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Chapter 3

[Meet the Boys]

Oh you came back I see, well that's good because today is just another day for me. At least that's what I think.

It's only been two days after I was exposed and everyone has forgotten about it and continue to give me the cold shoulder. Majority of the students here always act like I'm contaminated. Although, I'm not surprised. The only people who never treat me such a way are the students who transfers randomly during the school year. That is until someone tells them about my past. However, there are two people in this rather interesting school that have been nice to me, excluding my girl friends, and they both so happen to be males that are indeed friends.

Yeonjun is the one you met yesterday and today you will meet...well why don't we go look for him right now. It's only passing time as of right now, which means I have a little less than five minutes to go search for this boy.

It doesn't take me long, as he is near his locker, talking to someone. I'm not rude, so I walk up to someone I do kind of consider as a friend, even though he definitely claims me. Even though I don't understand why. Whenever I ask, he just shrugs and smiles at me. It's very weird.

I stand on the side of the two, as I watch my friend chat with a girl. When her eyes land on me, she grows stiff and steps closer to the locker. Her change in behavior doesn't go unnoticed by either of us.
"What?" the male voice says, before looking at me.

"Hey, B-man," I nudge his shoulder with my forehead.

"Hey, Leila," Beomgyu says in a low voice. He's always trying to be manly in front of me. I look over where the girl was standing and notice that she has vanished. I don't hesitate to take her spot and press my back against the locker.

"Didn't mean to run your girlfriend away?" I indirectly apologize. "She's not my girlfriend, but you're okay. She just wanted my notes from science class," Beomgyu stuffs his front pockets with both of his big hands, while shrugging. "So what's up cutie?" I roll my eyes at such a tacky nickname. "I told you to stop calling me that," I flick his nipple through his shirt. Beomgyu giggles in pain. "Now if I did that to you, I'd be a pervert."

"Maybe. Depending on who sees," I tease. He doesn't respond and strictly stares at me. It's as if he's enticed by me.

"Keep staring at me like that, and people are gonna get the wrong idea," I warn him, while wagging my finger. "What kind of "wrong idea"? he grabs my index finger, giving it a firm squeeze. "They might get the idea that you want to fuck me," I snatch my finger back, slightly hitting the locker behind me.
"Well I wouldn't mind, except I might have worded it different. Besides, everyone knows I'm a virgin, unlike a certain someone..." I tilt my head in confusion, I don't know who he is referring to. "Oh, don't play dumb. I'm talking about Yeonjun. I saw the video. You had sex with him. Why? I thought we were all friends?" Beomgyu's facial expression becomes serious.

"If you're trying to understand why I had sex with him and not you, it's because I haven't known him as long as you, so it was easier." For some reason, I'm not at all tempted to have sex with Beomgyu. I don't see him that way. "Plus he told me that he wanted to please this girl so I helped him gain some sort of experience." Beomgyu's mouth makes an "O" shape. "By doing 98% of the work," I try my best to explain, even though I don't have to. "Well if you and I were to ever do it, I'd make sure you wouldn't have to deal with the burden of doing all the work." I'm shocked. He has never talked to me this way before, whether it's about me or someone else.

"Beomgyu! Don't say that. If someone hears you, they might think you're a playboy." He quickly covers his mouth before looking around. No one is actually paying us attention, but you never know.

"Oh shoot, sorry," he bows repeatedly. I quickly grab his shoulders before someone actually does look our way. When I grab his shoulders, our eyes meet briefly before I push him to stand straight up.

"Go to class," I mutter. This is why I don't claim Beomgyu as a friend 100%. Because of this shit. He keeps doing stupid shit and it can get weird.
Mr. Kim and I never act like this.

"Only if you let me walk you to yours," he swipes my chin. Thinking of Mr. Kim sends chills down my spine, causing me to shiver.

I quickly snap out of my thoughts. When I face reality again, I notice that Beomgyu is staring at me with wide eyes. "What?"

Did I say that out loud?

