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Chapter 16

[School Day]

"So let me get this straight....she poured water on you both while y'all were doing it?" Maddison's mouth hangs open as she tries not to laugh. "Yes ma'am," I fog up her car window only to make a star shape that fades away in a matter of seconds. "Then she had us put on our clothes as she kicked him out and sent me to my room. Of course, I snuck him back in and had him help me find someone to take the boot off of my car. Then I snuck him back out haha."

"You're mom didn't scold you or try to punish you?" I shake my head. "Of course not. She stopped trying to punish me after I turned seventeen." I lean my seat back, shutting my eyes.

"Don't get too comfortable, we're about to arrive at the school." Maddison turns down the air, which I'm kinda glad she did because her air blows really loud, which makes it hard to hear when she talks; Maddison has a soft voice. "I think I'm gonna stay here for a bit. I'll miss my first three classes, I'm still tired." I yawn, shifting in my seat to lay on my side, giving her my back. "Well at least you aren't angry anymore."

Huh, I didn't even realize.

"That's true. See boys are good for something. Good stress reliever." I joke but Maddy doesn't seem to find it funny. "I guess," I faintly hear Maddy say behind me. She sounds a little sad.

I barely lift my body off of her seat and turn my head back to look at her. "Woah, don't be like that. What's wrong?" Madison shakes her head, but she should know I won't take that as answer. "It's something!" I raise my voice a bit to add emphasis. I analyze her side profile as she tried to hold a stern expression, but her frown is seeping through, unmasking her true feelings without her even knowing. "Don't tell me you like a boy!"

Maddison barely smiles as she breathes out a laugh, refusing to look at me. "No it's not that..." this behavior is different for Maddison. "Then what is it? Spill. You always got a big mouth and telling us everything little thing anytime you get the chance." I slowly lift my seat back up, watching Maddison's side view the whole way, which she still refused to look at me. The chair makes a weird mechanic buzzing sound the whole way up.

"I know...I'm just trying not to be such a loud mouth. I was just going to wait until you asked and noticed my expressions." Maddison shrugs. I notice how she fixes her posture in her seat. "Don't do that. Okay?! Just know when to open your mouth and when to go on hush mode. Now spill." I cross my arms over my perky chest.

"Well this may sound silly...but I want a boyfriend..."

I can tell how nervous Maddison is feeling after saying that out loud. "A boyfriend? Really?" I raise one eyebrow up. "Yes and there is nothing wrong with that." Maddison begins to speak with her hand.

"Okay, then go get one-" I try to advice but the bratty mouse interrupts me. "It's not that easy! I'm seen as a slut. Every time I have a boyfriend, we end up having sex and sometimes I want it and other times I don't know how say no the them. I never end up regretting it though. They really know how to make me feel good and pretty in bed. But after we break up, they do mean things! I don't know how to pick them." Maddison pouts, finally looking at me. "Well then pick them right. It can't be that hard for you."


This time I avoid eye contact because she keeps giving me puppy eyes. "Well I was thinking~" I shake my head.

"Nope." I cross my arms, giving her my back as best as I can. "Please~" I roll my eyes. "Ugh! Why me? I don't do relationships. I haven't been in a relationship since sixth grade and even then, we only dated for fifteen days." I try my best to explain without being mean. "Please Leila," I face the front and continue to shake my head. "What did I say Maddy?" I soften my voice while still holding an assertive tone. "You said yes." I crash my eyebrows together. "No I didn't." I correct. "See you said it again!" Maddison begins to smile.

I sigh, after rolling my eyes. "You're lucky you're cute." With that Maddison squeals. "Thank you so much Leila! I know you'll find someone perfect!" Maddison unbuckles her seat belt and wraps her arms around my neck with the speed of a cheetah, as she pulls me into a tight hug. "Hands on the wheel woman!" I grip the steering wheel. I hear Maddison's muffled giggle behind me and feel the vibrations of it. "Oh silly, we're already here." I look around and see that we're parked and surrounded by a few cars. "Oh....right."

Maddison pulls away from the hug to dig into her back seat, pulling out her bag. "Yeah, no. I was serious. I'm missing some hours." I sit back in my seat, leaning the chair back as far as I can.

