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Chapter 20

[Couldn't be Kept in the Closet]

I try to angrily bite my Oreos but the cookie cracks, crumbling into my hand.
"Shit!" I grumble to myself.

"What's wrong with you?" June, ask me. I take notice of her black jacket and very light tint of black shadow.

"Ugh. People keep talking!" Squishing the rest of the cookie in my hand, I throw the crumbs into the red tray. June scoots closer to me. "Yeah~ that's what people do." She chuckles. "I wish they'd stop." I dust my hands off over the tray. "Hey everyone. Stop talking. Welp I tried." I look at June and she gives me a cute innocent little smile.

"Very funny..." I snicker, giving in. "Without even trying? I am getting funnier. Wow!" I softly laugh at how cute June is.

"I shouldn't be alone with you!" I slam my head into my soft hands. "Oh, by the way, where is Maddison? I know the others didn't show up today." I look up from my hands to see June licking the tasty white cream from the center of the cookie. I'm sure she isn't trying but it's coming off very sexual.

"Hmm....she told me but I forgot. I believe she said she went to learning lunch or something like that. I'm not too sure, so let's walk around until I remember. Sitting down with just you makes me feel like we look lame, no offense." I make a derp face as I look no where specific. "Offense taken."


"Have you remembered yet? We've been walking around for ten minutes." I can't help but complain from my heels that are feeling sore.

"It's only been three minutes." I can feel my eyeballs pop out of their socket. "Really?" It truly felt like longer. I can also admit that I'm not one that's into exercise.

"Leila, you seem stressed, just listen to some music or something. I don't even care if it's country music." I actually ended up taking her suggestion. I take my phone out of my pocket and go to my favorite music playlist, and that's when it hits me. It appears it hit June too.

Dramatically looking up from my phone I see June slowly turn her head backwards to look at me, showing to me that we both have the same idea.

"The music room," we say in unison.

The two of us both speed walk out of curiosity to the one and only music room. The music room isn't really far from the lunch room so we got there pretty fast.

I know I said I want to avoid Mr. Min but there's a chance he isn't going to be there. It's lunch, so there's a chance he might be in the teachers lounge or out, which minimizes the chance of me running into him. If things get too heated, I'll leave before I'm seen. Easy.

June and I approach the area of the room. Crouching and sneaking up to each door, June and I slowly raise ourselves up to look through the long rectangular shaped glass in the center of each door.

Peaking through the glass, we can see that no one is in there. Nothing but a small stage and band instruments placed in the center to the sides of the room are displayed in front of us. However, I'm not satisfied with the scenery. Being the brave soul that I am, I ever so slowly push open the door.

No creak. Nice.

I go through the door at a normal pace with precaution. Analyzing the room, I see two doors on each side of the room. I walk to the door that seems the closest and that so happens to be on the right side of the room. With each step I take I grow nervous. When I look back, I see how hesitant June is to follow along. I bob my heads towards the direction of the door and hold out my hand for her to take. She was also reluctant to take that as well.

Walking towards the door together, I press my ear to the door, waiting to hear something.

Nothing. Dead silence.

"Wait? Do you actually think Maddison is in there with the music teacher?" June whispers to me amazed at my assumption. I shrug. "You never know." I match her tone.

"I know some teachers can be hot and all, but that doesn't change that he's old and she's underage. Gross. If she is in here with him doing anything of the sort....don't tell me." Fake gagging into her finger, June rushes out of here as fast as she can while creeping.

"Not that I was planning on it, but I won't be telling her about us and you know who." I murmur to myself while looking at the door June just went through.

Truly believing that they aren't behind this door, I begin to creep to the other one. I'm getting closer to the door, I can tell it's about two of my arms length away. I abruptly stop when I hear the doorknob jiggle. I temporarily freeze before turning back while creeping away. I'm so close to the exit.

Must. Make it.

"That door keeps getting jammed, I think it's time to change the—Leila?!"

Fuck! I was so close, but not close enough. I'm not sure if I should dash out so she won't see my face, but Maddison recognizes my back side and she already said my name. I also want to know if she's with Mr. Min.

"Hello~" Twisting on my heels, I turn to her in a crouched position. To my surprise, she actually was with him. In the closet. Together. Maddy's clothes don't look distorted or messy, but from her usual state, her shirt is wrinkled and I can tell she's been a little roughed up if you know what I mean.

I only got more curious because of what Mr. Kim and I got going on. I didn't actually expect for Maddy to be in here. I thought he was just eye candy to her and her crush would be someone our own age. I'm not one to talk though.

"This isn't what it looks like. He was just showing me what he teaches in class and we went over his music books in the closet. But then his door closed because he lost his stopper somehow. He thinks someone stole it. But I was just learning where I would hop in at since I'm joining the class really late. But I promise we weren't in there making out and touching each other." I mentally slap my forehead.

Maddison spoke fast and frantically. I don't know what's going through her head right now, but I just want her to know that I'm not snitching on her. I let my friend squeak away at her possibly true story that turned Rated R and stare at the calm teacher behind her.

