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Chapter 19

[Rumors Run]

Shing! Shing! Shing!

I continue to knick at the engraved burnt parts of the toast with my butter knife. The black crumbs easily begin to pile up on the counter due to my flicking motion. I woke up earlier than usual today, so I had time to make me breakfast but the good stuff got invaded by unwanted creatures.

Cleaning my bread, I can hear my mom's footsteps making their way down the steps and towards the kitchen. I'm still irritated about last night so I made the choice to avoid looking at her. Hearing the footsteps come to a complete stop at a distance already makes me want to look at her.

I can feel her presence behind me, still in the same spot, she isn't moving. The sound of the refrigerator door being opened makes me anxious even more. Just to steal a glance at her once more before she turns around is all I need.

No. Don't do it!

I trying to tell myself, but my head keeps slowly turning behind me.

My eyes land on a muscular back that is covered in an off-white beater. The hair is much shorter than my moms and is a darker brown. This isn't my mother, it's another random dude.

Processing that this isn't my mom, I poke my inner tongue with my cheek and slam the butter knife on the counter. The guy shakily turns around. He looks different from the other guys she has hooked up with. He still looks like he lives in poverty, but he wears glasses and seems more timid and cautious towards others. Though, I don't like how he is going in our empty refrigerator as if he lives here, so maybe not.

"H-Hi, s-sorry. I was just-" The timid adult male, shakily lifts up the small covert in the refrigerator and takes out a stick of butter, causing me to raise my eyebrow. "I was just g-grabbing this." He dashes out of the kitchen and I can hear him running back upstairs.

Sighing, I turn back around, to give my toast my attention again, however my mind won't let that happen, seeing how it's running rapidly now.

"When will she stop bringing random guys home. We live here goddamn it. This is our only place of sanctuary and that's already being invested by small critters. I mean look at her, hooking up with random guys just because dad left her. I can tell you now mom, you won't find a man by letting multiple dig into them. I'm sure you're not even being safe. Are you? That's none of my business. But you know you can't keep doing this. It's getting you have to stop Leila."

My hand balls up into a fist and I think about it more and more. It's getting me madder and madder. I keep thinking about me being in this place. I'm in the same position as her for the most part.

"Mmmhm fuck!" I crush the toast that I was working so hard on right in my hands over the sink. The toast crumbs into the sink, making a light thud noise. Looking at the hardened bread in the sink, I notice that I got majorly of the burnt pieces off of the toast. All that hard work, wasted.

"It's time to go." I grab my book bag off of the counter and storm my way out of the door, only caring to lock the bottom lock from the inside.

Walking along the sidewalk, I'm stopped by a familiar black limo, but this time it's got a big long sticker across the side of the car reading 'Leila James was in here.' For the second time, I felt embarrassed by this man only on our third encounter.

I immediately rush to the car's side and pick at the corner of the rectangular poster. I can hear someone get out of the car but I don't care to even give them my attention. I pick at the poster even faster, despite knowing that it won't come off.

"You're going to scratch up the car, and I don't think you can pay for it." Mingi grabs my wrist, pulling me in his direction. We locked eyes and for a second there, he almost looked happy to see me. Gross.

"Says you." I get up in his face. Mingi chuckles before rolling his eyes. "Get in the car." He lightly pushes me by my back and towards the opened back door. I scowl at him from behind.

Getting in the car, I make sure I sit close to the car window, making sure I am smushed as possible. Mingi looks me up and down, with a hint of confusion written among his face. I watch how he shakes his head before sliding over towards me. His arm wraps around my lower back and scoots me over, barely an inch in his direction. There, he sits right next to me with nothing but his arm wrapped around me, but it bothers me. He's too close for comfort.

I don't bother to push him away because I know he will just come back, and there isn't much room to run, so there's no point in wasting my energy. Instead, I look out of the window and watch as we drive down the quiet street.

I steal glances at him here and there, hoping that he will move at some point. I groan to myself, before imagining his touch disappearing. However, that doesn't happen because I begin to feel a warm breath on my neck. I shiver and shift uncomfortably in my seat.

"Could you move?" I say with a bit of attitude, while looking at his faint reflection in the window. I watch his smirk appear and disappear in a matter of seconds. His soft and warm lips graze the skin of my neck right before he nibbles on my neck. My eyes close out of satisfaction that I refuse to admit out loud.