"Oh okay. Well then I'll just leave my keys here and you can give them to me later at lunch." Maddison fluffs her hair before exiting the vehicle.


"You're late to my class Ms.James." I can't help but roll my eyes. "Yeah I know, big guy. I was sleeping in my friends car." I pat Mr. Kim's muscular chest as I make my way to my seat, joining the rest of the class. I yawn on my way there. "Plus, I'm only...what? Five minutes late. I'm sure I didn't miss anything important." I set my bag down next to my desk and sit down. "Fifteen. Take my class seriously Ms. James, I do determine if you pass my class or not. Now take out your English book and read pages 112-115 and answer the questions to the reading." I dig through my backpack for my book while he speaks. "Yeah, yeah." I don't see the hard book but I pull out the spiral notebook and a mechanical pencil instead.

Seeing how I have no book, I turn to the person seated behind me in my column. "Hey can I borrow your book?" The student doesn't speak but goes straight to their bag. Watching him ruffle through his things, I begin to realize something.

Why doesn't he already have his book out?

I turn around in my seat, only to get a better view of the top of everyone's desk. All of their desks are clear, except a few who pulled out pencils or pens.

Ahh that bastard!

I now look at my teacher who's avoiding eye contact by going over a stack of papers as he stands in front of his workspace.

I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn my head to get a good look behind me. "Here." The male sharply says. I snatch the book, not liking his tone.
"Aye dipshit!" I call out.

"Yes Ms. James," Mr. Kim says dryly. He doesn't want to entertain me but he can't help it.

"Why am I the only one who has to do this dumbass book work?" I can feel how my face is scrunched up, it's probably an ugly expression. "Because you don't take my class seriously, I thought I'd teach you a lesson by giving you one. Then you'll really realize how important it is." He forces a smile, giving me an angry stare. "Okay Mr. Han." I reference 'The Karate Kid' movie. "Now how many points is it and when is it due?" I wave the book while I speak. "It's due tomorrow as soon as you enter my classroom. I want it right on my desk," he pats a corner of his desk. "As for the possible points, you'll find out won't you?" He smirks and I hear a squeal in the back of the classroom followed by a tiny 'sorry'.

"I run this shit Happy Feet." The class erupts with laughter.

"What a bunch of dick riders. That wasn't even funny," I mumble in a pout.


"Ugh~! I should have missed the whole day!" I flop down in a seat at our lunch table, joining the rest of my girls.

"Well if it isn't the floozy crew themselves. Well except you June, well maybe." I hear a witch cackle behind me.

First Mr. Kim now hear comes the wannabe witch, who talks shit anytime she gets the chance. I wouldn't even consider her a bully. "Oh Reece, I totally forgot you still exist. I thought those two dicks you were choking on last week would have killed you. But you kn" Reece straightens her posture, and I can tell she's fighting back the urge to walk away. "It's just Ree and you have no idea what you're talking about." I don't fight back my urge to roll my eyes though.

"Maybe if you swallowed enough sperm from your victims, you could gain a few braincells up here," she harshly poked her temple while bending down to my eye level. "Oh come on now Young, you know I could never swallow as much as you," I chuckle, shoving her by her shoulder in a playful way. "Was that suppose to be witty? It doesn't matter because everyone will always see you as your number one slut." She walks off trying to get the last word.

"You're just mad you always place after me! Jeon never wanted you anyways! He said I had better cooc-" May who sits besides me stops me mid shout as she pulls my shoulder harshly. She mentally scolds me as she shakes her head 'no' with a straight face.

I hear the sound of a lunch tray hitting the ground behind me. I turn around and see a girl rushing to pick up her spilled food frantically with her bare hands. Looking at her surroundings, I see why.

It's Mr. Min; he's our choir and band teacher. He's walking through the cafeteria with his own lunch in his hands. He's another teacher girls swoon over. I've never had his class, but I would sure let him teach me some lessons, if you know what I mean.

Mr. Min crouches down and hands the girl her half empty carton of milk, which causes the female student to blush and look down at her messy tray. Our music teacher stands up and dust his hands off before he continues to stroll through the cafeteria. Walking past our table Mr. Min smiles and finger waves at us. "Hi ladies." Maddison and June say it back in unison.

