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Chapter 17

[What A Relief]

The atmosphere is tense and I can feel my anxiety slowly building. After getting in the car we sat in the parking lot for about two minutes before pulling off. The car was completely silent. It's like the driver knew not to say anything without Mingi speaking. I then heard a short buzz up front right before we pulled off.

Stealing glances at Bang Chan who sits next to me, I could see beads of sweat trickling down the side of his face. His foot would repeatedly tap against the carpeted floor as his fist gets tighter and tighter on his knee caps.

After a while I got tired of looking at him and decided to look at the floor just like him.

"Chan." With my head still down, I look over at Bang Chan and see his eyes have gone wide. He's clearly intimidated by his boss.

"Yes, sir?" He slowly raises his head a bit. "Do you have my money?" He holds a stern tone. "Y-Yes sir." Bang Chan digs into his pocket. I see the tip of his twenty dollar bill being pulled out of his pocket. Pulling the rest out I see the extra money I gave him. I see a ten fall out of his pocket and onto the floor.

I notice his frantic facial expression, which I too fall under. We share a panicked stare. Luckily the dollar bill feel in between our feet, which I smoothly catch with my foot and slide towards me. Bang Chan looks relieved as he mouths a 'thank you Leila' to me.

"Here you go sir," Bang Chan pushes the dollar towards him, but Mingi only eyes the dollar. "Are you sure that's all of the money?" All I can do is stare and watch as the scene goes down. "Uh...yes sir." Mingi firmly nods and gently takes the money without looking at him.

"We're almost there. Sit still and be quiet." Mingi states before looking out of the window. I follow sue, watching the cars and trees pass bye.


"So why am I here?" I look around at the fancy black and red interior of his building while I follow Mingi behind. In the center of the room are four black large circular cushions placed to make a square. Entering the room, I notice Bang Chan walk off immediately into a shadowy area with a door slam followed right after.

"I like you Leila," Mingi says bluntly.

"What?" I pump my breaks immediately, freezing in my spot. "You're here because I like you." Mingi turns around, giving me a faint smile. I immediately step back and no matter how bad I don't want to, I can feel the blush creep on my face.

There's no way he could like me that fast. I mean I know I'm beautiful but dang!

"All we had was sex." I murmur out of astonishment. It's quite pathetic.

"You see, I fell for you the moment I saw you. I knew you'd be a perfect fit for me. Then meeting you in person made it even better." Mingi gently grabs my shoulders and pushes me down into one of the black cushions. There, I sit looking up to him more than before. The way his hips sit right in front of my face is unsettling. I wish he'd move them.

"I need to marry in a few years and I saw you in that future spot. You're going to be my wife." Mingi crouch's before me and takes my hand into his cold ones.


I'm not even 20 yet!

"B-But-" I just stuttered, damn it!

"No but's, it's happening." He grips my chin, and from seeing my displeased expression he gives me a tiny pout. Gently, I pull his hand away from my chin. Being in his territory, I feel as though I should careful with my attitude especially since he's not one of my school boys.

"Woah, you don't even know if I have a boyfriend." Mingi's facial expression turns cold. "Are you implying that you're a cheater?" Mingi stands, towering over me. My mind goes to back to what he and I did in the dark room. The way he looks down on me, I feel intimidated; I feel as if he could do anything to me right now and would get away with it. Well it's not like he hasn't already.

"Me? No- I was just saying a "what-if"." I grow nervous the more time I spend with him. "Don't do that." Mingi begins to pat and rub my head slowly. It feels as though he's a psycho who's going to kidnap me. Wanting to avoid eye contact, I keep my gaze onto his black suit while I listen to him ramble on.

"Every night, I can rub your head like this," his hand slips under my chin, quickly snapping it up. "Then I can lay you down like this and kiss the soft supple skin that sheaving your neck." Mingi pushes me onto the black cushion and props himself up with the opposite hand and knee so he can hover over me. His hand is right on my ear and I curse myself for letting my legs be spread a bit, allowing him to position his knee right there between them.

"I'd do you every night, so you know who you belong to," his warm breath fans against my neck and rosy cheek.

I would usually get turned on by his words but it's missing something. Or more so, it's the wrong person saying it. Just imagining him possibly saying those words to me right now sets fire to my stomach. I need to see him again.

"I'd spoil you and all you have to do is be there dearest." My body instantly gets chills when I feel his cold fingertips gently glide up my bare thigh, inching closer into my skirt.

Marriage. What would he think? I enjoy my time with him and he knows my body so well, more than anyone else. He's a very jealous person. Watching him snatch me out of the arms out this douche would sure make a hot scene in my eyes.

I close my eyes thinking of the touches that should belong to him. And without thinking I let his surname slip out of my mouth in a whispery moan.


I clasp my hands over my mouth, accidentally hitting Mingi in the face in the middle of my actions. I open my eyes immediately and see him getting up, rubbing the side of his cheek I swiped. He seems calm and irritated at the same time.

"So who is this Kim? They're strictly a female friend, no?" He clearly knows it's a guy, he's just test me. "Um sure," I slowly lift myself up. "Good. I'd like to meet her." My eyes widen. "Why do you need to meet her?" I raise my eyebrow. "For a bridesmaid of course." My mouth slightly hangs open while I nod my head in confusion.