"Dearest, you look so stressed." His hands grips my thigh and I immediately clench my thighs together. His hand runs over my left thigh repeatedly in a smooth circular motion. He begins to go in on my neck again like the night at the bar and I feel myself sinking into his touches again.

"Ah please no more." I grow frustrated by the lacking amount of touches. "Please what?" His hand goes down my thigh and towards my crouch. "Please....stop...." I grip his hand firmly and turn to look him in the eyes. I try to go for the warning eyes, mothers usually give.


Mingi drops me off on the side of school and I examine this side of the building, I grow worried down from the core. Mr. Kim's classroom is on this side. I need him to pull off fast, especially since my name is taped to his vehicle. Which I still don't know why. I'll question it later.

I get out of the car and try to scurry away from the vehicle as fast as I can. My feet stop in their tracks when I hear my name being called.

"Leila, dear!"

Damn, I was so close to escaping.

"Yeah?" I turn around and watch him lean up against the door in the seat I was sitting at. "Don't forget to give me my sugar." My eyes roll to the back of my head, as far as possible. "Didn't you get enough of those in the car?" I grip onto the strap of my book back and stick out my hand in fake confusion.

Mingi shakes his head, knowing very well that he is lying. I'm reluctant to head back to the car, but then I remember Mr. Kim can see us. Approaching the car with some pep in my step, Mingi gets out and that gets me nervous. Watching him get out of the car, makes me want to push him back in but I refrain myself.

Mingi looks down over me and leans closer to my lips. Before our lips can connect, I grip onto his upper arms and switch positions with him, giving his back to my school building. Here I let him lean into the kiss. My eyes keep looking at Mr. Kim's classroom window.

Our lips touch once again for the first time in a while and I let him go on for no longer than 10 seconds. Breaking the kiss with the excuse of class, I look at Mr. Kim's window again before walking off.

Only taking a few steps on the sidewalk, I look behind me and see Mingi looking in the same direction I was. My face crunches up and I begin to pick up my pace and face forward.


When I walk down the hallway, my peers take one look at me and jump or stare harder, but they all gasp. I'm used to attention but this seems different, again. I hear mumbling, and the more students that are captivated by my appearance enhance the volume. What started off as mumbling easily fills my ears with false echoes.

I keep my cool as best as I can even if my ears are getting irritated. The concentrated sounds subtly raises a ringing in my ear that slowly tortures me. I look for clear voices in the pure mess called noise that's stuffed in my ears.

Digging and searching with the tiny mental claws I can hear the words clearly. Hearing what my peers have to say about me and my new appearance makes me want to chuckle. I can't tell if they worry or wish such things upon me. Even so, I know such b.s would never happen.

"Did her last hook do that?"

"I think her last boy toy got a little too rough."

"Wrong candidate....i mean just look at her's totally busted."

"She's got a big mouth, think he tossed her around a bit to show her who's boss?"

"I heard her last hook up hit her in the mouth. I'm sure she deserved it."

I reach the end of the chattering tunnel and all I can do is tsk at my peers. Idiots. Fucking idiots I tell you.

High school kids always gotta have something to talk about.

Worry about yourself, cause in the end, you'll be all alone.

Coming to my senses, I look up and around my surroundings and see that I'm right outside of his classroom.

"When the hell did I walk here?!" I whisper yell to myself. Looking down at the only thing I can blame, I quickly scold my feet. "Stupid feet. Don't go walking around without my brain's permission....dummy." I lightly step on my left foot.

"I guess I should go..." I look up at his door. "Yeah, it's time to go." My feet don't move an inch. Instead I lift on the ball of my feet and rock back on my heels. "Feet don't start with me." I stare off into the distance, trying to be serious. Since my feet won't move, I think of something that will get them on the run.

"Someone might see us~" I attempt to trick my brain.

My right foot is the first to get picked up, but stop by someone rushing out of the room and in my way. We lock eyes and I immediately begin to scowl. However their appearance is what bothers me more.

"H-Hey, Ms. James, sorry Ms. James. See you around."

Not that I wanted to, but she walked away so fast that I didn't even get to say a word to her. I caught her subtly trying to fix her hair with her fingers as she walked out. I could see her uniform was wrinkly. Much more the usual amount for her.

