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Chapter 8

[Healthy Moans]

I moan out breathlessly as I ride the dildo on the counter. I've been riding it for a while now, I lost track of time. There's a clock on the oven, but I forgot to look at it before I started.

"Yes, just like that. Look at you taking that dildo so well. That's my little slut." His words brings my body to shiver and cum a little. I can feel my wetness coat the dildo every time I bounce on it. It only makes me hornier as I want to show him how wet he really makes me. I hit an extra sensitive spot, causing me to moan louder and harder than before.

"Oouu~, yes that sounded really good," Mr. Kim's praise only makes me go faster with a smile and a giggle to tag along.

"Uh- Mr. Kim....I'm gonna need you soon," I lean back and grind against the dildo. I lightly get spooked when I feel Mr. Kim's lips on my breast, as he plays with my lower abdomen. I try not to ruin the moment with another giggle as he touches a ticklish spot of mines.

"So sexy," his lips briefly detach from my body. I bite my bottom lip, trying to suppress the dreadful sound. My head goes back even farther as I feel myself losing stamina.

"Oh baby I could fuck you right here." Mr Kim says in a husky voice. I feel his hand slide down my body as he reaches my kitty, playing with her at a fast pace.

"Please do," I begin to pant. I slow down, as I feel my high coming. I don't wanna come yet. "Are you getting tired?" Mr. Kim begins to talk to me as if I'm a baby, but never the less, I nod my head yes.. "But you haven't came yet."

"Finish." His voice suddenly becoming deep.

I could cum right there on the spot due to the way he just dropped his voice. I begin to pick up the pace as I stand up on my feet, the dildo never leaving my ache pussy.

"Talk to me, my little whore. Tell me, what's going on in your dirty little mind." I try to think straight as I'm already breathless and my throat is becoming dry.

"I-I-" I can't go on as I feel so good and I only wanna waste my breath moaning and calling our Mr. Kim's name as I wait for him to destroy me.

"I? Is that the only word you know?" I harshly moan as I clench around the fake dick. "Not the response I was looking for, but it will do. For now," I feel his hand on my ass, as I continue to bounce on the plastic toy. Giving it a light squeeze, I feel his other hand go on my lower back, slightly putting force on it. I take that as a sign that he wants me to bend over.

Once I do so, I don't regret it as I feel him twisting and plunging the damn thing deeper and harder into me. I instantly feel a river flowing through me. I don't fight back, I don't have enough energy to anyways. I feel myself leak all over the counter and dildo. I let my chest glide down onto the counter, letting my legs rest as they drop with me. The dildo has yet to leave my aching body.

I feel something soft and warm press against my butt cheek. I look behind me and see Mr. Kim literally kissing my ass.

"Isn't this what you wanted me to do earlier?" I sigh before gathering my words together. "You're an ELA teacher, not a literal teacher," I smirk. Mr. Kim begins to laugh at me joke before smacking my ass. I wince in pain but quickly shake it in his face.

"Oh you think you're tough shit whore? On your feet." I groan, trying to push myself up, but weakly fall down. "Pathetic," I hear him say.

I moan loudly as I feel him yank the blue dildo out of my abused kitty. "You're so naughty. Look at you getting off on the pain." I didn't even notice that I was slowly grinding my hips in the air, waiting for the next wave of pleasure.

"What's next teach?" I carefully flip over on my back, spreading my legs to look at my teacher.

"Me." he smirks.

His hands go up my body, as he briefly fondles my breast before stopping at my neck. "Is that good with you?" He hovers over my naked body, waiting for my response. I nod my head yes, finding this whole situation too hot to ruin with my own words. "Good," he licks his lips before nastily kissing mines. I instantly feel my stomach do a flip.

"Arch your back." He leans back a bit. I do so without a fight. "Suck an obedient pet," he cliches his jaw, which makes my kitty start to throb. His arm snakes around my body, lifting me off of the counter and onto his body. I use the little amount of strength I regathered to wrap my limbs around his buff body.

He begins to walk out the kitchen, which is driving my lower region crazy. Every time he moves, the firm ripples in his pants rub against my sensitive clitoris. It kind of hurts and I just can't wait for him to put me down.

Any other person, specifically a student, I would have cursed them out as I tell them to hurry up, but Mr. Kim is more controlling than my peers. They're more hesitant or lack complete confidence, at least the ones I've been with do. It feels nice to let someone else take the lead, especially when he's making me feel good like I never have before.

My mind managed to wonder so much that I forgot my discomfort. I feel something soft under me; it's the bed in the guess bedroom. Mr. Kim has never let me into his bedroom, he says naughty girls aren't aloud into his bedroom. I don't really care, but I am curious as to what his room looks like.

This room is predominantly black and red with some silver decorations. It's nothing unusual, it just feels very sensual in here. It's as if this room was ment for self pleasure. Telling you to be needy and get what you are looking for, and right now, Mr. Kim is needy for my mouth

"Look at what you did." I sit up on my elbows and look at where Mr. Kim is gesturing. "You got your fucking cum all over my pants. I should have you lick it up, but I need your tongue for something else." My stomach does yet another flip.

