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Chapter 18

[Mingi and Friends]

The music plays as a woman on a mini stage in the back of the room dances in the blue and red lighting on a pole. The red light shines over the stage. In the room, a man with a shadowy face watches intensely. I watch how he purses his lips to the side to blow out smoke after taking a short buff from his cigarette.

In the spacious room, there are four of us, but it seems I'm the only uneasy one. I try to find something to focus on when I scan the room. I look at Mingi's hands on my shoulders and look up at his face. Following his gaze, he appears to be captivated by the half naked woman dancing. Taking a deep breath, I too decide to focus on her.

As each second goes on, I find myself truly captivated as well. The woman has true skills. The way she spins on the pole with one leg wrapped around the pole with her body leaned out, I can tell that takes a lot of core strength.

The pole dancer lands on the ground with her ass smashed on the floor and her foot pointed on the ground and in the air. The way she moves doesn't seem sexual at all, but she still seems to be turning me on and I can't be too sure if it's do to the lack of clothing.

I don't wanna take my eyes off of her. I never want her to stop dancing.

"You want to go next?"

I jump when I hear a deep and raspy voice by my ear. I look over to my right to see the man sitting down not too long ago, standing before me. I also feel the light pressure that was once on my shoulders gone. I look back and see that Mingi is gone. When did he leave?

"You're crying." My eyes grow big. Bringing my hand to my cheek, I feel a damp stream down my face. I'm shocked he can see the tear in this dim lighting. "Did my dancer move you that much? Do you want to go up and perform as well?"

Quickly shaking my head, I take a step back to put some distance between us. "I'm not a dancer."

I can't see his face too well, but it seems he's unimpressed. It's been stoic this whole time. Who is this emotionless bastard and why is he looking at me as if I'm the most boring person in the universe.

"Leila. That is your name right?" I nod my head but he only looks down at me. "Yeah, that's my name." He slowly nods his head as he looks at me without saying a word. "Leila," he murmurs out my name.

"Sit." He points to a seat close to the center of the room where more light shines. I scurry to a standard leather club chair and cross my legs. I place my hands over my knees as I wait for what's instore for me next. Erupting from the shadows I see Mingi's partner in crime walk back to his seat. However, just from his now fully visible side profile I could tell exactly who it was. My mouth hung open in shock but I couldn't say a thing. My lower simply twitched, anticipating for the moment for anything to come out. But only inaudible noises came out, which I'm kind of glad about.

When he sits down, I intensely stare in awe.

"You know, you look familiar. Have we meet before?" With my mouth still open and my eyes widening by the second, I slowly shake my head. He doesn't recognized me? That's good. I hope.

The man covered in blue lights places his hand on his chin. "You sure? Your name even sounds familiar and it's not like I meet a lot of Leila's around here." I nervously chuckle to make it seem like I'm interacting in the conversation even though I still can't speak. While this Air Head rambles, I take a look behind him and immediately gulp.

This loon has two swords crossed over each other in a red open case on his back wall. It's cool how the red and blue light merge together to make specks of purplish lighting that reflect off of the sword. However, that's not it, on the sides of the swords are big long guns with a grey stoned bear head statue above the displayed weapons.

"Does the last name Min, ring a bell to you."

My heart hurts. I hope I don't see him around school. What if he wants to do something dirty and I run into him the next day at school? That will be awkward. What if he saw me that night at the club? Having sex with my one teacher is enough stress. I don't need two.

"Nope." Is the only word I've been able to muster up the past two minutes. "Oh darn! Now this is going to bother me all day!" Out of nowhere, he pulls a knife out of the side of the chair cushion and throughs a knife at wall to his right where the pole dancer is stationed. I get anxious as I watch the knife fly between her legs as she is in mid air, spinning down the pole.

"Anyways, call me Mr. Augst." In slow motion I watch as he slowly brings his hand closer to for me to shake. My eyes don't miss how he has a ring on his index and ring finger. Shakely, I take my hand and link it with his to receive a firm shake. For some reason, my hand is clammy. I'm not one to usually get clammy hands.

"You're nervous." I detach my eyes from our conjoined hands and stare into his cat like eyes. It could be the lighting, but they seem dark and hooded. "I like a nervous wreck for a meal." I catch him bit and lick his lips as he eyes me down. His hand grip tightens around my hand and surprisingly, I'm not turned on.

"S-Sir-" his hold on me is gone in a matter of seconds when I hear another males voice. I look over to see the same boy out front who brought Mingi his drinks with the same tray. He looks nervous and scared to be around Mr. Augst and Mingi, but not as much as he does right now.

"Agh! Jimin, I told you to knock before you enter." Mr. Augst face palms himself. "I'm s-sorry sir-" Jimin drops the tray of glassed drinks on the floor out of his hand. "Ahh you're such a screw up. Pick it up and stop being so clumsy!" He scolds the trembling servant. "I'll be back." Mr. Augst winks at me before he stands up, displaying his hardened package, seems unintentionally, before me. I gulp, watching him walk away with such a big load in his pants.

I turned him on that much?!

Watching closely, I see how the servant, Jimin, is on his hands and knees on the floor with his second boss towering over him. Jimin is too preoccupied to realize, but his boss's boner is sitting right in front of his face, not knowing I'm the one that did the deed to his big friend.

Minutes has passed after Mr. Augst, who is also known as Mr. Min, has watched Jimin pick up every piece of glass off of the tiled floor. Jimin left the room sniffling after getting a slap on the wrist and another good scolding. To make him feel less embarrassed, I got up and walked around the room to occupy the time and make him feel like no one was paying attention to him. Though, I feel like this isn't the first time he has been embarrassed by his boss's in front of others.