"I just offered to walk you class and you shivered. Are you cold? I have a jacket in my locker." Beomgyu quickly turns to his locker, rushing to put in the code. "Chill, I'm fine and I don't need an escort." Sometimes his behavior puzzles me.

"Bye!" I begin to walk off.

That's that weird shit I'm talking about.


I'm in class and I can't stop thinking about my conversation with B earlier. Was taking Yeonjun's virginity a good idea? I mean, why would a true friend do that? It's not like we even like each other. I quickly shrug it off before my conscience takes over and I begin to feel guilty.

To take my mind off of the topic affectively, I begin to sketch an outfit on the sidelines of my homework. Right now I am in Art class and the teacher is giving us extra time to do our homework that I had already finished. It's easy. All we had to do was write down the definition of each art term and draw a visual of that term.

My seat is placed in the middle of the classroom as my peers surround me. The thought of the class having an orgy around me briefly crosses my mind, causing me to smile to myself, due to my own thoughts. My smile falls after a retched chemical smell flows up my nose. I hate that smell so much, the smell of markers is so nasty to me that I could could gag...if I could.

The smell of the room usually has a tarty type of odor that I have gotten use to and come to like now. I always end until craving toaster strudels when I'm in here.

"Five minutes left! Start packing up everyone!" I can hear my teacher announce. Which is crazy because I just looked at my phone not too long ago and we had twenty minutes left. Time goes by fast.

The five minutes doesn't take long to run out before the bell rings, dismissing so we can head to our next class. When walking down the hall, I turn down the corner and see my Mr. Kim walking to the unisex bathroom for staff that's between the student male and female bathrooms.

It looks like I'm having a major craving for something sweet, ay?

Without thinking, I walk into the girls bathroom.
I peek around the corner and wait a few seconds, to see if I hear anything. To my liking, no one is inside, which makes this even better. I quickly lock the door. If anyone has to go, they'll have to go down another hall or floor to use the restroom. I begin to walk down the pathway of the bathroom and start from the middle of the stalls, working my way back. In total, there are five stalls in this bathroom, which makes this easier for me.

I walk inside the third stall and press my cupped ear against the wall to see if I can hear anything. Nothing. I bite my lip before doing our special knock.

knock, knock....
pause. Knock.

No response, I sigh. before heading to the next stall. I repeat the same call signal.

knock, knock....
pause. Knock.

No response, again. I let my shoulders drop as I walk over to the next and last stall. I press my ear on the wall and do the knock once more.

knock, knock....
pause. Knock.

It feels like I have been left on delivered but instead of a phone for communication, we use a wall and our fist. After getting no response for the third time, I kick the wall in frustration before I hear a specific knock at the door.

knock, knock....
pause. Knock.

I rush out the stall and towards the door. Before opening the door, I catch my breath and comb my fingers through my hair. Once I collect my composure, I unlock the door and twist the door knob, to be welcomed by my beloved teacher who leans forward against the frame of the door and sends me a smile I could almost die for. I catch a glimpse behind him and notice that the hall is empty. Passing time must be almost up.

"You knocked?" Mr. Kim smirks. I bite my lip seductively, while nodding before grabbing him by his tie and pulling him inside, the door closing shut after I let go of it. Mr. Kim's body presses me up against the blue tiled walls. "How can I assist you?" Mr. Kim's warm breath hits my face, making me hot in just the right way.

I can't help it, whenever I see Mr. Kim I crave him almost immediately. When I saw him walking to the bathroom today, it was the first time I had seen him today, so I was in no way prepared to see how sexy he looked today. The way his white button up snugs onto his body, especially around the waist is driving me crazy, as his shirt folds in all the right places. His black slacks sit comfortably on his legs, to the point that I want to sit on his lap and feel his firm thighs underneath me as they bounce me up and down every so often. My eyes go back to shirt that is begging to be ripped open.

