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Chapter 5

[Host Me Up]

"Have any of you heard of anything about a party?" I ask the twins, May and June.

To my surprise, they both shake their heads no.

"Whose party?" May tilts her head to the side like a confused kitten. "That's the thing, I don't know. Beomgyu told me." May closes her locker, allowing us to finally walk to class.

"Beomgyu? I know I don't know him as much as you do, but I never took him as a party person..." June looks passed May to share a gaze with me. "Yeah...same...." I look down at the passing tiled floors.

"So are you gonna go?" I look up at the voice. "Uhhh...sure I guess." I never mentioned that I promised B-man that I would go to a party with him in our senior year to any of my girl friends. I don't know why, but I feel like they would think I liked him or vis-versa. I can handle the teasing, I mean I do now, but I don't want that to get in B's head. I don't want him to think that he likes me. I can tell he's just sexually hungry for me. But I won't let it happen between us.

Why? I don't know yet. I mean why does it matter or not? I already took Yeonjun's virginity, so why not hook up with B for the one time? I can't answer my own questions right now, but I can say I do like us being two separate individuals than becoming one for a few minutes.

"Are you guys gonna come?"
"No~ We have to go visit our grandpa. We heard he's on his way to his death bed," May states nonchalantly. "Oh..."

What am I suppose to say to that? I can't say "I'm sorry," I didn't do a thing to that man. Plus those two don't seem like they care.

"Oh lighten up! We don't talk him to that much so it's nothing for us to get worked up about," May lays on her charming smile. "Still....another life is soon to be lost..." June's words cause May to pout.

"Death. I'm not scared of it. I'd cook it up and serve it for breakfast!" June suddenly gets a burst of energy after a gloomy subject.
"So you'd poison somebody's food is what your saying?" May questions. "Uhh- no?"
"Then shut up!"

This conversation took too many right turns. I'm gonna leave now. I see an approaching stair case. Which is good for me because my next class is upstairs.

"Bye, girls." I smile at their crazy asses. They say their goodbyes and continue on to their path. As I turn the corner for the stair case, I bump into somebody.

Oh lookie, I found a Joonie.

I suddenly feel something hot yet cold and wet on my shirt. I look down and see coffee droplets on my shirt. My eyes follow downwards and see the cup and some of the coffee on the floor. As my eyes go up, I see the rest of the coffee got caught onto his blue button up shirt.

"Thank you Ms. James. I knew I was missing an extra touch of coffee on my shirt." Mr. Kim, holds a fake smile. "No problem! I now all I need to do is add the whipped cream," I swipe Mr. Kim's chest with the numb of my index finger. Mr. Kim blinks slowly after my actions.

"Come to my class after lunch and I'll let you add it then," Mr. Kim's big hands go into his pockets.

"Can't. I'm busy."
"Why? Gotta blow off another student in the janitors closet again?" His voice slightly lowers.
"Actually I do. He's paying me double if I eat his ass too," I cock an eyebrow, copying his voice level.
"Ha ha! Very funny!" He says louder as I walk pass him and start to head up the steps.
"Who said I was joking?!" I yell without looking back.


"Are you really gonna eat another students ass?" Mr. Kim ask, as I am the first one in his class.

"I mean why not? You don't pay me."
"Because then that would make you a prostitute. In addition to that, I pay you in pleasure." He walks around his desk, only to sit on it inside of the chair he was just in. Idiot. What was the purpose?

"Okay, besides that. What's the problem? I mean you've ate ass before." Mr. Kim swipes his thumb over his bottom lip, thinking back. "I told you, I only did it once!" He walks back around his desk. While Mr. Kim begins to sit down, students start to walk in one-by-one.

I sit down and begin to hate class like usual.

"Mr. Kim, what are we doing today?" I hear someone ask, making my eyes dart to the front of the class. "We are going to continue on with students reciting their Pink poem and then we are going to add on to that, but I'll discuss that with the rest of you all when class starts." I lowly groan, yet I feel Mr. Kim and the student looking at me for a few seconds.

The bell finally rings, and just about everyone makes it in either before or at the same time it rings. Mr. Kim, doesn't waste anytime on taking attendance before standing before his class.

"Alright. I hope you all finished your poem like I wanted because it is for a grade and you will need it later. Ms. Haze, I will give you an extra point for going first and going practically off the dome, as you kids would say."

"Uh uh, don't say that," a male student jokes and others join in with there laughter. "It'll make you sound like a boomer," another one joins in. "Alright, alright," Mr. Kim calms the class down.

"Can we continue on with the lesson please?" he tries to warm the students up with his stupid-beautiful smile. However, his response is one I know he wasn't looking for as he gets a bunch of loud no's.

"Anyways....we are going to continue on. Mr. Pane, you're next." Pane sighs before getting out his folder and sheet over paper. Others follow sue and I'm surprised others did it. I know I didn't.

Everyone's poems are short, as expected but it feels like Mr. Kim reached me in two minutes. I don't know what he needs his dirty little poem for but he ain't getting one from me.

"Ms. James?" I see a belt buckle in my line of view. "Yes?"
"You're poem."
"I'd like to break it to you that I didn't do it," I stretch in my seat as I suddenly feel tired.
"It's only 10 points, but looking at your grades, you need it."

I have a C, stop trying to expose me Mr. Ass.

"I can make it up later," I yawn before laying my head down. "You give extra credit this week, am I right teach?" I give a smug look before fluttering my eyes closed.

"You are absolutely right. Ms. James." My eyelids pop open after hearing him speak. Due to the way he said it, I know what his intentions are.



