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Chapter 4


Mr. Kim and I keep making eye contact and every time it reminds me of what happened earlier.

I remain in Mr. Kim's arms while we wait for the student to finish her business, as she in the stall next to us. Luckily, I have been in Mr. Kim's arms for a long time before, so he should be use to holding me and my weight. I feel Mr. Kim lift me up as I was unknowingly seeping down his waist. I'm still aroused and being this close and in this position with Mr. Kim isn't helping. My chin rest on his shoulder and I am reluctant to look at him because I know I will try to kiss him and I'm worried that once we kiss we won't stop and we might get caught. I don't want either of us to face any casualties for what we are doing.

I keep my head on his shoulder and suck up his scent. It's a fragrance that I can't quite describe besides that it's a bitter, yet a sweet type of scent. I subconsciously tighten my whole grip around Mr.-Kim from enjoying his scent too much. Mr. Kim repeats my action by tightening his grip around my lower back and under my thighs. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy this new feeling. I suddenly feel the hand under my thigh go up and swipe against my clothed folds before moving his hand back to its original position. His action causes me to slightly arch my back as it kind of tickled. I remove my chin from his shoulder and glare at him only for him to barely whisper something that sounded like: "I like your panties."
I look down and blush but try to hide it with a straight face.

After what felt like ten years, I finally hear her flush the toilet. I look at the stall door and try to look through the thin crack to see who it is. I can't see her face due to the angle she is standing at, but I can see how majority of her hair is covering her back. She has long, dark brown hair that goes down almost to her waist. A lot of girls have practically the same hair color and length, it would be hard trying to pin-point her again.

I can see her arms move as I soon hear the sink water run. However, I don't hear any sound of the water being used, but I do hear a rattling sound, followed by a twisting and popping sound. Is she doing what I think she's doing?

Her head goes back quickly, before I hear that same twisting noise again. I then hear the sound of splashing water, as I can see she is slightly bent over the sink. The sound of running water comes to a stop before I can't see her anymore.
Now all I'm worried about is seeing her eyeball look at me through the crack, catching Mr. Kim and I.
To our luck, that doesn't happen and we finally hear the door close.

Mr. Kim is hesitant to put me down right away at first, before slowly putting me down, while I try not to make a sound. I open the door and peek through before stepping out all the way and see that no one else is in here besides us two.

"All clear."

Mr. Kim steps out and heads straight for the sink, washing his hands. I follow sue. "Fix yourself up before you leave." I look down and notice that my underwear and chest is on display. I quickly finish washing my hands and shake them hands dry, as I am in too much of a rush to worry about drying my hands. I quickly grab my skirt and put it on. Buttoning up my shirt right after.

Well our moment was ruined. I can't help but pout.

I walk over to the door and look out to see if any security guards are standing nearby. It's all clear once again. I fan over Mr. Kim before walking out. I begin to walk down the hall and notice that Mr. Kim hasn't left the bathroom yet. It doesn't take me long to release what he is doing. It's risky, dumb, and kind of smart at the same time.

"Alright everyone, today we are going to do something different. We are going to write a fun poem about a specific color and go down the row about what that color means to us." We have never done this before and I can tell everyone would rather do this than over our usual boring work. I'm intrigued.
"You all ready for the color?" I can hear a few yes' behind me. Mr. Kim looks at me, with a mischievous smile on his lips before announcing the color. I'm on the edge of my seat now.
"Pink!" I freeze in my seat before slowly looking down at my lap. Once I gather my thoughts, I poke my cheek with my tongue before playfully rolling my eyes. I give Mr. Kim the look, the look that reads that "he plays too much."

"I'll go first for any of you that need motivation."
Mr. Kim clears his throat before speaking.

"Pink. A color so light, yet can hold so much warmth.
Pink. It oozes such an alluring smell that you could just sink your teeth into it. Dangerous, as it looks soft and inviting but can really destroy your whole world. Running your hands over its folds mindlessly, it sucks you in, taking you for everything you've got, yet still leaving you there whole and baffled. What's pretty and pink, isn't always something you should touch. As you might feel a tickle for touching it's warning color."

The class is silent as they try to decipher what the heck our teacher just said. But I get it. He's talking about my underwear. Ugh! That perv.

Snapping can be heard directly behind me as I twist my body around and watch one of Mr. Kim's male student snap in awe. The rest follow sue. "Brilliant sir! Just brilliant!"

You've got to be kidding me!
He's just talking about my wet underwear! That isn't brilliant, it's just weird.

The rest of the class continues to applaud our perverted teacher, while I slouch down in my chair in annoyance. Sometimes I really crave Mr. Kim and other times I despise him. He's good when it comes to sex, but anything outside of that, I'm good on. I don't need to hear his mindless students applaud his inappropriate behavior.

"Alright, why don't we start on this row," Mr. Kim walks to opposite side of the classroom. I lean forward and see the first girl sitting at the front of the row looking a little puzzled.