Turning around and talking a few steps away from me, Mingi suddenly stops in his tracks with his back still facing me. Turning his head, I can see a smirk perfectly placed on his side profile.

"For her to only be a friend, it is surely bizarre for you to moan out her name is such a dangerously sexy voice in front of my own friend. Would you not agree?"

Why is he talking like that?!

"You seem to be holding your tongue." I quickly shake my head snapping out of distracting thoughts. "Huh?" I heard him say something but totally didn't not process it truly. "Never mind that," Mingi sighs, as he spins on his heels to face me. "Jimin!"

I see male on the shorter side come sprinting into the room in a vest in a maid like shirt with loose black slacks that cover his lower form. He dashes in front of Mingi, holding a shiny grey tray with three glasses, holding what appears to be whiskey based off of my naked eye.

"Bring out the "stuff" Mingi says firmly. "Yes sir," Jimin places the glasses on one of the empty couches before dashing off from where he came, which is through a door that is right on front of us. Coming back with mighty speed, I see this Jimin come out with other workers that I shall call servants.

Mingi cocks his head backs and immediately, the servants come to me on their hands and knees with trays that have covers on top of them. I'm so confused and uncomfortable. Am I about to be sacrificed?!

"No! I won't let you get away with murdering me?! I won't let a fucking dick wetter like you kill someone so precious and god damn fine like me!" Everyone watches in silence as I go off in panic.

"What are you talking about dearest? I was only having them bring jewelry to you. I shall only have my future wife in the best accessories." Mingi explains with one hand behind his back while the other wavers around.

"I shall have you looking the best, dressing the best, and no one shall claim you other the me."Mingi comes back and crouches before me once more. "Would you like that my queen. I build my empire and you will enjoy your little life." Mingi smiles and takes my hand, which slowly convinces me more seeing how I don't really wanna work in the future.

The more I think about it, I find it more enticing by each of his words. I'm gradually getting on board.

"I mean, I guess I'll marry you with the right proposal." Mingi chuckles cupping my cheek. I smile at my future husband, letting him take my hand into his own. "Ha you truly are a fool." My eyes must have popped out of my head after that one. "Excuse me?" I try to play off my embarrassment with a light laugh.

"I am not being forced into marriage and if I was, I most certainly wouldn't pick a lowlife like you. That would be idiotic. You simply do not benefit me in anyway other than blissful pleasure." My mouth drops and my eye brows raise.

I should have expected this. Mr. Kim, come pick me up.

"Well then, why am I here?" I frown. Mingi smiles before looking down at the ground. He gets up and sits on the cushion that is directly across from me. "Hmm, how do I respectfully tell you this? Our last encounter left me quite pleased, as well as the crowd, know it or not. I even told some friends about you that missed the show, some wanted to see you themselves."

"Do you show off all of your private business to your party guest?" I tug on the end of my skirt. "When prepared." I nod in disappointment. "You know, one main thing I've learned from my get arounds is that constant is key."

"I am aware my dearest, but when orders are given, you must follow. That is one thing I have learned from my father. You must never disobey an order, especially when they hold the power." He grabs one of the fancy jewelry's from his servants as he rubs and admires its fancy, red beauty.

To be honest, I don't follow but I feel like I should. Is he implying that I should do as he says? I think so.

"Okay~" I fiddle with my fingers. There's a moment of silence between us and it's literally killing me. "Back to what I was're going to be a stress reliever."

"You want me to be a therapist?"

"No sweetheart, we're going to fuck you to relieve stress."

"Well to that, I'm going to say no and head home. I have a test tomorrow." I stand up but immediately get pushed back down. "Sit down wet lips. I'm paying you for your body." I fake gasp. "I am. Not. A. Prostitute." I cover up my chest. "You didn't hesitate to take my money before," Mingi throws the necklace onto the tray. "So why now?"

"You're last dosage was enough," I give him a sarcastic smile. "But you gave most of it to Chan."

He knows too much!

"Okay, so what if I refuse?" I cross my arms. "Nothing much, I'll just kidnap you and kill your family." I blink repeatedly. "I'm joking!" Mingi bust into some sort of fancy laughter and I nervously join in. "Maybe." His facial expression turns sower, and so does mine. "It doesn't matter anyways, because I know you won't turn it down." He stands up and begins to walk away, and without thinking my feet and body follow after the man. "Your family is broke, your house is run down, and your mom is a piece of shit."

Okay, so he's stalking me. Very much normal.

"Excuse me?! This all may be true but that doesn't mean you have to bring it up!" I stomp on my feet behind him. "You know, I see the resemblance between you two." Mingi stops in front of a door and turns around, whirling his finger in front of me. "Your pretty rude for a rich guy who should have grew up on manners." I spit out. "And you're pretty easy for an 'experienced' girl." Mingi uses air quotes on the word "experienced."

"Now come on, I have to show you to someone." I take a few steps back to make a run for it, but my back hits a hard yet soft doughy surface. I turn around and a see a mans big gut staring back at me and looks exactly like the one from earlier. For some reason I refuse to look up. "Coming!" I rush through the doorway.

Heading through the hallway, I can hear music booming through the walls. Walking further down, I can get a clear whiff of smoke that smells exactly like those throat taking cigarettes. Mingi stops at a specific door that seems to be the room that plays the loud trap music.

"You ready?" I vigorously shake my head no, but that only causes him to smile as he opens the door, blinding me with colorful lights.
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