I quickly turn my attention to the man that is temporarily occupying the room. Looking through the crack of the slowly closing door, I can see my teacher fixing his tie and wiping his mouth with his thumb. I could only guess he's doing this to get rid of the excess saliva, I presume someone else's. I catch a good look at Mr. Kim's hair that sits messily on top of his head before the door slams in my face from the air pressure.

I look back behind me, the direction that Hyun-Mi went, and put two and two together.

That Hyun-Mi gets on my nerves. She thinks she's gotta have everything. Some things or people just aren't meant for us, and it seems we have to learn that the hard way sometimes.

"She'll learn that Mr. Pervert is mine. Don't worry Leila."


Fifth period only started fifteen minutes ago and the class is already talking about me and my busted lip. The gossip didn't bother me at first but then I gradually began to get a headache and that part I didn't enjoy.

I can feel my face starting to contorte out of pain and the loud noise, which is slowly annoying me. But from the front of the classroom I can feel an intense stare burning into my forehead. I can't help but look up.

Not surprised at all, I see Mr. Kim's eyes are locked onto me and it's actually pissing me off.

Say something to me you fucker or stop staring.

My perverted teacher's silence mixed with the content murmurs aggravates my ears.

"Shut up." I say quietly, squeezing my eyes shut. I'm trying to give the class time to quiet down. I cover my ears, but the sound still muffled through. It's just a little bruise, they can stop making a big fuss of nothing.

I opened my eyes to Mr. Kim's eyes still pierced at me. I try to ignore his stare and focus on drowning my annoying classmates out. But suddenly I feel a harsh breeze hitting my face so hard I feel as if I could fly to that back of the classroom, but I know that's me making it extra dramatic in my head.

There he is, the man that caused a breeze so hard I'm sure the rest of class could feel it. I can tell that the class is just as attentive as I am.

"Quiet! Leave the chit chat outside of my classroom. If you're going to talk about your classmates, do it on your own time!"

Wow~ so heroic. Not!

"Oh come on Mr. Kim. We were only joking." I hear a boy snickering to the far right behind me. I turn around to see a boy with black hair and a bang covering his left sitting in his seat with his legs crossed and a single arm dangling behind his chair. "And besides, Leila can take a joke. Leila can take a lot of things." He shows off his evil grin while making direct eye contact with me.

I'm so glad I never fucked him.

"Ms. James, a word." I turn to see Mr. Kim with hooded eyes. His foot taps on the floor in what I'd have to guess is anger.

I get up, and walk towards the door, slightly pressing my body against it as I stare back at the dozens of eyes watching me leave the classroom. I wait against the lockers for my teacher who should be out in any second.

Hearing the door open, I was already eager to roll my eyes.

"Ms. James..." My teacher spoules out. "Cut the shit." He sighs, daring to look at me. "Ms. your teacher I'm going to ask you a serious, yet, personal question."

Oh gosh hear we go.

"For safety purposes, of course, what is your average number of sexual partners a month and is it with protection?"

I put my finger on my chin and began to think. "My usual body count would be 8." He repeats the number in shock and I could almost laugh on the spot, but I will refrain myself. "Well it used to be..." Mr. Kim looks so relieved. "Lately you've been my main source of protein, but I have few side snacks here and there. So I say the number number down to 4." Mr. Kim seems a bit iffy about that number, but I'm sure he prefers 4 over 8.

"And the protection?" He steps closer. Not that there was much distance between us before. "Of course Mr. Joon, I'm not a wild animal." I fancy my tone and place my fingers on my chest. I gasp when he grabs me by the collar of my shirt and

"Now, as your teachers with extreme benefits, I must say, I should advise you that I don't like sharing and that you should fix that." His voice is so deep and raspy that it makes me want to melt in his hands.

"Oh Mister Joon! Handling a woman like me as so, in front of all these folks, people might get the wrong idea." I pry his sausage fingers off of my now wrinkled shirt. I repeatedly swipe my hands down my shirt, trying to flatten it as best as possible. Getting my shirt as flat as possible, I look around the empty hallway.

"We best get to class. You don't want your precious students getting the wrong idea about us, now do we." I grin, walking around him.

When I reach the door, I can feel that Mr. Kim is very close behind me. I jump when I feel his firm hand slap my butt.

"Oops, my hand must have slipped." My perverted teacher flashes me an innocent smile.

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