"I need your lips," I practically breathe out as I can't hold back on a smile. Mr. Kim doesn't smile what so ever and gives me what I want. His left hand goes under my chin to keep me in place as he starts on my jawline, causing me to flutter my eyes close. After working on my jawline for a bit he finally stops to look me in the eyes before slowly going in on my lips.

My hands run up his muscular stomach, passed his godly pecks, and onto his strong shoulders, as they rest there. Mr. Kim's free hand snakes around my lower back before pressing our body's together even harder. The kiss is messy as I feel a bit of saliva sit on the corner of my mouth. His lips mold with mine as he surprises me with a lip bit. His action causes me to moan as I like a little pain in my sexual interactions. His lips leave mine so he can quickly mutter an order. "Take off your shirt."

I wasn't planning to go this far, but I definitely won't oblige. "Wait the door," I breathe out. Mr. Kim looks behind him before locking the door. When he faces me again, my shirt is already halfway undone. Mr. Kim is quick to change his mind as he slaps my hand away that's working on my buttons. "That's enough," he takes one of my free hands and walks me over to the sink. Already knowing what he is thinking, I hop onto the sink, and spread my legs for him to get in between. Mr. Kim steps in front of me and places his hands on the edge of the long three connected sinks. He uses his arms as support as he slightly leans into me. I waist no time to reconnect our lips and lock my fingers together behind his neck.

My lips attack his and his neck. Going anywhere where skin is visible, my hands go crazy over his upper body. Mr. Kim doesn't move from his position, but I can hear his unsteady breathing. His breathing is so cute, that I couldn't help but press my chest onto his as I lightly tug on his hair to nibble on his earlobe. I feel his chest heaving up and down. As my lips reattach to his neck, I hear the door knob jiggle before the sound of knocking follows right after. My movements barely come to a stop as I hear Mr. Kim speak in a deep voice. "Don't stop. Keep going."

My heart starts to beat faster after hearing him say such words, that I'm sure he can feel due to the way our chest are pressed up against each other. I hear a knock once more before it stops. They must have left. I wait a few more seconds before speaking.

"Touch me," I breathe out, as I feel up on my teacher. Mr. Kim's arms don't move, causing me to sigh. I grab one of Mr. Kim's hands and place it on my right breast in hopes of him getting the message. He doesn't even give it a light squeeze, just leaving his hand there. I roll my eyes before I start to push him away, but his reflexes kick in fast, grabbing me by both of my wrists, stopping me before I even get the chance to reach his shoulders. "Don't." Mr. Kim warns me.

What's wrong with him today? Why is he barely speaking? He's just be giving me commands.

Mr. Kim and I just stare at each other intensely, before his gaze falls onto my lips. Our eyes both land on the door when we hear the door knob jiggle with faint keys followed behind it. Mr. Kim calmly walks over to the first stall and cracks the door closed. "Go into a stall," he commands me and I immediately hop off the sink and head into the middle stall.

When I turn around I see Mr. Kim walking pass the stall I chose and I hear him close a few doors before he walks into my stall. Mr. Kim walks pass me as the front of my body follows his as he is now standing in front of the toilet. Mr. Kim reaches pass me and closes the door as I here the keys digging into the bathroom door lock.

"Take off your skirt." My eyes widen.

Now?! Right now?!

I reluctantly do as he says. Undoing my skirt, dropping it down my legs and stepping out of it, I hear the door open. Mr. Kim then steps into my skirt and picks me up. Instincts kick in and I wrap my legs around his waist. I can feel Mr. Kim's legs lifting up. As I looks down, I can see him shifting my skirt around, raising it to sit a little high on his ankles.

I can hear light footsteps with a tiny "Hello?" that echo's off the walls. "All clear here?" I can hear a masculine voice ask in a faint tone question. He must be a custodian member. There's a brief pause before I hear her speak again.

"Yeah, I guess so."


why do I keep posting on the fifth of each month lol. i will actually try to post more chapters, since I wrote this up late today. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! have a nice day and be safe!💜
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