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Chapter 2

[Girl Talk]


The sound of a locker being slammed can be heard throughout C hall. "So why'd you do it four eyes?"

Currently I'm talking to the boy that exposed me earlier in class, during our passing period. Yeonjun is his name; he and I are both the same age: eighteen. He's actually kind of cute in a shy and timid way. Yeonjun is very respectful and nice from what I've seen, but he also seems easily scared, for example: when I slammed his locker door, his over dramatic self jumped so high, that his big head almost hit the ceiling. I swear I could have seen his soul leave his body right at this moment if it weren't for how tight he is hugging himself.

"I-I- it was an accident! I'm so sorry," he shuts his eyes tightly and huddles his body together as if I'm going to hit him. I'm seriously confused and worried for this boy. Anyways, I honestly already had the impression that it was an accident, I don't know how exactly but just looking at him, he himself looked like an accident. I'm pretty sure he was trying to just send it to his friends.

"I was just trying to share it with a few of my friends through airdrop..." Now what did I say? "....but when I was looking up to make sure Mr. Kim didn't see me on my phone, I accidentally sent it to those with airdrop on. And somehow everyone had airdrop on." Blah blah blah, I bobble my head around and roll my eyes. "Don't apologize for what you already did, and plus i don't really care, I just wanted to mess with you. It's not like I haven't been leaked before," I shrug with a smirk on my lips.

Yeonjun stands up straight like a soldier and looks around. "What?" I lean against the locker. "Well if you don't want me to apologize, what do you want me to say?" Yeonjun avoids eye contact, leaving me to pout. "Oh come on I'm not that bad, Hye-soo is much worse," as if possible, Yeonjun's straightens his back even more at the sound of Hye-soo's name.

Hye-soo is a friend of mines, but she hasn't had half the amount of videos I have had leaked, and I've had six videos of mine be publicly shared. However, her videos always look better. They're so good, I could almost be jealous....but I'm not.

I look at Yeonjun's face and I notice that it looks different. "Why is your face red?" the blue haired boy before me doesn't say anything and just presses his lips together. Yeonjun grabs his bag, closes his locker and locks it, leaving without a word.

"Weird," I mumble to myself.


"Do you think we're sluts or whores?" I ask, as all five of us sit across the floor in a circle at our friends house: May and June's basement.

"No. That's just what everyone calls us, but who cares?! It sounds hot." Hye-soo says, while biting her lip.

"I mean, I don't care. It's just..." I pause thinking about my words and all the girls just look at me intensely, waiting for me to finish. "It's just that if it was a boy doing it...sleeping around, which they do....he would get praised and it would only be the girls who call them out. But even then it's only a handful of females that say something, they rest just shrug it off." They all nod their heads in silence, but I can tell they're not fully grasping what I'm saying. They hearing me, but they're not listening.

"Be honest. Do any of you feel bothered by what's being said about you around school?" Almost everybody is shaking their heads, all except Maddison. She's looking at me shyly, so I can tell she doesn't want to be called out.

Maddison was always the more quiet one, but once she gets comfortable with you, she could spill you all the cans of beans she could think of off the top of her head. To us, she can be seem pretty talkative, but to outsiders, she's as quiet as a mouse. Maddy, her nickname, has a small, round face with a touch of chubby cheeks. She was deemed the Promiscuous Mouse after sleeping with just three people in under a span of four months in tenth grade. They were all her boyfriends but I guess she was an easy target. It's a shame because I know a boy whose had sex with five different girls in just a month, but nobody says anything about him. Maddy has only had sex with one other person after her inexcusable bullying and she is still being described as a whore.

Only the four of us down here are really deemed in such a derogatory way. Our fourth party over in here is June. She and May are identical twins, which means some people mistake her for May, and try to call her out. June wasn't bothered because she knew she never did such things, but she eventually changed her fashion style so people knew who was who. June had a more goth style, while May had a more girly style. The difference truly showed in their makeup and hair choices.

Even though June didn't want to identified as her sister for her mistakes, she still stood up for May. June is a really cool girl to hang around. She doesn't judge us nor make jokes about the things we do.

"I don't get it. If you don't care, why are you bringing it up?" May questions. "It's not that I care what they say, it's just annoying to hear as I'm walking by people in the halls and people spreading the info of who i hooked up with. Plus I just walked to talk about something different than our story times..." I shrug. "Oh but come on~ There so much fun! Madison, come one tell us about boy number two, you never tell us about him."

Boy number two...I did mention that Maddison has been with four dudes in her entire life right? Well at least the high school life? I only assume it's those four because Maddie never said anything, but anyways....
Maddie has told us just about every sexual experience she has had, except for boy number two. We have specific number for each person we have had sex with in chronological order.

But we all want to know what she is keeping a secret. Was it that bad that she is embarrassed? Or is it that good that she doesn't want anybody to ride him out? I can't lie, I want to know so very bad, but I know prying won't help so I'll let her deflate on her own.

"I'm good, but thanks for putting me on the spot," Maddie rolls her eyes stuffing her hands into her sweaters sleeves. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that Maddie, may be the quieter one out of all of us but she definitely still has her attitude. Everyone can always tell how Maddie feels because she's not good at hiding how she's feeling when it comes to her facial expressions.

"We can tell stories later, I'm hungry. Can we make some chicken nuggets or something?" June rubs her stomach. "Oouu~ Yes! I'm definitely down!" Hye-soo starts to stand up and we all follow sue. We usually all do things together, if not split into smaller groups. Plus we've seen those horror movies where the girls in the sleepover get picked off one by one because they choose to go off individually.

I like my friend group even if it's not what people expect. I hope we can stay friends forever. Oh, and I will figure out what happened between Maddie and her ex boyfriend.


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