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Chapter 6


"There's nothing here. What were you planning on doing? Just talking?" I still can't get over how he lied to me. Beomgyu goes silent again, as he only shrugs.

"Did you think I was gonna be like: "Oh nobody's hear, just you and me alone. Let's go smooching in the sand," I bring my hands together as I bat my eyelashes to act as cute as possible.

Beomgyu laughs at me as he shakes his head. "You are so cute when you're mad," his ears turn red. My mouth drops at his vulgar words. "B! Snap out of it." I look around, before I begin to whisper. "Are you under a spell?" I put my hand to my mouth. He just smiles at me.

"You need more friendly and innocent interactions with guys," he takes my hand as we begin to walk in the direction of the small restaurant on the beach. "We aren't gonna eat there are we?" I question because the food there isn't good, which is my most people bring their own food. "Wasn't my intention, but if you want to we can. I had something else in mind." I can't see his face as he is in front of me, but I feel like he's smiling again, and I don't like it.

And what does he mean by more male interactions? I've had enough of those. I honestly don't get what that has to do with anything.

As we walk into the building, I notice that it's interior is different from what it usually looks like. The place is made out strictly wood, so for me to see candles and rose petals on the floor in a place that usually smells like meat, cheese, and onions baffles me. But not entirely in a good way.

"Candles near wood? Isn't know? A fire hazard?" I run my free hand along the wooden table. I look at my hand and see it's dusty. I stick my tongue out in disgust and wipe it on B's butt. I giggle in tiny before we come to a stop. I look around and see we are standing on a red rug with red and black petals around us.

"So what do we do now?" For the first time in months, I feel awkward. I look down and see B's finger tips wiggling. What's wrong with him? "May I?" he sounds so innocent that I can't help but say yes, to whatever he is asking for.

His hands take mine and my eyes immediately get bigger. He looks behind me and briefly cocks his head to the side. I turn around and look behind me but see no one.

Should I be scared? Is this a dream? If this is a dream, I really wanna wake up from it.

I look up and around when music starts to play out of no where. I look down at Beomgyu with my eyebrows crashed together as he brings our conjoined hands up.

"Have you ever danced with someone before?" I shake my head slowly. B's smile becomes bigger. I notice that it keeps growing since we've been together lately.

"Can I teach you?" For some reason, his words make me blush. "Is that a yes?" I nod my head without thinking.

Beomgyu's hands reluctantly goes to my waist and as I keep my hands crunched between our bodies. Chuckles into his first before bringing my hands around his neck. His hands find a spot right back on waist.

"No rock to the music," he says softly, as I follow his simple instructions. "You know how to dance?" I've never seen Beomgyu buss a dance move in my life. "No," he chuckles. "I'm just copying what I see on tv," he shrugs. I roll my eyes when I begin to pull away from him, but his hands around my waist tightens.

"You said you would stay," he looks deep into my eyes, causing me to sigh softly. "I will. I am," I nod my head. Our eyes begin to look away, awkwardly scanning the for anything to talk about.

Beomgyu's clears his throat, regaining my attention. "You can get closer," I take his suggestion and take a tiny step forward. This is totally out of my comfort zone.

"I feel like I look stupid," my grip around his neck loosens. "You look beautiful." For some reason my heart starts to swell from his comment. I hide my face in the crook of his neck, as I muffle the words "shut up" into his chest. "Beomgyu, why are you acting like this? We aren't having sex." I feel as if I'm back to my usual behavior as my face has straightened out. "Sex? Is that what you think this is about?" His face becomes serious as well. "Well it didn't cross my mind until now, so I guess." I shrug. "Is this a joke? Are you acting right now?" I shake my head in confusion. "I have no act."

"You can't be this clueless."

We mutually drop our arms and take a step back. "I'm not doing any of this for sex. Sure you're sexY, but I would never do any of this for sex. We friends, have a little faith in me." Beomgyu smiles, but his eyes read a different story.

Did I upset him?

"I think that's enough dancing for now," he scratches the back of his head. I nod my head robotically as I think about what's wrong with my friend. "Do you wanna go play in the sand?" I point behind me. "Nah, I don't wanna mess up your dress." I watch Beomgyu's eyes. They're looking at the rose petals on the ground. Now I'm uncomfortable.

"Oh come on, I'm not some prissy girl. I can handle a bit of sand." I grab his hand and drag him back outside. I didn't notice that I got use to the warmth of the candles, so I'm a little cold now, not to mention that being close to the ocean doesn't help. I let go of Beomgyu's hand and look for a spot with a plentiful amount of sand.

"How about we start with a sand castle," I turn around, only to get sand thrown in my face. "Pfft," I try to spit some sand out of my mouth. "For earlier." I open my eyes and see Beomgyu with a smug look on his face. Oh boy, I'm going to wipe that look on his face clean off. I ran at him and hit him in the stomach like people do in football. Beomgyu surprisingly goes down easily. As I fall down with him I feel something damp and grainy on my side. Once I realize what it is, it's too late as we are both splashed by the sea. B tries to protect me from the salty water by grabbing the back of my head and using his upper body as shield, but untimely ends up bumping our heads together. I pull back to rub my head, but when I open my eyes, I realize that I didn't pull back far enough. Our faces seem to be only about three inches apart.

I wave off our close proximity and pull him away from the shore. I begin to think of something to talk about before a light bulb pops into my head.

"B, why did you say I need more male interactions?"

"Huh?....Oh..." he thinks back. "Well not just guys, but I know that's what you like right?" I nod my head, really wanting him to continue. "It's just, when I compliment you, you don's say thank you, but take it as an insult or something."

Have I been thinking out loud?

"That's not true." I lie to myself. "That's very true," he sits up on his knees, resting his butt on his feet. 'You think I haven't noticed how every time I nice to you, you hit me or look like you're about to," I roll my eyes. "You're just seeing things."

"Am I really?" Beomgyu's voice gets deeper and he gently holds my chin. Reflexes kick in and I smack his hand away with my face scrunched up in disgust. "See! You did it there," I sigh, as I roll my eyes once more.

"Okay fine! I do it," I put my hands out in the air. "I'm not one for that cutesy stuff. It's weird and I cringe."

"Whatever you say..." he stands up, as he dusts the sand off himself.

My heart jumps a bit when I suddenly feel my purse vibrating continuously. I unzip my purse and take out my phone. The words "Plug" pop up across the screen and I immediately know who it is.

"Who is it?" My head snaps up at the sound of Beomgyu's voice.

"No one." I shake my head as I miss the call.

A text message pops up immediately on my lock screen, as I poke the inside of my cheek with my tongue.

Plug🔌 :
Come get your extra credit whore.

Extra credit:
Opens: Upon your arrival
Ends: Saturday at 10:45 a.m

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