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Chapter 21

[Eyes on the Teacher]

One month ago~In his classroom, Mr. Kim watches as three students, two girls and a boy walk in together chatting. He listens to their conversation from behind his desk, as he writes his next lesson on the white board for his fifth hour class.

"Did you see the video of Leila?" A guy asks the two girls he walked in with. One of the girls shook their head, making the other two gasp. "Are you serious! People around school have been playing it all morning. Here let me show you." The boy whips out his phone and goes to the video. The two girls squish against him to see the small screen.

The audio blaires a bit before he turns it down a few notches. Still auditable to hear from across the room, the three students watch the video totally captivated, not even noticing how engaged their English teacher is behind his desk.

The sound of skin slapping mixed with low and high pitch moans is music to the teachers ears. This English teacher has had his fair share of back and forth bickering with his students, especially when it comes to Leila James.

He's heard students gossip and talk about inappropriate things about their peers in the halls while they stroll past his classroom. Mr. Kim scolded them of course, but he knew they would just continue on with their conversation later when they were out of an adult's sight.

Mr. Kim likes messing with Leila even though he was sure that made her dislike him even more but that made it all the more enjoyable. He liked to hear her little comebacks and see her face get red when she would get frustrated and embarrassed no matter how nonchalant she thought she looked. Leila kept him on his toes, now he returns the favor.

Mr. Kim always liked challenges. Which is why he decided to be a teacher, to challenge himself and see if he's capable of teaching his students, and the best part is that he gets a new set each passing year. That's one reason why he likes Leila. She's a mini challenge for him and she wouldn't stick around for long. Almost everyday and he had to figure out how to put her in her place. She was a challenge that helped him boost his dominance.

"Look at the way her back arches. It's going to break if she goes any lower." Mr. Kim's ears perk up at the comment the male student made. Ashamed of his body's actions, he stuffs a hand in his pocket, tucking his firm friend higher in his pants. The kids aren't worried about Mr. Kim scolding them. He's made it very clear that he doesn't care about students gossip and stories that go around in the school. He simply wants no fights, no phones, to be punctual for class, inside voices, and our assignments turned in on time. He's never had to deal with major issues in his three years of teaching.

However, Mr. Kim becomes a stickler when it comes to homework. If students have homework and he isn't collecting it later on in class, they better have their assignment on the top right corner of his desk in the first five minutes of class.

The blood rushing through his body, Mr. Kim twisted his body towards the students. "You know the rules, no phones but sense class hasn't started yet, I'll allow it. But no type of pornography in school. It just doesn't look right kids. Be more respectful please." They all side eye each other before apologizing, which the teacher accepts.

As time moves forward, more students start to roll into class. Passing time is almost up. Coming into the classroom seconds before the bell rings, all eyes land on Leila who freezes in the middle of the classroom.

"Hey, Leila!" Her head turns towards the male voice in the back of the classroom. "Have you ever considered being an actress?" Leila furrows her eyebrows, shaking her head. "Cause I think you'd be a great porn star. Five star ratings baby." The rest of the students erupt with laughter.

"Why wait when I could shake you down for your money now." Leila licks her front teeth, winking at the male before walking to her seat. Everyone at their desk, the students begin to pay attention to themselves compared to before; however, Mr. Kim is still eyeing Leila down. Leila shifts in seat multiple times under her English teacher's gaze.

"You're late," says Mr. Kim with a stern tone. Leila's eyebrows crash together. "But I made it in as the bell rang." Mr. Kim takes off his glasses, placing them on the table. "Coming in as the bell rings is late in my classroom. You know the rules. Being in class on time is early and you must have your bottom in your assigned seat by the time the bell rings."

"On top of that, I'm going to need you to stay after class today." Mr. Kim pulls out his chair, taking a seat with a small grunt. "For not being in my seat on time!?" Leila asked annoyed. "No, it's something that should be discussed privately and over the phone with your mom." The three students from earlier look at each other from different areas of the classroom. One of the girls who sits near the wall scratch's their heads, making sure they don't look at Leila, their teacher.

"Brats like you need to learn some respect anyways."


In the classroom again, Mr. Kim is at his desk grading papers. The door slowly opens and harshly slams, making Mr. Kim look up to see Leila with an angry pout on her face. Avoiding eye contact, Leila's eyes scan the sun ray that drapes over the desks as she slowly walks towards the center of the classroom.