Without having him waste his breath, I get up off of the bed and onto to the floor where I get on my knees. Mr. Kim undoes his pants for me as I rub my thighs waiting patiently. Once his pants are undone, his hard dick bounces right in front of my face, practically swiping my nose. I bring my hands to his shaft and work it up to his tip, we're I gently rub my thumb over it.

"Hands on that pretty pussy of yours. Let's see how wet you get as your sucking me off." My hands go to my kitty and I already feel her drooling like dog. My chest starts to rise and fall repeatedly as I feel excitement once more tonight. I look into Mr. Kim's dark eyes before licking his tip. His bottom lip gets caught under his teeth as he is enjoying the view.

I don't waste anymore time as I begin to take him whole. Mr. Kim's jaw tightens again, making me moan against his dick. His mouth makes an 'O' shape as I twirl my tongue around his member.

Without making too much movement, I subtly finger my pussy. I want to be so wet for Mr. Kim that he won't even thinking about giving another bitch what's mines. I grind against my fingers, trying to get deeper as Mr. Kim's cock goes farther into my mouth. I want us to touch each other so bad, especially since I haven't felt him much today. However, I know it will happen soon. I can feel it.

"F-Fuck. You're doing excellent Ms. James. You're gonna get plenty of extra credit tonight. For each time you make me cum....that's 5 points extra..." he speaks through his groans. I'm gonna make him cum so many times tonight, but not for extra credit but because I want to see him weaker than I am.

I bob my head a few times on his member before giving attention to his balls. He loves his balls getting played with, so I suck hard on each. At times like this I wish I could use my hands, this would make him cum faster, as well as pound me faster too.

"My dick. Focus on that," he breathes out heavily. I'm a bit perplexed as he loves when I pleasure his balls; however, that doesn't stop me from doing my deed. Once I take him whole in my mouth again, Mr. Kim waste no time on grabbing a handful of my hair and thrusting into my mouth. He begins to moan louder as my mouth gets wetter. His moans make my fingers go faster and I too begin to moan, causing vibrations to run down his shaft.

I begin to gag, but Mr. Kim doesn't care as he uses my mouth for his own pleasure, which I find hot. I can see the sweat forming on his face and a bit on his neck. I feel his dick throb and in my mouth and try to prepare myself for the load. I thrust my fingers deeper into myself all at the same time, I feel myself leaking and try to catch some, all while pleasuring myself.

His thrust become careless as I can tell he's just trying to cum at this point. "I'm gonna bust. Catch it baby?" That was the first time he has called me baby all night. My finger accidentally hits my g-spot and I moan dramatically as I try to calm down from my excitement.

"I take that as a yes," he groans, as he tilts his head back.

Yes. That's definitely a yes. I want all of his seed to fill every hole possible right now. My pussy begins to throb thinking about him abusing her in the best way possible.

After a few more thrust, he stops and releases in my mouth. Some seeps pass my lips and down the side of my mouth. I try to savor the salty flavor but it becomes too much as he continues to release.

Such a big load, now I wish he would have stuffed my kitty with it. He eventually pulls out, allowing me to properly swallow his load. I stick out my tongue and let him do our usual check up to make sure I swallowed every drop that has made it into my mouth.

I wipe the sides of my mouth with the side of my index finger, licking it off my finger as I make eye contact with my sexy teacher. I pull my finger out making a popping sound.

"Oh you're begging for it tonight, huh? I have never seen you so obedient."
I smirk, letting out an evil giggle. "On your back," he points to the bed. I climb onto the bed, poking out my ass in the process before laying on my back, with my legs closed.

"Legs open. Pussy spread."

I follow his command as in structured and I can see Mr. Kim's cock do a jump. "Oh~, fuck me.." he practically whispers. "You are definitely getting fucked tonight. Look at how wet you are for me." He runs the back of his hand down my inner thigh, purposely missing my juices and aching pussy. Which only makes me hornier, but I won't say anything unless spoken to. I know how Mr. Kim works when I try to boss him around when it comes to sex.

Mr. Kim, begins to fully unzip his jacket as his eyes never leave my exposed cunt. I lightly begin to thrust up my pelvis, as my patience is running thin. Once done unzipping his jack, he leaves it on, as hovers over me.

"How bad do you want me, Ms. James?" I moan as roll my eyes to the back of my head. His face is so close to mine and I can picture him fucking me, asking me a stupid ass question such as this one.

"So bad Mr. Kim..." I'm finally able to answer this time. "Let's not waste anymore time," I look at him. "As you wish. You've been good today, I won't make you wait any longer." Mr. Kim sits up and strokes his dick before me.

He lifts my legs up so they rest on his thighs and I feel the tip of his cock rub against my exposed labia. I bite my lip to hold back my excitement.

"Please Mr. Kim," I beg.


I'm going to make a part three because it's getting long. tehe🐥
also, triple update today🙉
I've never done that before, especially not for the same story🤯go me😌🥳

Fun fact: I actually hate saying the word pussy and panties, especially vocally.
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