Seeing those two actually reminds me of younger me with my mom.

"You may take a break now!" Mr. Augst calls out, and I snap my head towards him out of confusion. My head snaps back the other way when I hear heals clicking and panting. The music has stopped.

That's tuff!

She works on his command and the result of that is totally drainage. I take a few strides towards to help sit her down, but I'm stopped by a stern and scary voice. "Don't touch her. I never told you you could touch my dancer did I?" I twist my body around half way and shake my head with a fragile smile. "Sorry about that-"

"Come here." I furrow my eyebrows. "Huh?" He clearly looks annoyed.

"Are you really going to make me repeat myself? Come. Here." This time he gestures with a finger for me to come closer. My legs wobble with each step. He faces me with his legs sprawled out and his bulge on display.

It looks like he wants me to sit on his lap.

Getting closer, my feet begin to burn from each step. "Stop." I sigh out of relief. Now what?

"Put on a show for me."

I don't speak but I'm sure he can read my confused and puzzled expression, seeing how he rolled his eyes. "I cancelled my dancer and this won't go down by it's self." He points at his dick.

I'm a bit worried because I know exactly what 'put on a show' means because I know what he will want after. And being in the predicament I'm in, I feel as if the word 'no' leaving my mouth won't be allowed, nor accepted.

Where is the oh-so-great Mr. Kim when you need him.


"Ow, ow, ow." I limp out of the room in pain holding the back of my thigh. I feeling crippled as I walk down the dark and now quiet hallway. When I reach the door that Mingi and I walked through, I am greeted by the same douche as before.

It's Mingi if your ass didn't get it.

"Oh he must of worked you liked a dog." Mingi makes fun of me by speaking in pout. "Sure did, he even called me Betsy." I try to limp around him. "Where are you going without me?" He places his hard chest on mine and pushes me so that my back is up against the cold wall.

Oh my gosh, I do not have time for this. What time is it anyways? It feels late. I don't even have my phone in my possession because it's in my bookbag, and you wanna know where my bookbag is?

I'll tell you anyways. It's in his freaking limo!

"I'm going home 'without' you." I state in a harsh tone. I don't care about my attitude with him anymore. My day has been spoiled by idiots, well except Bang Chan. He's cool.

I have been threated and forced to exercise. I hate it here. Humans are true tortue machines.

"How, when I'm your ride home dearest?" Mingi places a peck on my cheek before dragging me off the wall and through the door. "By the way, I will also be dropping you off at school."

I can't seem to catch a break with this guy. Just leave me alone!

"Oh how considerate of you." I grit through my teeth.

"I know!" I can't see his face, but I just know he's smirking on the other side. I just know it.


"See you tomorrow dearest!" His voice still rings in my head as I remember how he pulled off without even checking if I made it in the house. But that was great for me because I didn't want to see or hear him any longer. I am happy that he didn't bother me in the car; he was on his phone making calls for the most part.

Tossing and turning in bed, I can't shake the bothersome feeling I get knowing that Mr. Kim and I aren't on talking terms. We've had our moments like this before but I don't know if it's this Mingi and friends situation that is adding stress. Plus whenever we would have our 'fall outs' it was because he wouldn't give me a good grade like I'd demand or it was a disobedience issue when it came to dominance.

You see, I can be a bit of a switch sometimes, but I prefer to be a sub. It's something about seeing a big buff, dirty blond, twenty five year old man who likes to educate others that just turns me on.

Even though I should be mad at him, I can't help but wonder what he's doing. Is he thinking about me? Does he regret his choice? Will he contact me first? So many more questions in my head but I know I won't get them all answered, at least not yet. There is still one thing I know and that is that Mr. Kim and I are perfect fuck buddies.

He knows my body extremely well, down to the womb while I know just how to turn him on and clench my walls just how he likes.

But that gets my upper engine burning, a.k.a. my brain. Which leaves me thinking, which can't be too good, what kind of couple Mr. Kim and I would be.

I'd say freaky would definitely be at the top of the list. Maybe protective with a hint of jealousy in the mixing bowl. I can't see much else right now, but that just makes me curious. Don't confuse yourself though, I don't like him, I was just playing around with the thought of us being a thing.

"Oh none of this stuff even matters because he's not even talking to me! He shoved his dick in his pants and put it on a strike!" I flail in bed, kicking the mattress below me with the back of my heels, elbows, and fists. Not enough to satisfy my tantrum, I carefully stand up on my bed and jump on it, growning and shrieking without a care.

"This is actually quiet relaxing." I jump again and growl out loud. I feel like a monster with no regard for others; however, my moment filled with screaming is over when I hear my door swing open fast and without time to react or open my eyes, I'm hit in the mouth by something that feels like cold metal folded that makes a rattling sound, that's by a plastic pole. Hit hard, I fall face down on my bed with little to no pain.

Sadly, the first hit wasn't the last. I get the same feeling I just tasted not too long ago on my mouth, now on my back, thighs and butt. I scream out in agony while I try to cover as much of my body as I can with my decently tiny hands. Eventually I feel something prickly hit my thighs and I know exactly what it is.

"Please stop! Mom! Stop! Please!" She continues to harshly beat me with a broom. "You brat! People are trying to sleep? That goes for the roaches too and you're over here screaming like a Wild Bandshee! Go to bed. Right now!" She stops hitting me after her speech.

"Yes yes, okay I promise!" I quickly get under the covers and pull the comforter up to my nose. "Goodnight mommy..." I repeat like a child. "Don't call me that shit." The imposter who literally can't be my mother slams the door on her way out.

Threatened, forced to exercise, and beaten.

That was my day.

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