"You're late, again. You can't ever seem to be on time now can you Ms. James. I told you to be here after class, not during lunch." Mr. Kim says finally. Leaning back in his chair, he folds his arm, noticing her body language. She's tense.

"I know." The room falls silent momentarily before Leila is speaking again. "You irritated me so I left. When I got to lunch and told my friends, they convinced me to come back. Didn't want me getting into any more trouble than needed."

"Smart friends." Mr. Kim sits up. "If that's what you want to call them." Leila mutters under her breath, still avoiding eye contact. This time she looks out the window, watching the distant trees blow from the cool air outside.

This gives Mr. Kim the perfect chance to eye Leila's body up and down. Starting with her breast. A decent size, around a B, close to a C cup. Leila has long natural dark blond hair that lays over her chest. Her white shirt has an average amount of wrinkles and remains tidy. The black skirt was a few inches above the knee showing off some of her warm ivory thighs.

Subconsciously, he licked his lips, before looking up to meet eyes with Leila. "You're staring pretty hard there sir." Leila says dryly. "I'm just wondering what I'm going to do with you." She ignores his comment.

"So why did you call me in here?" Asked Leila with raised suspicion. "One: your behavior and respect towards your superiors, more specifically me, is awful and rude. Two: I heard some things about you from some students." Leila is silent while she thinks intensely about his statement.

"What did you hear from the students?"

"I heard you've been bullying your peers. I don't think your mom would like to hear about that now would she?" Leila's eyebrows crash together. "Bullying? Me a bully? Never. If anything I'd say I'm a victim of it." Mr. Kim's eyes grow wide for a second before he's lightly coughing into his fist. "Do you really think I would believe that? More so, do you think your mother would believe that? Why wouldn't a bully deny it?" He wags his finger at Leila with a questioning brow.

"Do you have proof of this-" Mr. Kim interjects with a slam on the desk. "Do not question those older than you." Sighing to himself, he stands up. "For a whole month, I'm giving you detention. You aren't studying, that I can tell, so I'll make sure you do. If you don't want me to tell your mom you're a bully, you'll make sure to show up everyday after class. So make sure you bring hefty lunch money."

"What? No! This isn't fair. I didn't do anything wrong." Leila grows frustrated, a sad like expression making its way onto her face. "So you want me to tell your mother?" Namjoon raises a brow and Leila quickly shakes her head. "Okay good. Your detention starts today. Now get out of my sight."

Leila breathes hard as she stares at her teacher. Quickly rushing out, Leila speed walks towards the nearest women's bathroom. Busting through the door, the few female students who were in the room previously jump and watch Leila with caution.

"Out." Leila growls with her hair in her face.

The female students look at each other with opened mouths before jumping from Leila's loud voice. "I said out!" They all gather their hair brushes and book bags before rushing for the door. Leila doesn't love from her spot, allowing the girls to bump into her shoulders. Finally alone, Leila looks up at the ceiling sucking in air before kicking the bathroom wall.

The sound of her foot kicking the wall with heavy breathing and tiny whimpers here and there fill the room.

"Stupid Kim. Who. Does. He. Think. He. Is?!" Leila says with each kick.

Eventually done with her tantrum, Leila looks at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair sticks out and onto her red face. Leila's bruised, red, aching hand turns on the faucet. She tests the water; it's warm. Scoping her hair in one hand giving it the resemblance of a ponytail, Leila lowers herself to the sink, splashing the water on face a few times before wiping her free hand down her soaking face. Not caring about the water droplets seeping it's way into the fabric of her clothing.


In the hallway after school. Some students leave and others go to their designated classroom. The hallway gets clearer and clearer as time passes on. Near the wall, Leila and her friend meet up for a brief exchange.

"Here's your book bag."

"Thanks Hye-soo." Leila takes her book bag from her friend. "Sorry you had to carry it half of the day." Hye-soo shakes her head. "No need to apologize, it was really light. You need more books in that bag young lady. But I'm going to go now. My mom is on my ass about my studies." Leila chuckles awkwardly after putting her book bag over one of her shoulders.

"Alright see you." Hye-soo walks off waving at Leila.

Leila sighs before looking at the classroom she's outside of.

