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Chapter 9

[Clock Out]

My hands. My hands curl up in his sheets, taking as much as I can with me. My head. The back of my head digs into the mattress; I wish I could say the same for my feet, but he won't let them touch the bed. My mouth keeps opening only when I don't latch it shut with my teeth.

Mr. Kim, oh how he looks so good with some of his stomach out. I can see his eyes staring at my jawline. Sometimes I think he doesn't like to make eye contact if we are close enough, but I don't think I'll ever ask; it's not significant enough to me.

I look down at our pelvis' and feel my stomach churning. This is a rare feeling, so I try to refrain from looking down so much because I know I'd get use to this feeling and I don't want that. It's something about the way he enters in and out of me that's just on another level of 'turned on.'

Being pounded into the sheets is all I need right now. To receive such pleasure is something I didn't think I'd get nor deserved, yet Mr. Kim seems to think otherwise.

His hands hold under my thighs as he they press against the sides of his torso. I cup my breast from his vigorous and wild movements, while my toes curl from the intense pleasure and pain. My thighs hurt but I know it will subdue in time.

"Am I hurting you?"

Do I look in pain?

"No, not at all," I breathe out. Mr. Kim smiles before laying into my neck, letting my legs go. The feeling of his warm breath on my neck automatically makes one of my hands run up and down the back of his neck, as it going a bit into his honey brown hair. His pace begins to speed up and I begin to moan louder.

"Oh shi- I'm gonna cum!" My chest tries to rise but he's in the way, resulting in my back doesn't make it far off of the bed. I suddenly feel his hand under my back and within seconds I'm now near the edge of the bed, straddling my sex goddess for teacher. I let the position I'm in sink and a question finds it's way soaking onto the tip of my tongue.

"You want me to ride you?" Mr. Kim licks his lip, his teeth catching his bottom lip in the process. When he doesn't say something and just looks me in the eyes and I find my answer. I nod my head and look down, as I lift my hips up, he speaks before I officially start.

"I'll help you," I look up and press my lips together. Just like him, I don't say anything but nod my head.

His hands run to my waist and that's when I begin to bounce. I feel myself clenching around him immediately, which causes his breath to hitch. I press my body to his and lace my arms around his neck, needing some type of comfort to distract the soreness from my thighs.

After fucking my ELA teacher at least twenty times, you'd think I'd be use to antics or his sexual traits. But nope. I feel his hands run down to my ass giving a it a good squeeze. His right hand then runs under me, gathering some of my wetness on his fingers after he pulls one of my cheeks apart, I feel his finger dig into my butt. I immediately jump up as I try to understand what he think he's doing.

"What are you doing?" My hand slides to his shoulder, slightly pushing myself away. "I was trying something new," he looks at me with no shame on in his eyes. "Uhh, can you talk to me about that first? I've never done that before and I-" I lightly moan when he pushes his finger deeper into me. "It wouldn't be much fun if I told you before hand, now would it?" Mr. Kim practically whispers into my ear. My nipples keep swiping against his chest, only making me hornier as I want him to touch them.

"Plus..." I can feel him briefly look down at my ass while he speaks. "You seem to be enjoying it," he lets out a dark chuckle. My hands tighten around his shoulder when I feel him move inside of me with what I'm assuming is his middle finger moving at a slow pace.

I'd hate to admit it but it feels so good. What an excellent combo.

"Oh you're such a dirty little girl. Look at the way your eyes roll to the back of your head. I bet you're just waiting to cum....waiting for me to fuck you up for the night as I leave you here naked, tired, dirty and thirsty for more just like the little slut you are." I attempt to hold back a groan but fail. "Wouldn't you?" He gives me a hard thrust with his cock, leaving me to pant for more.

I feel a strong tug on my hair, leaving me neck exposed. "Answer me."
"Yes!" I say quickly.

I feel his finger thrust inside of me fast and a few more times before he pulls it out, spreading my other butt cheek. That's when I know this is where he will fuck me up. I bit my lip in anticipation and as I soon I feel this next thrust I know I'm going to hell for all the sinning I'm doing tonight.


He left me about ten minutes after we finished. I laid in this bed for an hour, looking at his ceiling, contemplating life. After school is over....who will be my fuck buddy then?

I don't know why, but him leaving me pissed me off, even though I usually leave. He could have fingers me to bed, maybe even watched a movie. He could have at least feed me, fuck!

Anyways, I feel asleep after that, then I woke up to my teacher laying next to me. He was just playing with a Rubik's cube...while his green boxers.

I sit up and realize that I never put on my underwear and throw the sheets off of me. I hop out of bed and grab my underwear and pants. As I bend down and get back up I can feel that my thighs feel tight, but shrug it off. I weigh my options and decided I'll just put on my pants. When I get home, I want to get straight in the shower. I slip on my pants and start next with my bra. As I twist my bra around my body, I hear the sheets ruffle and see Mr. Kim scooting near the edge of the bed. Once I fully claps on my bra, I see him just sitting there staring at me for a moment.

"You wanna go again? It's only 10:13, I did give you till 10:45," he raised his eyebrow at me. Gosh he's so horny like a teenager. "No I'm good." I grab my shirt. "Aww why is that?" He sounds more curious than actually upset, even though I turned him down for round two. "Because I want to go home and sleep in my own bed," I smile a bit even though I feel a little annoyed. I stick my arms through the sleeves, grab the collar and stretch it. Just as I'm about to put it on in over my head, I hear his voice stop me.

"Stop. Come here first," he spreads his legs wider and begins to grope himself in front of me, but of course I'm use to this. I walk up to him with my arms practically trapped in my shirt lowered. He smirks at me before scrunching up his index finger, gesturing for me to come closer. I lean down as I'm already close enough.

His head goes into my chest, giving the exposed part of my boobs each a kiss. The kisses are soft and gentle and for some reason, I find myself blushing. Once he's done giving affection to the twins, he gives me an innocent smile. "Uh-" I slowly sit up and take a step back, or two.

I swiftly pull my shirt over my head, not caring about the hair stuck in the shirt and grab my shoes, not caring enough to put them on. I rush out of the room and straight towards the door. I try push open the door but it won't open. I begin to jiggle the knob like crazy and look behind me to make sure he isn't watching or approaching. All clear. That's when it hits me.

It's pull, not push, and it's locked on top of that. Man sometimes I can really be an idiot. I quickly get out of here and rush my car.

Once in my car, I take this time to breathe and gather my thoughts. "Why have I been acting weird?!" I drop my head on the steering wheel. I through a mini tantrum before gathering myself together. Then a light bulb goes off in my head.

"Or maybe he's been acting weird...."

"In shouldn't stay outside his place too long in my car, I should go." I put the car in reverse and as I do I get a call from Beomgyu. I like B, I do but he's really starting to seem clingy lately.

I answer and put it on speaker.

"Yellow!" I begin to put off.

"Hey! You busy?" I pause as I want to think about how I want to respond to him. "Kind of~"

"Do you think you could come over?" He sounds distraught. "Why what's wrong?" I turn the corner.

"I just really need your help, can you come over real quick?"

"B, why do you sound so stressed?"

"Cause I messed up big time..."

"Ahh fuck, what did you do?"

"I'll tell you when I get here."

He hung up on me. This little motherfucker actually hung up on me. "This shit better be serious, my legs are sore and I'm still tired."


sorry for the dragged out chapters😅
I went back to the last chapter
and realized what i had wrote...i'm so dirty😭
i least i felt like it😅
tank you for reading🐥

tank you for reading🐢💜
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