"R-Right now?" She points to herself.
"Why not?" Mr. Kim shrugs, with a soft smile on his face.
"O-Oh, okay..." she slowly stands up, awkwardly looking behind her as she quietly clears her throat. She closes her eyes before reciting her poem.

"Pink. I love it, I wear. Yet...I shall never eat it," her eyes flutter open.

"A for afford," I mutter to myself, briefly cocking my head to the side.

"Why don't I give you all a little more time," Mr. Kim chuckles. The rest of the class agrees, before our teacher commands everyone to take out a single sheet of paper and a black pen.

With the extra time given. Mr. Kim only gets half way through the class before the bell rings. I would usually stay to tease Mr. Kim a bit, but I had enough fun with him today. I don't wanna get almost caught with him again, even though risky sex is hot.

On my way out the door, I catch one more glimpse of Mr. Kim before making my way out into the hall. I regret my decision now, fuck!


I'm at lunch right now and for some reason no one is here at our table. Am I sitting at the wrong table and don't know about it? I've been sitting here for two minutes, waiting patiently for someone I actually talk to, to show up.

Just as I'm about to get up from my seat to go look around in the halls, Beomgyu runs to up me, slamming his hands on the table.

"Hello?!" I say aggressively. "Hi..." Beomgyu breathes out, putting up one finger. I wait for him to catch his breath before he speaks. "What are you doing this weekend?" I raise an eyebrow. "Why?" I fold my arms. "You. Me. Friends. Party," Beomgyu still breathes out heavily. "Party? Since when did you start going to parties? I thought you didn't like them." I've only known Beomgyu since our third year, but I know he has never been to a party nor does he talk about them. Whenever parties were mentioned around him, he would give that person a dirty look before going back to whatever he was doing.

"Well I've had time to think about but them over the summer and I thought it would be a great experience to have. So why not in our senior year?" Beomgyu smiles as he looks down at me. "I don't know," I say nonchalantly. "I know I have my own ways of living life, but I've never been a party person myself." I may have slept around, but I don't like the idea of being smushed between a bunch of sweaty people in a hot ass room. "Really? I thought you would have been a party machine. Well maybe this will be the perfect opportunity for us to go to a party together." He's going to bug me to go to this party, I can see it in his eyes. It's cute, in a pathetic way.

"I don't like being surrounded by a lot of people in a hot room," I admit. "That's even better because it's outside at a park." My eyes scan is face before speaking. "What park?" His behavior is one I have never experienced before, it's very suspicious. "I'll tell you when it's time for us to go," I continue to scan his face. "And why are you staring at me like that?" I look behind Beomgyu before shrugging him off.
"I'll think about it," I look down at my lap. "No. I need an answer right now." I feel his hand go under my chin and snatch it in his direction. His face is way closer than before. What has gotten into B-man?

I grab B's arm, slamming it on the table, catching a few peoples attention, but I don't care. "Stop. Touching me." I warn him and he quickly nods his head like an obedient puppy.

"Fine I'll go, but I'm not going all out." Beomgyu smiles before placing his hand out in front of me. "What?" I arche my eyebrow. "Handshake. To make it official." I roll my eyes. "What did I just tell you, not even thirty-seconds ago?"

"It's not the same, you're meeting me halfway..." I give B a lazy look before meeting him halfway.

"Halfway..." I sigh.

"Wanna go for a walk?" I ponder on his request before shrugging. "Sure," I go to pick up my stuff, but Beomgyu already has a firm grip on it. "Ah, ah, ah, I got it. A lady should never carry their own bag."

Ow! What was that?! It felt like someone just jabbed me in my heart. I look down at my arms and hands before looking down at my chest. Am I having chest pain? Never had that before.

"So, do you have an idea of what color you're gonna wear for the party?" Beomgyu asks as he pushes and hold the lunchroom door open with his back. "No, you just mentioned the party to me like five minutes ago."

"Oh yeah. Well I was thinking about wearing a dark green outfit," I nod my head thinking about it. I stop in my tracks and he does the same. He looks at me blankly as I run my hands through his hair thinking about how he would look in dark green with his hair slightly pushed back. With his hair black and the green fit, he would look hot.

"Yes, definitely go for the green. You would look hot." Beomgyu's eyes grow big and his ears turn red. What's wrong with this dude? I myself can't help but laugh at how cute he looks trying to hide his blush.

"Let's change the topic," Beomgyu strains to talk as he covers his lower half of his face. "Okay," I chuckle.

"So how did you like my video with Yeonjun?" I tease. "Leila!" Beomgyu covers his ears, before speed walking away from me. "What? You wanted to change the topic right?" I follow as I continued to question him about his thought on the video.


i didn't properly edit this, but i think it should still be good lol.

i feel like i should make a fluff story just for joonie just for way i'm doing him in this story😭
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