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Chapter 15

[Good to See you Again]

"Well it wouldn't hurt to satisfy myself for a little bit right?" My hand sinks into my underwear and cups my kitten. My hand sits there as I think about it whether or not I want to enjoy my free time. I bring my fingers up and wiggle them out of anticipation of my next move.

"Ah fuck it!" I pull my hands out of my underwear and grab my phone off of the nightstand by my bed to the left.

Unlocking my phone, I scroll through my contacts in alphabetical order and swipe down to the letter 'H' followed by twenty-six numbers by each name "Hookup."

"One is good, but I haven't seen him in a while so that would be weird, plus he always ate my pussy weird. Next." I scroll down a bit. "How about number 18?" I think about another con of hooking up with him. "His length is nice, but it's too skinny for me, so it always feels like he's jabbing me. He really needs to control his hips." I shift in my bed to sit up a bit.

"Hmmm, how about 13? He was always pretty good at being dominant, though he would often switch to being a softy in the middle.....but~ his stroke game was amazing!" I can feel myself getting a little wet thinking about how good he would make me feel.

"I'd say he was pretty close to Mr. Kim's dick game, especially for a 'baby' as Mr. Kim would say. On top of that, it hasn't been long since we last saw each other. I would have saw him more if Mr. Kim hadn't become my new main source for nutrition." I lick my lips. I tap on his contact name and hover my finger on the text and call icon. "What should I say? I don't wanna sound like I'm using him." I tap my finger on my chin.

"Hmm, let's continue down the list first." I tap the back arrow and scroll some more. "15, 16, 19, 20, 21-ooouuu how could I forget about 22," I laugh into my hand.

"He had that DDLG kink." I reminisce on the past. "It was hot, until it's not. I don't mind saying daddy here and there and throwing a slight tantrum until I get what I want, but I refuse to do baby talk."
He liked the high pitch voice in his female companions.

"What do those letters stand for again?" I put my hand on my chin as I sit up and lay my knees on either side of the mattress. "Daddy dom, little girl? Yeah that sounded right." I lean forward and slowly start to sink on the mattress and lay on my stomach.

"I wonder if he's still into that kink." I tap onto his contact name and read his number. "Let's find out," an evil grin soaks its way into my face.

Tapping on his contact name, I roll over on my back and listen to the ring. My heart starts to beat fast out of anticipation when I hear the first ring. After the second and third ring, I start to lose hope that he will answer. After the fourth ring, I hear the sound of the voice mail, but ultimately hangup.

"Hmm, one more time."

I don't know why I called him again, but I do know I had no shame calling twice.

I call again and this time, he answers on the third ring.

"H-Hello?" He says tiredly.

"Changbin? Are you busy?" I can hear him panting on the other side of the line. "Did you just finish working out? I can hear you breathing hard?" I laugh nervously.

"Fuck! Just like that!" My mouth drops as I hear him moan. "Did I come at a bad time?" Changbin catches his breath before reply. "Just stroke it for now," he tries to whisper. "Hello? Sorry about that? Who is this?" I laugh over the line. "You didn't look at my caller ID?" I say seductively. "Leila?! It's been a while, whatcha need?"

He sounds a lot more calmer and steady compared to just a few seconds ago.

"I was looking for you, my computer is acting up again and only you can fix it." I bit the nail on my pinky while I bent my knees. "Ahhh," I can hear him sucking in air through his teeth. "That only I can fix, huh? Ahhh!" Hearing his moans begin to do something to me.

I wiggle my hips as I shove my hands down my panties, slowly rubbing between my folds. "Yeah," I breathe out. "What day are you trying to have me--"

"Tonight." I cut him off. My fingers rub harder on my labia while imagining how his sexually frustrated face would look under me right now. "Tonight? That seems a bit soon. I kind of have my hands full...shit." I smile as I listen to his sexy voice.

