby thumb over my abused skin. While he soothes my neck, I look down at what should be the white-ish tiles floor, since I know making eye contact with him at this moment would be awkward. Mr. Kim's hand goes up a bit and cups the side of my face, holding a spot directly under my ear. His thumb now plays with my jawline, causing me to look into his eyes out of curiosity.

"Does this happen often?" His stare looks different. His stare seems softer and tender, a stare I don't get often. I feel a bright light start to glow inside of me as I stare at the new look. It's almost like he's fathering me.

Snapping out of my daze, I mentally shake my head, causing the sudden bright light to turn dark and cold.

"Stop! Why are you acting like this? It's bizarre." Mr. Kim sighs. "Leila, I may give you the best dick of your life, but I am still a teacher."

"Yeah, well whatever. Just stop touching me pervert." I swat his hand away. "Ms. James-"

"No! You're a weird ass teacher and I don't know why I'm still here." As if on cue, the door opens which causes me to knit my eyebrows together. "Mr. Kim? Leila? Do I need to call another staff member or a security guard?" The nosey bean head sticks half of her body between the doorway. "Park Hyun-Mi," I can hear the shock in Mr. Kim's deep voice. "No, I was just on my way out Miss Information." I shove myself through the doorway, not caring about her figure.

"I'll be right back," I can hear her fake soft baby voice behind me, talking to our teacher.

"You know Leila, you should really be nicer to Mr.Kim," Hyun-Mi follows me down the hall. "And you know, you should really shut the hell up!" I feel her presence slowly vanishing behind me, probably eventually taking a stop. "I said that pretty nicely!" Reaching a corner and beginning to turn down it, I slightly raise my voice so she can hear me.

Turning the corner, I see her standing there puzzled with puppy eyes, fiddling with her long black hair.


"What the hell!" I stare down at the bulky yellow boot on my back left tired.

"What's wrong?!" I jump at the random voice protruding behind me. Turning around, I see it's no one other than my good girl Maddison, a.k. Maddy. "Take a look for yourself." I gesture my hands out towards the end of my car. Maddison sucks in a breath through her teeth, understanding my struggle and frustration.

"Well maybe we can pull it off." Maddison fake spits on her hands and rubs them together, her grey sweater-paws getting in the way. Walking over the untasteful yellow boot on my tire, Maddison gets grabbed onto the metal trash and begins to pull on it. Her efforts fail her as she falls flat on her butt. Maddison gives up after her first attempt, walking back over to me, dusting her cute little booty off in front of me.

"Oop, you missed a spot." I take my hand and dust off her butt, receiving a hand with small black cement pieces on my hand. I dust off my hand with no problem, spreading the germs. "Thank you," she says cutely to me, causing a warm spot to melt inside my heart. I notice how close her face is and take a step back.

"You need a ride?" I pout, nodding my head, as I look at her.

"I heard you got into a heated argument with Mr. Kim." I tilt my head to the side with curiosity, but on the outside I'm a little worried. "How do you know that?"

"What's her-face told me?" My eyes instantly roll to the back of my head as I know exactly who Maddison is referring to. "She has such a big mouth, it's almost as big as yours," I hit Maddison's shoulder as I lightly laugh. Maddison however doesn't join in. "Ahhh come on, it was a joke. Laugh!" I shake her shoulders.

"Get in the car," Maddie says, visibly unamused. "Dang, and I thought I was a stick in the mud." I release her tiny shoulders and strut towards her car. "No, boys shove their stick in your mud." I hear her slick comment behind me. "Ha ha! You're so funny. You just wish you had boys begging to fill you up with their sticks." I tease back. "I have options, I just know how to turn them down, unlike you." Maddies softer voice makes it hard for me to take her seriously.

The ride home with my Maddy was smooth and fast. She even offered to pick me up tomorrow if I wanted. Of course I said yes.

When I got home, I quickly tended to Cat and then myself. By that I mean, I took a shower and ate seven chocolate chips that made a mess in my bed. I guess I'm sleeping with the leftover crumbs today.
I didn't feel like doing my homework, so I just threw it in front of the door as a mini baracaked, seeing how my bag is a killer on the shoulders.

Laying in bed with my ceiling looking back at me with my briefs and baggy t-shirt on, I rub my thighs together as I think about Mr. Kim said to me. I can feel the imprint of his penis going in and out of my walls, making me clench due to his absence. "Fuck you, Namjoon!" I murmur to myself, with balled up fist. I feel myself growing needy just based on the fact that he told me I couldn't have him for a week. Oh wait, he moved it up to two weeks. The urge to have him grows strong as I try not to think about him, but my mind defies me and thinks about him inside of me even more.

I whimper at the weird feelings at the pit of my stomach. I bring my hands down to the hem of my underwear and pop my waistband against my hips, in hopes of distracting myself.

"I'll just find some substitute dick." I fold my arms, with a pout.

It's silent as I think about him being the first to break his own rule. After sitting in torched silence for nearly a minute, I scream out in agony.

"I just want some Namjoon." I roll over on my side, with a bigger pout on my face, compared to earlier.


i wanted to update a lot sooner, but i had writers hopefully this is still good for you.😅♥️

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