I can tell by his eyes that he recognizes me but his demeanor is definitely less scary. Could it be because Maddy is here?

"Care to introduce us?" is the first thing he says. "This is Leila, one of my close friends I mentioned to when I was telling you about me wanting to join your class." Her smile, she tries to keep it small but I can see her lips quivering. "So that's how he heard of me," I say to myself, slowly standing up.

"Oh, have y'all talked previously?" I shake my head. "I'm just saying things." I smile.

"So when did you two become a thing?" I force a smile. "Uh, w-we aren't a thing." She looks back at Mr. Min who rolls his eyes. We both know she's lying. "Oh my bad, when did you ask to join his class?" I want to know the time span they spent together. "I think a few weeks ago..." Maddison says quietly looking down at her foot.

"Oh." I slowly approach Maddison and cup her face to make her look up at me. "Maddy, come with me please." She avoids eye contact and nods her at a snail's pace. Mr. Min walks away from us and towards his desk. We don't say anything to him on our way out.

Mr. Min was very calm to be caught with a student. Luckily I'm her friend and not a fo. But would his reaction be different if it wasn't me?

But I don't know how I feel about Maddy and Mr. Min being together since he works with Mingi. I'm not one hundred percent what they do together but if it's with Mingi, I automatically dislike it. I mean the guy wants me to be his sex worker, he obviously isn't a good guy.


"So you like someone huh? Didn't think it would be a teacher." I nudge Maddy's shoulder with mine and she hides her hand in her hands and knees.

The two of us were outside on the rooftop sitting on the floor close to the brick wall. It's still lunch time. I feel bad about leaving June alone, but I need to talk to Maddison alone and I want to talk now.

"Haha yeah, I didn't think you would find out this soon. I was hoping you wouldn't find out at all. I mean being caught that way. It's so embarrassing." I watch as her face gets redder as we continue to talk about her little secret. "I couldn't even keep it hidden for a whole month, gosh I'm terrible at keeping things on the low." I grin at her cuteness.

"Not true, I'm the only one who knows that you're with your teacher." I rub her back in a circular motion. "I told you, nothing happened-" she tries hard to convince me. "You're a terrible liar. You actually expected me to believe that? Your clothes were practically ripped off your body, your hair was tangled and sticking up." She quickly tries to fix her clothes and hair not realizing that they're both perfectly fine.

"Not to mention your lips were wet and shiny. I know it was saliva, you hate lip gloss." She touches her lips softly. "It's so sticky." Maddy shivers.

"Fine! We're....something. We aren't dating but he does like me and I like him. And before you ask, no we didn't do it yet. We just touch each other and kiss. His touches feel so good, it feels like sex. We might grind and dry hump each other but that's it." Her eyes. They twinkle as she talks about him. I don't think I look like that when I talk about Mr. Kim.

"So how did it happen? I want to know. You don't have to go into exact detail but I want to know the premise of it." Sighing, Maddy tells me without putting up a fight.

"Well I went to his class after school, knowing that will probably be the best time to talk to him. I asked if I could join his class despite being late and he was actually a bit more busy than I anticipated but still he took a moment and talked to me. He said I could join, I just had to give him some time because his band class, that I wanted to join, was having a concert coming up and I wouldn't be able to participate because I didn't have any experience playing. He thought it wasn't worth me joining his band class but I kept begging and he finally caved. I can't sing and I wanted to seduce him using the band instrument. He said to catch up with the class, which I know I would still be behind, that he would give me some lessons during lunch and after school if I wanted."

"Lessons turned into intense stares, stares turned into tempting touches, tempting touches turned into kissing and then kissing brought us to our destination. Grinds-ville." Maddison leans back, letting her hands support her from behind. "Now I've been caught by a friend. Speaking of which, what made you go to the music room. You were creeping." She looks intensely, boring her eyes into me.

"You weren't at lunch, so June and I went looking for you, then we remembered that you wanted to be in the music class. So we went there, then we started to mess around and acted like we were agents. Didn't expect you to actually be with the teacher, especially not in the closet." I shrug.

"So where was June?"

"Bathroom." I say fast. "She had to pee really really bad. Couldn't hold it." Maddison falls for it, not questioning my abnormal tone.

Knowing that a friend is practically in the same predicament as I, makes me feel a deeper connection. We can both relate to this risky situation and I've actually been wanting to tell a friend, didn't think it would be Maddison. The Promiscuous
Mouse is messing with her music teacher and has actually been able to keep it on the hush. At least from the rest of the school.

I honestly don't think I would have found out this fast if I wasn't in the same situation as her. I want to tell her. It was only natural for my mind to wonder to such a similar situation.

"Maddy." Her head snaps back towards me. "I have a secret to tell you too. But keep it a secret as best as you can just how you want to keep it on the low about you and Mr. Min."

Her head nods eagerly as she waits for me to spill the kimchi.

"I." She leans in closer, waiting for me to finish.

"I've..." her hands go to my shoulder as I take longer to speak.

"I've been seeing my English teacher."

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