"Seems like someone else has their hands full of you." We both laugh softly at my commentary. "Ah you're witty for that." I whimper when I find a sensitive spot, curling my toes in pleasure. "Mhm, I like what I hear. I'll see what I can do in such a short time." I hear him groan into the speaker. "Okay, I hope to see you soon." I pull the phone away from my ear and go to press the big red button on the glowing screen.

"Wait." I hear a tiny voice say from inside my phone. "Yeah, what's up." My finger stops it's movement. "Finish." My eyebrow raises. "Finish?" I mock. "Yeah, I wanna hear you finish." I know someone is there pleasuring him already, but I don't care. He's giving me his attention when someone else was already there to begin with, is such a turn on. "Okay," I smirk.

I set the phone down and press the speaker button.

"Make sure you're extra vocal baby."

I nod my head even though he can't see me. I run my finger over my hole and feel that I am already a bit wet. Playing off of that, I spread my wetness over myself and massage my hardened clit. I whimper again. "How are you feeling my dear?" My fingers stop when I hear that last word.

It reminds me of Mingi.

"It felt good, but I think I'd rather wait for you to come over." He groans through the phone but it doesn't sound like it's out of pleasure. "Awww, how are you just going to do me like that? We were just getting started." I shrug to myself. "A girl can change her mind Bin." I tease. "Now when I change my mind about coming over to fix your computer, don't say anything." I roll my eyes at his childish behavior.

"Stop~" Changbin laughs at me. "Alright, I gotta go. I need to finish." My mouth makes an "O" shape. "Alright, talk to you later." I let out a low giggle before hanging up. Once the line has ended, I stop mid-giggle.

"Well enough of that shit. All that horny business made me hungry." I pull my hand out of my underwear and hope out of bed. "What to eat?" I drag my feet across the cool floor all the way towards the kitchen. Digging around in the fridge, I see we have no meat, not even that's frozen. I see nothing but bagged fries, a bag of ice, a tub of mint chocolate ice cream, and frozen sticks of butter. "Gosh, we really need to go grocery shopping..."

And guess who can't go to the grocery store right now.

I know I could go to the convenience store that's around the corner and grab a few packs of ramen, but I'm comfortable in what I'm wearing and I don't feel like walking. I go to the cabinet full of canned goods and grab a can of tuna. "No, maybe two." I pull out another can of tuna and head to another cabinet on the other side of the kitchen which is next to the refrigerator and grab a box of crackers. I feel like I'm missing something. I put my finger and thumb on my chin and tap my foot in a quick one-two pattern, waiting out for what I'm subconsciously missing.

"Mayo!" I reach for the fridge and open the door. Along the door are placed plenty of unused condiments. I begin to scout for the needed condiment, spotting it, I bring it out to its set spot and place it on the counter. My stomach growls at me, making me pick up my pace. I head to the drawer full of silverware and pull out the can opener. I wash the top of the cans and open the cans with a slight struggle. The can opener would keep tearing the damn paper instead of just opening the metal trash.

I leave the lids of each tuna can slightly attached so I can drain the juice. As I do so, I hear a meow. Looking down near my feat, I see nothing. I hear another meow and look behind me to see Cat on the kitchen counter. "Cat! Get down." She simply sniffs the air. I watch as her cute little pink noses wiggles as she yearns to taste the tangy scent she smells. "I'll give you some, just get down."

We stare at each other without blinking, waiting to see each other's next move. I blink first and she practically begins to sing at me. "Fine!" I turn to grab a can and pull the metal lid as far back as I can and reach it out to her. "You want this girl?" Cat leans her body forward so far, that she begins to slip, but quickly catches herself. I bring the can closer towards the floor and she jumps off the counter with lightning speed and grabs my hand with her white paws so I can drop it.

"There. It's all yours." I gently drop the can and she begins to lick the tuna fish out of curiosity, before driving in.

I continue on with my original task, but with much less than what I started with.


So that tuna didn't sit right with my stomach and now I feel a little sick and queasy. I drank some water to help flush out my system but that helped a little. Now I sit here laying on my stomach with my head in my pillow as my T.V plays as background noise. Right now, I just have a random anime playing. It helps give the house some chill vibes, seeing how it's quiet with only me and Cat here.
Ding Dong!

