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Chapter 7

[Teacher and Student]

I got Beomgyu to drop me off, so I could change and freshen up before heading to Mr. Kim's place. When it was time for me to leave, I threw on a grey and pink plaid skirt and a black spaghetti strapped tank top.

I've already knocked on his door, so right now I'm just waiting for him to open up this damn door. The weather right now isn't bad but I still don't wanna be standing out here for too long. What if someone from school sees me?

I hear footsteps approaching on the other side of the door before hearing a manly voice speak to me. "Who is it?!" I roll my eyes before covering the peep hole with my hand. "Ya mama!" I bit my lip to hold back a laugh. "Mama?! You sound a lot like my horny student!"

"Kiss my ass," I take my hand away from the peep hole as I stick out my tongue. I heard the door unlock and I push my way through the door. "I hope you don't really talk like that with your mom." Mr. Asshole shakes his head as he softly chuckles. "Absolutely not," closes and locks the door.

While Mr. Kim does that, I walk to the couch and cross my legs as I wait for my extra credit. I take this time to analyze my teachers outfit. He's now wearing a grey jacket with his chest slightly exposed, with baggy sweat pants to match. It looks comfy, I guess. I shrug my shoulders as I know it's going to come off anyways.

"Chill out, we aren't starting just yet." Mr. Kim walks to the kitchen. My eyes are big as he barely looked at me, yet he knew I was impatient and ready to start. Mr. Kim has figured me out so quickly within these past couple of months.

"Put a movie on or something!" He yells from the kitchen.

"Don't tell me what to do!" I turn on the tv and look for something to watch.

"Scary or comedy?!"

"It doesn't matter!"


We chose an action movie, The Villainess to be exact.

Right now, Mr. Kim and I are sitting next to each other practically in the dark, as if we aren't a teacher and a student. My mind keeps wondering to the moment where we will finally have sex. He brought it to my attention and now I can't break my focus off of it until he does something about it.

Preferably, fuck my brains out.

Mr. Kim's arms rest behind him and I want to take this opportunity to wrap my body around his, but I'm not sure if this is perfect timing or not. I don't wanna seem desperate.

For some reason, Mr. Kim makes me hesitant. It could be because he's my best fuck buddy and I don't wanna lose him by coming off as too clingy. So every now and then I have to pace myself. I may not like the cutesy stuff that Beomgyu tries to pull but the thought of my body pressed against Mr. Kim's makes me and kitty go crazy.

I steal glances at my usually perverted teacher and see that he is really engaged into the movie. Ah fuck me!

Is he even in the mood anymore?

I can't wait anymore.

I push myself off the firm couch and place myself into Mr. Kim's lap. I lean back, pressing my back against his chest. I'm really curious to see his facial expression right now.

I press my thighs together, as I feel his legs open wide, giving me more leg room that I don't need. I feel him get up a little, probably to adjust under my weight. I soon feel something firm under my ass, and wiggle my hips.

I soon feel Mr. Kim's hot breath hit my ear as he lets out a sigh. I continue my movement as I feel him growing more under me. As I roll my hips in a circle, his hands go to my hips as he goes back in fourth, creating more friction. It feels a bit weird as we have never done this before, but it doesn't feel bad either.

"Stop," he says in a low voice. I slowly stop and wait for his next move. I then feel his big, warm hands run down the side of thighs and spread my legs apart, placing each leg over his knees, one-by-one.

His hand goes in my short skirt and rubs me through my panties. His fingers make big and small circles on my clit, causing me to shiver and slightly arch my back. I take his free hand and place it on my boob. This time he gets the message and begins to massage it. My hips involuntarily grind as he plays with my pussy, already making me feel good.

I softly moan, as I yearn for more. "More...add more pressure..." I breathe out. I suddenly feel him place me on the couch with me still in his arms. My face is pressed against the couch cushion with my ass in the air, pressed against his crotch. His fingers never leave my clothed pussy, but adds more pressure. Just how I wanted.

This position is so arousing, I feel myself getting wet. I pant and shiver uncontrollably under his touch, and it doesn't help that he knows the right spots. His hand quickly goes into my underwear, dragging my wetness all over my vagina before sticking two fingers in. I moan louder as I clench around his fingers.

"I'm still amazed at how tight you are after having so many cocks stuffed in this pretty pussy of yours," Mr. Kim growls into my ear. "Tell me. How do you do it?" His fingers curl inside of me, making me hit a high note that I quickly cut off by biting my lip. "I-I don't know," I utter out.

"You don't know? Hmm...well I know what your extra credit will be," I whispers into my ear as he pulls his fingers out of me. I whine as I sit up due to the emptiness.

"Strip off everything, then once you're done, meet me in the kitchen," he licks the tip of his fingers before walking off. I waste no time in ridding myself of my clothes as I wonder what the extra credit could be this time.

Do I answer a few questions about school or about his sexual preferences during our intercourse and answer them to the best of my ability? And if I get any wrong, I get a punishment per question? That would sound fun.

Or will I have to recite a dirty, yet an embarrassing poem? Sounds like a tease.

I walk into the kitchen to see Mr. Kim wiping his hand on what appears to be a damp napkin, with his lower back pressed against his island. When he eyes land on me, he smirks, standing straight up, tossing the used napkin in the trash. He begins to walk towards me with his hands rubbing together.

"Perfect timing. It's all set up," he looks down at me before stepping to the side. I look where was he was just standing and my eyes grow bigger when I see the blue toy, sticking to the counter.

It's a dildo. I've never really used one before.

I walk over to it and begin to touch it. It's firm yet it still feels a bit soft. "What do you want me to do?" Mr. Kim walks over to me, looking me up and down, biting on part of his lip. "I want you to ride this dazzling gentleman for 5 minutes. If you can go that long. I'll give you 15 points extra credit."

I nod my head. "5 minutes though, that's a long time," I look down at the toy before looking back at my teacher. "You are correct. And since I'm such a nice guy," he's lying. "..I'm going to give you 30 second rest, but you only get three, so use them sparingly." I nod slowly.

"Need help?" He gestures towards the counter. I nod my head, as I put one knee on the counter and Mr. Kim helps lift me up from the floor. As I sit before the big blue dildo, I swallow as I think about the time period I have to go for. I look at him and I'm sure I look nervous, so I switch to a nonchalant facial expression as best as I can.

"Are you sure I can't go for like 3?" He shakes his head without giving it a second thought. "Oh, come on bargain with me," I pout. He thinks for a minute, raising his eyebrow. "4 minutes. That's the lowest I'm going." I smile, even if it's a small win.

"Now get to it." There's an evil look in his eye that I shrug off.

Like the penis champ I am, I scoot up and grab the fake penis in my hand and I rub it against my entrance. I look at the wall in front of me as I lower myself onto the dildo. I suck in a breath, as I begin to feel filled. It definitely doesn't feel the same as a real cock, but it's pacifying me, for now.

As I slowly slide down, I moan as it goes deeper. I look over at Mr. Kim and see that his arms crossed over his chest as he nods his head slowly in approval. The look on his face only makes me even hornier and I begin to wish that this dildo was his amazing cock instead.

His face of approval makes me move and all I wanna do is show him how this kitty glistens under his gaze.


i feel like this story is going
to bring out my "inner freak"😭
anyways, this chapter will continue so don't worry😏
tank you for reading🥰please come again🐥
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