Walking in, Leila sees Mr. Kim sitting at desk turned sideways on the phone. "Hi. Yes, I'm calling about your student. She's been dis-" Leila dashes towards her English teacher as fast as she can, trying to take the phone away from him. Seeing her coming, he raises his arm when he sees her reaching out towards the phone.

"You said you wouldn't call!" Leila places one hand on the arm rest of the chair to give her support as she reaches over Mr. Kim for his phone. Her breast hung directly in front of his face. Subtly biting his lip, he pushes the chair back and stands up, causing her breast to lightly glide against his rising chest.

Both standing up and only an inch apart, Mr. Kim looks down at Leila. "I'm not calling for you, it's another student. Now go sit down in your." Mr. Kim adds some base into his voice. Leila makes an 'O' shape with her mouth, before slowly stepping backwards. Turning around, she walks to her seat but stares at it. Spinning on her heels, Leila decides to sit in the center of the front row this time. Only one desk sits between her assigned seat and current one.

Leila settles down in the seat and watches her teacher handle school business. Her ears tune out and her eyes focus in. "How can a jackass be so attractive?" Leila mumbled to herself. She analyzed how his usual white button up suited his fatigue. The sleeves of his shirt were cuffed mid-forearm. His dark brown hair was swooped and softly curled to the back. A small thin section of his hair was lightly curled over his eyebrow. The eyebrow that would furrow with every now and then as he held a conversation with a parent.

Focusing on his features more than usual, Leila eyed at his lips. Smoothly, Leila cups her chin, slowly bringing it up to gently glide her thumb over her soft supple lips.

Leila didn't catch it, but Mr. Kim caught her staring. He licked his lips, only to see her mocking his actions. He couldn't help but smirk which only made Leila blush before she finally looked away and outside of the window. Mr. Kim rushes the conversation, wanting to end it with haste.

"Yes, ma'am. I will let you know about any future disruptions." He finally hung up. He looked at Leila and followed her gaze out of the window, before staring back at her. His eyes landed on her check, before following her jawline, to then proceed down her neck.

"Get out your book." Mr. Kim demanded. "What book?" Leila was thrown off, she didn't realize that he was done talking on the phone. "You're English book sweetheart." He said in a mocking tone.

"Sweetheart? That's different. I'm used to hearing you call me a brat or even a runt here and there." Leila smiled for herself as she reached for her book bag.

"You want me to call you a naughty little girl instead."

Leila's smile instantly dropped from her teacher's statement. Leila slowly looks up to see her teacher striding towards her.
"Book. Not notebook."

Leila looks down at her desk to see her red English notebook on her desk. "Oops." Leila chuckled nervously.

"Tsk Tsk. You don't listen to directions." Mr. Kim walks behind Leila, pushing her hair on one side of her shoulder. Leila feels her heart rate slowly but surely rising as she senses Mr. Kim crouching behind her. "Someone should teach you to be more obedient." Leila can feel Mr. Kim's warm breath on the back of her neck.

Goosebumps run down Leila's back and arms. Leila lets out a tiny gasp when she feels cool air being blown on the back of her neck this time. Twisting her upper body around, she is seen face-to-face with her English teacher. Her eyes flutter down to his thick pink lips that are so close, yet still so far from hers.

"You're staring pretty hard there Ms. James." Mr. Kim says tauntingly. Leila looks away embarrassed. "Look at me." Leila gulps at her teachers command before turning her head to face him.

Mr. Kim looks at Leila's lips, licking his own. "Do you want to kiss me?"

Eyes widen, Leila chokes on her words momentarily before shaking her head. "N-No." Leila quietly hisses at herself, almost ashamed of her own stuttering. "Oh okay, then I'm sorry for asking." Mr. Kim stands up with a mischievous smile that he tries to hide.

"Well....I don't know." Leila looks up, not wanting him to get away. "I never thought about it before." Looking down at his student, Mr. Kim eyes twinkle at how close Leila's face is to his belt buckle.

"Then I'll ask you again. Do you want to kiss me and feel like you've never felt before?" Leila's walls clenches, as she goes into a deep and dirty thought. "Or do you want to study?" Leila frowns at the word 'study.'

Nibbling her lip at her choice. Leila looks back up at her attractive teacher and down at her notebook.

"I'd rather study Mr. Kim."

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