I breathe deeply into the pillow, as I know I have to go and check to see who it is. "Changbin?" I speak into the pillow. I pat the upper part of my bed to grab my phone. Feeling my phone, I grab it and pull it to infront of my face to check the time; It's 12 in the morning. I believe I called him around six. When I thought tonight, I thought more like eight, maybe nineish. Well what can I expect from a dude I called while he got a blowjob.

"I'm coming!" Yell, even though I'm all the way upstairs. I sluggishly pull myself out of bed and shuffle downstairs.

The doorbells and I call out to him as I approach the door. Reaching the door I unlock it and see that I'm presented with a black haired Changbin with a black plastic bag in his hand. "Hey, Bin,"I say tiredly.

"What's in the bag?" I point to the bag. He doesn't say anything, his eyes are on my exposed legs. "Earth to Changbin," I taunt as I wave my hand in front of his face. "Huh? Oh! This?" he lifts up the bag. "It's a bag of condoms." He raises his eyebrows at me repeatedly.

"And how many are in there?" I fold my arms as I look at him like he's stupid. "I don't know, I do know that it's over eight. I don't plan on using them all on you, maybe one or two, max would be four." He rubs his hands together, giving me an odd stare. "What?" He rolls his eyes. "Are you going to let me in?"

"Ohhh~" My dumbass totally forgot to let him in. "Sure." I laugh at myself on the outside, while mental pulling and smalling my head against a wall on the inside.

I step to the side to let him in, and lock the door behind him once he safely walks through. When I turn around, Chanbin is gone. "What the hell..." I creep around and towards the kitchen to see Chanbin snooping through the kitchen. I lean against the door to let him find nothing.

"You know you aren't going to find anything in here right. We haven't gone grocery shopping all month." I chuckle. "Yeah, I figured that out the moment I opened the fridge. You wanna go to the store." I shake my head. "Nay~ I'll leave it to my momma." Changbin shrugs as he talks long yet slow strides closer to me.

"Well I'm hungry, I'm gonna order some pizza." He whips out his phone and calls a pizza place. "Make sure you get a personal, because I won't be eating." I warn him. "That's fine because I would have made you pay me two dollars for every slice you eat." I roll my eyes. "A jackass as usual aye?" Changbin bows as if he's a prince. "But what of course, my lovely."

Changbin tilts his head up as he gives me a sinister smile. "Don't look at me that way." He begins to creep closer like a cat.

"Changbin~ you're up to no good~." Changbin nods as takes another step closer to me, but I take two steps back.

I speed walk away, but hear his fast steps behind, which lowkey freaks me out. I feel my arm getting grabbed as I'm being pulled back into his chest, within seconds I'm being thrown onto one of the nearest couches. I pressure between my thighs and whole torso. "Changbin! Stop, I don't feel good," I laugh through the pain. "Then let me make you feel better."

He takes his hand and rubs up and down my thigh while he kisses on neck. I tilt my head back, craving more kisses. "Baby, the pizza," I whimper out. "It can wait, I wanna eat you first." He tugs on my neck with his teeth. I hiss out in pain and pleasure. "I see you still like pain." He does a long lick on my neck. "Just shut up and fuck me." I groan out.


"I'm home—you're so gross."

My mom walks past us, as I continue to talk to Changbin. The couch sits vertically and we take over all of it. I hold my bouncing breast, while Changbin still pounds into me from the bottom. Too in the mood he doesn't care about my mothers presence. I would be pissed, but I don't care either. "I can feel you clenching around me like crazy, you gonna come soon baby?" I nod my head as I can't mutter out any words. "I want you to cum on me baby." Changbin's grip on my butt tightens as I feel him go harder. "Fuck! Keep going, I'm close."

I feel something cold and wet run down my body. "AHH! What the fuck!" I look up to see my mom with a blue bucket that we usually keep under the kitchen sink, in her hands with water droplets falling from it.

"Get your nasty asses off of my couch!"


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