"You know, you don't have to walk me home right?"

"Of course I do, but I have to make sure you can go to this party tonight."

"What is the theme and who's party? I've talked to other students and they had no idea what I was talking about. Do they go to this school?"

"Yes," he nods his head with a child like expression that I can't explain. "Are you sure?" I kick the rocks on the ground before me. "Yes, I am sure."

We make it to my door and I'm contemplating on whether or not I should close the door on him. I could lie and tell him that he dropped something and that could be my chance to lock it. Alas, I know B, he would just keep knocking and my mom is home so she would answer. After she'd answer and sees that it's Beomgyu, she would let him in. She loves him, sometimes I think she loves him more than me. My mom and I don't have the best relationship. I think she would have been better off with a son, I doubt he would bump heads like I do with mom.

I unlock the door, step in first, and let him in. He walks in the center of the floor and just stares at me, like a weirdo.

"What?" I say irritated, but he doesn't hate an eyelash, still keeping that dumb innocent look on his face. "Get dressed."

I blink repeatedly, giving myself time to comprehend what he just said to me. "Get what-I just got home!"
"Yeah, I know. I also know that girls take along time to get ready so I want you ready by 5, it's a little pass 2:30, but that should be enough time. While you get dressed and showered, I'm going to walk home and get ready myself."

That's stupid. He could have just texted me this. He's wasting his own time!

"Okay." I say bluntly, stomping my way up the steps, not bothering to push him out. He knows his way out, he's let himself out before. I don't wanna be a flaker, but that's exactly what I want to be; he's getting on my nerves.

"See you later cutie!" I hear him say as I'm already around the corner. I slam my bedroom door.



I read out loud as I look down at my phone, reading Beomgyu's text, while I stand in front of the mirror. Since we are suppose to be on the beach, I decided to wear a black, long sleeve, summery dress. My shoulders are out, as the top of the sleeves puff out as well as as the bottom of the sleeve. The top of the dress clings onto my body as the bottom puffs out a bit.

Beomgyu said he was going to wear green, I wonder if he's sticking with that choice. I shrug my shoulders before replying to his text with a 'yes'.

I grab my keys, and my black purse and any other extra essentials before leaving. Once I'm outside, I see a black vehicle parked in my moms driveway. That must be Beomgyu. As I approach the car, the horn starts to go off, causing me to stop in my tracks. The horn goes on for about four seconds. I cover my ears as I proceed to go on. The horn stops right before I can get in.

"What are you doing?" the sound of the corn rings in my ears.

"Sorry, I was just-uh never mind forget about it." He shakes his head. I repeat his action before I admire his look. Black and green looks very good on him. My eyes are very attracted to that color, especially for outfits.

"You're late. You said that girls take long and it only took me an hour and a half to get ready. Plus I took a nap on top of that. It's 7:23. What were you doing?"

"I realized that, that would have been too early..." he tries to avoid looking at me. "Didn't the host give you a time to come?" I raise my eyebrow. "Yes....but I just wanted us to be early," his voice comes out a little nervous, before he gathers himself together. "Hey! Cut me some slack, this is my first party." I put my hands up, not caring to go back and fourth with him. I'm not one that likes to go back and fourth, though I'm sure this subject wouldn't have gone that far.

"I like your green sweater. You should let me wear it some time," I smile as I joke. "You can wear it now!" Beomgyu struggles and rushes to get his sweater over his head, but it seems he has forgotten that he has his seatbelt on still. "Hey! I was joking." I grin. B's mouth makes an 'O' shape before he's straightening his shirt.

"Weird. Can we go already?" I try to sound playful as I take out my phone.

"Sure thing, L," I look at B, hearing him call me that. He doesn't return the stare as he uses my seat to help him look behind him.

Hmm. He has a stunning side profile.


Beomgyu is trying to stall getting out of the car as he keeps looking for totally random things. Like no I haven't seen your mouth guard or your green Spongebob pen. I wish he was looking for a jacket though, it's starting to get dark outside and I forgot mines. Maybe I should take his sweater.

"Can we go now~? I'm almost over this party." I hop out of the car, already feeling annoyed. It's kind of dark, I would have expected more lights, but maybe we will see more when we get closer to the beach.

As I walk down the sand slide, I notice nothing. Not many people are here and I know it's not for a party. Even though I see nothing resembling a party, I can't help but walk forward, thinking I maybe missed over looked it. But nope, it's nothing more but piled sand a few beach towels resting under the provided umbrellas.

My blood boils as a particular word comes to my mind.

"You FUCKING liar!"

I throw sand into Beomgyu's face.

"Why would you lie to me?"

Beomgyu keeps his head low, scrapping the sand out of his face.

"I just wanted some alone time with you," he finally looks me in the eyes. "You could have just asked to hang out. Not make up a stupid lie." My hands have a mind of their own as they wave around in the air.
"You would have made up a lie to get out of going..." "No I wouldn't. I would just tell you no." Beomgyu doesn't say anything, just looking down at the ground.

I roll my eyes as he acts timid. I stomp towards him and grab his wrist, walking back the way we came.

"Take me home." Beomgyu twist his wrist to grab mines and pulls me back, causing me to bounce off his chest.

"No....please stay," he gives me puppy eyes. For some reason, they only work for Beomgyu.

I snatch my wrist away, rubbing it. Not because it hurts, but because I'm not sure if I should stay or not.

"Fine," I look down at an abandoned sand castle.

Am I a softy for Beomgyu? Because that's what it's starting to look like.


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