Lie Detector Test

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Charli, Addison, And Dixie are not happy when they find out the truth

Drama / Romance
Charli Damelio
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Chapter 1 Intro

Charli, Addison, And Dixie Are not Happy When Chase, Bryce, And Noah Get The Questions they Ask Back Fire.
Addison:Hey Charli When Are the Boys Coming
Charli:Well Chase Already Lives here But I don't Know where Noah and Bryce are Ask Dixie she Planned this whole Thing
Addison walks up to Dixie
Dixie:Hey Addi Wassup
Addison:Where Are the Boys
They Hear The Door Bell
Dixie:I wonder who that is
Addison:Ill get It
Addison Opens the door
Bryce:hey babe
Addison:hey baby(Addison kisses Bryce)
Noah:Hey Dix
Dixie:hey Bae
Charli:GUYS!!!!!!!! can we start pls
Addison & Dixie:Okay were coming
They all go to the living room
Chase:Okay what are we doing
Dixie:A lie Detector test then truth or dare
Charli: Who's going First
Dixie: Me and Noah I Guess
Noah: Okay
Dixie: Hooks Noah up to the Lie detector
Noah: Okay Babe Ask me Anything
Dixie: Okay Do u love Me?
Noah: Yes
Bell dings
Dixie: Would u wanna marry Me?
The detector Buzzes
Dixie: NOAH!!!!!!!!
Addison: Um Yall I think we'll go next
Dixie: Yes go
Addison Hooks Bryce to the lie detector Test
Bryce: Okay im ready
Addison: Do u want To have kids with me
Bryce: Yes
Bell dings
Addison: Do u wanna Marry me?
Bryce: Yes
Bell dings
Addison: Have u ever Cheated on me
Lie Detector Buzzes
Bryce: Im sorry
Chase: Ummmmm I guess were next Babe
Charli: Im Scared
Chase: Don't be Ima Be Honest Okay
Charli: How About a kiss for good luck
Chase: Always
Charli Kisses Chase
Charli: I guess Im ready
Chase: Okay
Charli hooks Chase up to the lie Detector
Charli: Chase do u love me(Charli gets Scared)
Chase: Of course I do Baby
Bell Dings
Charli: Yay Okay next question
Chase: Ask me anything
Charli: Do u wanna Marry me?
Chase: Yes I do I Always have
Bell dings
Charli Squeals
Charli: Okay baby final Question
Chase: Okay
Charli: Ummmm…
Chase: baby don't Be nervous
Charli: Okay Am I the love of ur Life
Chase: Yes
lie detector Buzzes
Charli: I HATE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dixie: FUCK U NOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Addison: GO FUCK UR SIDE CHICK!!!!!!!
The girls :NO!!!!!!!!

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