"Ah Mr. Min is so handsome, maybe I should see if I can transfer to his class." Maddison cups her cheeks as she coos over our schools music teacher.

"I think you might be a little late for that," I steal a fry off of May's plate. She doesn't refrain herself from popping me in the back of my arm. I pout while enjoying the fry, as I rub my arm to sooth the pain.

"It's never too late." Maddison closes her eyes tight with her small hands in a firm fist.


"Are you almost done?" My foot taps against the black cement as I watch the skillful teen work his magic.

Remember how I told Maddison that Changbin helped me find someone to take the boot off of my car?

Yeah well this is him; he says his name is Bang Chan. He said he had to work immediately after school at this automotive shop so he had to change into this jumper, which is his uniform. It's dark blue, but he said they also have brown. A while ago while we were talking, I noticed a swan with a huge head and a small body in a small pond on the shoulders' left seam. It's looks exactly like the swan on that bodyguard. I didn't want to say anything right away but it alarmed me. I hope he isn't working for that man whore.

"Just about~," he grunts out as he pulls the yellow boot off of my tired. He stands up with a triumphed expression on his face. "Here ya go!" He says in an Australian accent. He pushes the boot towards me, but I push it towards him and shake my head. "I'm good, you keep it." I give him a sarcastic smile. His mouth makes an 'o' shape as he pulls the boot into his embrace.

I dig into the pocket of my jacket and pull out the twenty dollars I've prepared to give to him. "Here ya go." He takes the payment and bows before he goes down to gather all of his tools. I look around and fiddle with my fingers. For some reason, I'm hesitant to ask him about the logo on his uniform. "You know that looks familiar." He looks up from the ground level a bit confused but still holds a smile. "Uh yeah. What about it?" he chuckles. "Does your boss go by A?" I finally spit out.

"A?" Bang Chan repeats, looking up at the cloudy sky. "Uh nope," I sigh out of relief. "We just call him Mingi and sometimes add sir after it."

Oh lord.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me. He said to answer his call exactly at 7:30." I crash my eyebrows together. "How does he know you're seeing me today?" I fold my arms. "Oh, I have to tell him about everyone when I offer my services." Bang Chan smiles as he gets up off of the ground. "Isn't that an invasion of privacy?" Bang Chan shakes his head. "Nah not really. But it does suck that I have to give him 10% of my earnings," he kicks the rocky pavement.

Awe I sorta feel bad. Oh I know!

I open my car door and crawl over the passenger seat and reach for the floor. I pick up some of the money, not caring to count it, seeing how I want it gone.

"Here ya go! You give him that twenty dollar bill and keep this." I handed him an unknown amount of money that he gratefully takes. "Wow! Thank you! I sincerely appreciate it. I know you're probably wondering why I have to give him 10% of my earnings, but that would be something personal as well." I sit down in the driver's seat, while he talks; when he finishes I shake my head. "No no, I'm not looking for personal information. I don't care like that," I laugh with a smile. Bang Chan awkwardly joins in.

"Alright, I'm going to go." Bang Chan walks away with his things.

I get in my car fully and close the door and roll down the window. I rest my head on the chair and begin to relax my body. I've been feeling really tired today, yet I find little amounts of energy in the spur of a moment. When I get home I'm taking a two hour nap. I know it's already a little past five.

My ears twitch at a recognizable noise, a noise that sounds exactly like a car slowly rolling over a rocky pavement. I try to keep my eyes closed but the noise seemed to have stopped right before me.

"Stop fake sleeping and get in this car." My eyes pop open at the smooth and devilish voice.

I turn my head, only to see Mingi in a black limo in the backseat. Behind him, I see a depressed Bang Chan in the middle seat. His mood changed in a matter of minutes.

Was he faking that smile the whole time?

"It's not nice to keep your elders waiting."

"I'm not coming wit-" I tall buff man stands in front of my door. He's so tall that I can't even see his face, but his mini gut is on displayed and is pressing against my window in his black turtleneck and black suit. "I'm not coming without my phone~! Duh!" I nervously chuckle on my way out of the car.

When I get out of the car, I avoid looking the tall man and rush to the other side of the vehicle and get in with the rest of the men.

"That's my dearest." Mingi smirks.


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